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Literally, a pain in the back. For the first time in about 10 years, my back really spasmed out on me on Sunday. I've had twinges and aches and such but this is the first proper attack in quite some time though not the worst it's ever been I have to say. Stil been bloody uncomfortable. Sunday, doing nothing in particular, just walking to the kitchen it siezed up. Ice, heat, Robaxacet. It wasn't too bad on Monday but worse again on Tuesday so I went over to the chiropractor for an adjustment. My nephew was able to drive me over thankfully. Today, my cousin took me for another one but it's a lot more comfortable today. I think I'll head back to work tomorrow. If i need to go again, he's in the same complex but otherwise I'll go next week for a top off.

Thus, I probably won't get to see wee Bree this week unless we go over on the weekend. Might do that if it's nice. I know one thing, with the extra rest and painkillers, my sore heel has been a lot better, still a little sore but better. I suppose once I get back to normal routine, it will start hurting more again but maybe I can keep on top of it by foot massage and ice. I am pretty sure that's been the major contributing factor to my back problems because I've not been walking right for a couple of months now due to the sore heel.
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