Feb. 14th, 2017

tvordlj: (Iceman Cometh)
Friday's snow storm was just an appetizer for the main course. Sunday night it started and snowed all day Monday. thankfully, we knew Sunday night that work was cancelled on Monday as were all the busses. And today as well, plus no busses until 5 pm. to help keep the roads clear for the snow removal teams. It'll make the rest of the week go quickly at least.

Sucks if you depend on the bus to get to work because emergency services and Tim Horton's workers still have to get to work somehow. Yes, they didn't close Tim's until 9 last night. I think that's very unfair since they'd have had very little business all day anyway. Justin had to go out in the storm to drive John to work and then to pick him up. My niece had to work, too because she works in a nursing home as a dietician and her husband drove her there and came back later to get her. Apparently all her staff showed up, too, which is good. The residents at these places still have to have care and be fed!

Meanwhile I stayed home cozy and warm and today as well though we're getting a bit shack wacky. Might try to get out just to the corner shop though it doesn't look like the sidewalks are cleared at all. The streets look ok but the problem is to get there. I guess we can go and see if the way is cleared and decide. Actually, if the back parking lot is plowed and a path shoveled to the back entrance of the building, that would be the way to go. No need to worry about sidewalks, the parking lot will go straight out to the road. Hmmm must investigate that. The wind is still up but the temp doesn't seem tooooo cold. I hate being cold.

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