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 Catching up on some books. A few good ones this past few weeks. Heading into a month where the Goodreads Canadian lit group is reading classic Canadian books so I have a few lined up including at least one Margaret Atwood, possibly two, Margaret Laurence and a MIchael Ondaatje (he's the one that wrote English Patient though I'm not reading that one) I will be reading a few paper backs that I won in Goodreads giveaways, too, for reviews. 

I must email my former trainer. He offered to give me a free catch up lesson if I put in a number of workouts myself. I thought he said 12 but he thinks he said 20. Anyway, I'm now more than 12 but probably less than 20 and I think he's ok with that. Helps with the motivation. I am supposed to go to the gym today and I see it raining out. Very tempted to not go but I'll try to keep with the program and go. It's not snow, after all, just rain. 

We've been watching this French mini series called 'Beyond the Door' and if you can catch it, you might like it. It's kind of creepy and weird but compelling too. A woman inherits a house from a man that actually died 30 years before. His body was in the house all that time. He left instructions in his will to open the house on a specific date. When they did,they found his body/skeleton and she was designated the legacy of the house. She didn't know him at all. On her first night in the house, she hears something behind the wall, knocks a hole through and goes through and gets lost in a warren of rooms where she finds a man who's been in the house a very long time along with some scary "Others". We've got two episodes watched and need to see the last one to see how it all comes out and if she finds her way out or not. I would hope it addresses how the old man decided to will her the house! I have a bit of an idea but we'll see. Subtitles, btw. 

Pachinko  - Min Jin Lee
Nice, long family saga about a Korean family living in Japan through most of the 20th century. As usual, the first and second generation get more detail than any subsequent because it's the story of Sunja and her life. Very much liked it. 

The Muse - Jessie Burton
Historical fiction alternating between 1967 and 1930s just before the Spanish Civil War. A young woman, an immigrant from Trinidad living in London gets caught up in the discovery of a painting at a gallery via a new man she's met. Tells the story behind the painting. Another pretty good book

Kin - Lesley Crewe
brother, sister and a best friend living in Cape Breton, their lives and loves. Nice story, several generations which I always like. An easy read. 

Lullabies for Little Criminals - Heather O'Neill
STory of a 12 year old girl being raise by a father who is a drug addict in Montreal. Bleak, sad, not very uplifting but very well written. 

The Grownup - Gillian Flynn
Short story/novella about a con woman getting involved with a family, some of whom may or may not be conning her. 

Rockbound - Frank Parker Day
Classic Canadian novel (written 1928) about the life of the fishermen in a small outport island off Nova Scotia. A bit of a David and Goliath story and man vs nature as well. very good. 

Truly, Madly, Guilty - Liane Moriarty
Three couples and children get together at a barbeque but something happens that changes them and has a huge effect on all. We are teased through over half the book until the event is actually revealed and there are a few more smaller twists through the rest of the story. Not bad but it's annoying that they keep referring to what happened over and over before finally telling you. 

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