Feb. 3rd, 2017

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It's Friday again. Most people like the acronym TGIF. My dad always prefered POETS day. Piss On Everything, Tomorrow's Saturday! When you work weekdays, weekends are something to look forward to.

Tomorrow night, we and my cousin and his wife are going to see Matt Minglewood at the Casino. we all used to go to see Matt at local clubs back in the late 70s and early 80s and those were good times. Matt's band was a rocking/bluesy type band and we all knew all the words to all the songs. This will be a trip down memory lane though I have to say, i saw some video of him doing a gig in Cape Breton within the last year, and shit, he's getting old. Yeah, I know. So am I and everyone else. He doesn't quite have the spark and energy he used to have. Yeah. I KNOW. Neither do I! It's just a bit disappointing comparing the memories I guess and I should never do that. The last time I saw him live was probably about 20 years ago. He turns 70 this week which is what the gig tonight and tomorrow night is celebrating. That and he's got a new cd released.  With some singers, there isn't a lot of change in their voice as they age, perhaps a bit huskier or lower pitched.  It'll still be good to hear the old tunes and spending time with my cousin and his wife and my hubby all out together. A few more friendsd we know might be there as well.

We had a pizza party at lunchtime today here at work to be a sort of pep rally for the ICT volleyball team. We used to have corporate inter-department vollyball tournaments years ago and they were a lot of fun. I used to play and there would be a gathering at a bar afterwards for the awards. Then I got too out of shape to play so i'd go and volunteer to keep score on one of the courts, the one where the fire department's team played if i could ;) They stopped having the tournaments for awhile, i guess less people interested but they've started them up again in the past couple of years. Remember that remark about getting old? Yep, too old and out of shape to play now and it's at an awkward location to get to by bus if i wanted to volunteer. I think my time is done with that. They have put together quite a good sized team from our department though.

G. has officially started up his freelance art and has created a Facebook page for it, Artoons. Please do pop along and Like the page and pass it on.

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