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 Father's Day is over with. Since Dad died, I try to keep my head down and shut out a lot of the advertising and I try, but usually fail, to stay off Facebook for a few days. But the Father's Day posts linger for a few days after so I can't avoid it. I'm not one to post photos and sentiment on the day in memory of him. I'd rather remember him privately. I don't think it's a bad thing that people pay tribute to various dads, grandads, and other father figures in their lives, I do the same thing on Mother's day but I find Father's day difficult. It stems back to when Graham and I first got engaged, at the end of May, a few months after he died. Grief was still pretty raw and it devastated me that he wasn't there to celebrate. I think it intensified how hard Father's Day was that year. Everywhere I looked there was advertising, commercials, posters. I couldn't buy my future father-in-law a father's day card because I couldn't bear to look at all the cards. I still can't. Luckily, his birthday was around the same day, sometimes falling on Father's Day itself so I would send a card and add a "Happy Father's Day" on to it. 

It's odd, I don't have the same heavy feelings when his birthday comes around, just a few weeks after Father's Day and not even on the anniversary of his death in January. I remember him, I think of him daily and I really miss him. It doesn't hurt as much as it used to though I can still be caught off guard now and then by a memory even if that same memory might not bother me if I'd had it the day before or the week after. I call them "Dad moments".  The most recent one was seeing a trailer for that movie about Dunkirk. He would have loved it, he always loved WWII books and movies. 

Anyway. Didn't plan to write all that but I'll leave it. 

We were out on the weekend to get a new tube for G.'s hearing aid and ended up getting groceries at two different stores, spending about the same amount in each. Sheesh. Well, we were out of a lot of meat and I tend to stock up if I can get to the shops that have really good meat prices. The one we went to had Tbone steaks on sale for around $5 - $6 or 7 which is about half what you usually see them priced. Mind you, they aren't that thick so I suppose half the size of stead means have the cost! Never mind. We don't need huge hunks of beef anyway.  I have to try to increase my iron intake so a bit of beef now and then will be good. I had some multigrain cheerios this morning, that was iron-enriched. I love those organic pumpkin seeds I got at Costco and I'm out of trail mix for my work stash so I will have to hit the dollar store later. 

The social committee at work is hosting a lunch time barbeque today, I think. We pre-order a hamburger or a hot dog and they give you a package of chips, a drink. They have it set up on the roof of the parking garage next to our building. It's looking a bit overcast but I think the skies are trying to clear so it shouldn't be too damp!
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