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 G.'s 7 string electric guitar has arrived and he's one happy chappie. He's going to pick it up today. By bus. My mother had offered to take him but he thinks he'd like to try it out in the store and would feel pressured that he was holding her up waiting for him. Totally his call, I say. Him and guitars. Me and cameras. I get it :) Keep thinking I'd like to upgrade the camera for the trip this fall but we'll see. It's not necessary. The one I have is a very nice one. I won't go SLR because they're larger and bulkier to carry around. A micro 2/3 is nearly the same price but then you have to start carrying extra lenses around and we're right back to the bulk again. That reminds me that I was talking to someone recently about cameras and they knew someone that might be interested in buying a film camera. I told them I had my SLR that I'd be willing to sell, but I can't for the life of me remember who I was talking to! *doh* menopause brain. 

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