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 I'm confused. We had an application that was a little broken, discovered by someone that uses it, though she'd discovered it in the testing environment before she tried to do it in the production side of things. It was related to a different change we made a month ago and didn't realize another part that would need a change with it. Points to her for raising the flat. It partly worked but partly didn't. The problem is that the code is vague and somewhat obscure and I have had a hard time following it and figuring out what it's doing. We were refreshing the test database on the weekend and then doing more testing this week. I thought I had figured out what the problem was in the application, actually quite a minor thing and I thought I deployed it to the test environment server. 

Today, we were doing testing and it still wasn't working so I dug in. Deeper and deeper. For the life of me I couldn't see where it was missing out so I added a couple of comments to be printed out on the logs to try to track down the section where I thought it might be skipping through some of the data. Made the code change for the comments, sent it over to the test server. Tried another test and it frigging well worked. I didn't make any changes to the logic, just added comments. ANd in fact the comments were not printing things properly so that was a bit useless anyway. Never mind. The only thing I can think of is that I didn't actually deploy the initial change last week though I really did think I had. I can't check now because re-deploying it overwrites it so there isn't any way to check the file date. It will show today's date now. The woman in the department that brought it up in the first place did some more testing and left me a message to say it looked good from her side. Now we just need to coordinate how we're going to deploy it in production because we're going to have to reset some data as well. 

I just wish I knew what I had or hadn't done. 

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