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We finally have our Hawaii package booked and our honeymoon will finally happen. The whole vacation to Vancouver and Victoria is all part of it of course, but the Hawaii bit is the special part. Took ages to decide on which hotel and package to book, weighing all the costs, the rooms, the reviews. Packages are much cheaper than booking the hotel and flight separately and doing it from Air Canada gives us some extra Aeroplan miles for the next holiday. We're going to stay at the Hilton Gardon Inn Waikiki Beach. It's not right on the beach, it's a couple of blocks back but we aren't going to be spending all that much time laying in the sun on the beach anyway. I do plan to get my feet wet in the Pacific Ocean but we will be busy doing lots of sightseeing. The flights to Vancouver have been booked for awhile, now this is done. I booked an airport hotel for the night after we return from Hawaii and we'll be flying home after that.

The return flight from Oahu is an overnight flight arriving first thing in the morning. I hope we can get into our room early, maybe have breakfast and a nap and then see a bit more of Vancouver. Overnight, check out, get the hotel to hold the bags because our flight home is also overnight to Toronto before changing for Halifax. I'm going to be a wreck by the time I get here! At least the flight to Toronto is business class so we can stretch out and maybe even get a little sleep on the plane.

Now that's done, I need to figure out where we're staying once we hit Vancouver. We'll be staying with my aunt and uncle in Victoria when we arrive in BC for a few days, with possibly an overnight trip up island to see friends. Back to Vancouver for an extra long weekend, again hoping to see family and friends and see the sights. I've been to "Vangroovy" before but G. hasn't. I think this will be a great trip.

After we booked that, we did some shopping around the mall for some things G. wanted. Success on two of the items. By then our feet and backs were killing us, tramping around on that concrete floor. Coffee break and then down to the terminal to go to the post office and to the grocery story which was utterly chaotic. It was crazy. I've never seen it that packed and lined up, not even on Christmas Eve or a storm eve. Someone said they had had a power outage for four hours in the morning so that's what happened. All those people that had to wait to do their shopping all descended on the store at the same time the normal afternoon shoppers were there. Had one more thing to pick up but I'll get G. to do that in the week.

Waiting for a friend to come over for a cuppa tonight. She's going to a metal gig with G. on Tuesday night. I'm not going, gotta work in the morning. So does she but she doesn't mind. She'd rather go out! 

My bruised heel is really sore tonight after being on it all afternoon. I have a doctor's appt. on Monday so I may mention it to her though I don't think she can do anything about it.

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