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 We gathered to celebrate my niece's birthday on Saturday and I finally got to hold the wee baby!! She's soooo tiny, just nudging over 6 pounds now, which is more than a pound since she came home two weeks ago. She's doing very well though does have to feed a lot. She's keeping them hopping. Luckily, her husband is very good with the baby and even took over and let her sleep 4 or 5 hours while he looked after Bree. I think my niece pumps out milk for a bottle feed, too, so he was able to feed her. 

Anyway, I held her for awhile and then of course, there were others in line to have a cuddle including her uncles. It's surprising to see how besotted R. is over the baby, someone that never held one before and wasn't bothered but this baby, as he told his sister, is important. Awww! I still have a photo I took of him when he was five, holding her when she was about 6 months old. He's staring at her little face and they're both smiling hard. He kind of looks at little Bree the same way now! Warms the heart, it does. 

Staci's dad is driving down from Ontario next week to see the baby. He hasn't been here yet and planned a trip later in the summer but he's starting a new job in July so he's making a quick drive down now instead. I say "quick" but it'll take a couple of days to get here.  You can do the drive in one day but it's literally ONE DAY, a solid 18 to 20 hours, highway all the way. THat's without too much stopping other than gas, bathroom and a quick food stop. I used to live north of Ottawa and we would do the drive in about 16 - 18 hours in summer, driving all night. We'd break it up to an overnight stop in winter if we did it at all. Where Staci's dad lives is in Hamilton, which is about half way between Toronto and Niagara (which is west of Toronto). Google maps has it as a 17 and a half hour drive but it ends up being closer to 20 with traffic, break stops, tolls and other delays.

I just had a look at the maps and it would take 60 hours to drive across Canada, from Halifax to Vancouver. That's Google Maps not taking into account breaks, time to sleep etc. It's a big country. Actually Google gives the fastest route through the US, about 57 hours. You would have to take into account the exchange rate which isn't great these days though the price of gas is better than Canada's, it being taxed far lighter. I'd still prefer to stick to Canada though. I don't know if I ever would want to drive across the country but it would be a nice drive over the Rocky Mountains from Calgary or Edmonton to Vancouver. 

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