Feb. 21st, 2017

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Got my hair cut and coloured after work. It was getting quite long and shaggy, almost long enough to tuck the sides behind my ears and I decided I might try to grow it out a little on the sides and back to do it that way, with the top shortened and layered. I've had it that way before, no longer than collar length. Just for a change.

We've been watching a Time Travel series called Timeless. Season 1 ended this week and we don't know yet if there will be a season 2 though they've certainly set it up. I read a review that said that the ratings were ok though not great. The DVR ratings were pretty good but the live viewing numbers aren't. They want more people to watch live. I think they'll have to get with the program, pun intended. More and more, people are getting away from watching things live. They record, they stream. But the issues is advertising isn't it? Streaming and recording means you don't get the ads or can zip by them. We have some on demand channels that show a few ads but they're mainly trailers for other tv shows, not the product advertising and you can't forward through them. It all comes down to money but they'll just have to use more product placement I guess.

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