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 Mom liked her tablet. I know there's going to be a learning curve but I think she'll like using it. We'll have to get her to call her ISP to get her password reset because none of the ones she thought it might be worked and they insist you call technical support to reset it. i can't do it for her because they'll want to talk to her, for security reasons. 

We saw Guardians of the Galaxy 2 on Saturday and enjoyed it quite a bit. We had to stay for all the credits, right to the end because there are little extra scenes thrown in and this one had extras right to the very last. Easter Eggs they're called. Anything related to Marvel has them apparently. Kurt Russel is in the movie and they had a "flashback" to when StarLord's parents were first in love. I thought that looked like Kurt as it looked back in the old days, big hair, dimples, the lot and I wondered how they did it, cgi obviously but it looked quite good. That's what he looked like back in the later Disney movie days! We saw it in 3D, something we don't usually do but depending on the movie, it works well. 

After the movie, we had a nice Thai meal, the dinner and movie being our anniversary outing. We had borrowed Mom's car and got a load of shopping in earlier as well. All that time on Saturday inside stores and the cinema on a day when the sun finally came out and it was warm and lovely. Back to damp and drizzly on Sunday and will be similar for the next few days. 

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