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Welcome to June! Corrie's been pretty riveting this week. They always pull out all the stops for the week that they also air Britain's Got Talent and since they show it at 9 pm they also make some choices that are more "adult" viewing. Anyway, there were  a few really good storylines peaking and some performances that have to be award winning, if not this year (the awards are actually on tonight) then next year.

I have been struggling with my back most of the week though it was ok enough to go to work on Thursday and Friday. It's still a bit creaky but it will be for a few more days. Went to the chiropractor three days in a row and will likely go again next week though it might have to wait until payday. We'll see. Also have a regular doctor's appointment on Monday night so we shall see how that goes. She was talking about changing my BP meds.

Today, we were going to take a taxi to the grocery store and get some things but a friend called and we ended up going out to lunch with her first and then she took us to the grocery store which made things easier.

when we got back, we got in the elevator with the man that lives next to us. Not sure G. realized who it was because he asked what floor so he could press the button. I said Oh that's our neighbour. I don't know his name but we've exchanged hellos now and then when we've seen each other in the hallway or elevator. He's a chef, I know because usually he's wearing his whites when I see him going to or coming home from work. He was carrying two cakes or loaves and asked if we liked banana bread. Oh yes. He gave us one of them, which was still warm from the oven! Oh my god was it good! There was also chocolate in it and it was fluffy and dense and melty! That's the kind of neighbour you like to have! I bet even if i had the recipe, it wouldn't come out as good as that.

Still enjoying the series The Handmaid's Tale and apparently they're having another season of it. If you are at all familiar with the book, you will know it was left a bit up in the air with the main character so I would imagine they might fill in what happened to her afterwards. Hope so anyway and I hope Margaret Atwood is involved so the "vision" stays on board to what she'd want. It's quite good and you don't have to have read the book first. It keeps to it pretty well and the little changes are not that jarring, plus they've added in and filled in background more than is in the book to flesh it out.

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