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 I don't really mind the rain, at least not in the summer. This time of year, it's dreary and chilly along with the grey skies and dampness so I'm not over fond of it in spring. In winter, it rains sideways and it's icy. Don't like that either. We've had rain for a solid week, rain, drizzle, sprinkles, showers and dull, grey skies. The Inuit have dozens of words for Snow. I think it's telling that we have a lot of words for rain. I think the sun showed for a couple of hours one day this week but mostly it's been hidden. I believe it's going to be nice tomorrow but the skies are going grey again for another few days after that according to Environment Canada's weather site. I wish it was a little warmer. I mind the cold. We're still in single digits much of the time and while 5 degrees in May doesn't feel as cold as 5 in January, it's still not very bleeding warm. 

Mother's day this weekend. We all went together and bought my mother a mini tablet, a Samsung. Not the lowest model but the one up from that. She's not going to be a heavy user so it didn't need to be bells and whistles. Didn't get the micro card for it because it was still more than I thought we'd be paying. She can get one of those herself and I think she should because if she does use it to take photos, it will chew up space quickly. I can also use the card to load her up on ebooks. She's got an ereader but it's not really working all that well, won't stay connected to the computer so it's difficult to put on new books. She can't remember what her email password is so I got a gmail set up for her so I could set up the tablet. She won't use the gmail for email but once we get her password reset, I can set up the tablet email. She'll use it for Facebook and probably email and I want to show her how to borrow ebooks from the library on it. I put her banking app on it, Scrabble, Skype and an epub ereader app. I think I put Kindle on it too in case I find a Kindle book that she can read with it. She didn't do well with a smart phone but since this one isn't a phone, I think she will probably be ok with it. She saw the one her cousin had and thought it was pretty neat so that's why I suggested this to the family. 

My niece is on strict bedrest after a leaking incident last week. She's only 31 weeks along and while the baby might survive, it's better if she can keep it in for awhile longer. They're aiming for 36 weeks, around June 9. So far so good. I don't know if she'll go the full month from now but every week the baby will get bigger and stronger and have much better odds. She feels fine, it's just the amniotic fluid that has been leaking out. Lots of people are in and out to help her and her husband is home every night and weekends. I imagine being bored is going to be her worst enemy at the moment even with her laptop and phone handy. 

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