Feb. 16th, 2017

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Another dump of snow overnight. No cancellations or delayed openings today. What a pain in the ass it was getting to the bus. Walkway not shoveled, bus stop not cleared yet. I find i'm not that steady trying to get through the snow. I won't say "deep" because it's not as if it was knee deep or worse, but at least ankle deep or a tad more in places. I managed to get to the sidewalk and it wasn't too bad, walked out and around to the street because the bus stop was a bit plowed in and I dreaded trying to get through that to the bus. By waiting on the side of the street, the bus stopped away from the curb and lowered down a bit so I was ok getting in. The sidewalk downtown had been cleared but was started to get snowy again but it was ok and I got into the buildings ok. It's snowed a little through the day but not a lot. I hope the sidewalk and walkway are at least cleared when I get home. This is the part i hate so much about winter.

Yesterday was extremely frustrating with technology failing me every which way I turned. Most of it is solved now though one thing still isn't working. The server administrator was looking into that but there's no apparent reason for it. 

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