Mar. 6th, 2017

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Last Thursday was a very stressful day at work, with an application that was supposed to go live over the weekend so I had to take all the associated reports and point them to the production database. It is a tedious job because they have to be done individually. Naturally, People kept interrupting me for other things and occupying my time. I didn't even take lunch and was pretty hungry by the time I got home but I did get everything that I could do, done. The rush was because I was off on Friday, my birthday. Then today, when i attempted to put the rest of the reports over because they'd had to wait until the upgrade over the weekend, I discovered the upgrade hadn't worked. Nobody kept me in on the communication loop. grrrrr.

So my day off was good, busy but good and naturally after the week or two of mild weather, the temperature plummeted for the weekend and I suffered with the -10 or so temps with the wind chill making it feel like -20 give or take a few degrees. We got Mom's car on Friday, I got my driver's license renewed. A Costco run after that where we spent too much money! I can barely close the freezer door! If we ever get a bigger apartment, I really want to get a small chest freezer. From there, over to Canadian Tire for a few things we needed to repair the kitchen drawers whose fronts are coming off. By the time the building management arranges someone to fix it, it would be Christmas! We decided to have a meal out for my birthday and then we saw a movie. My choice and I chose Hidden Figures, about the African American women that were responsible for the calculations needed behind the space program back in the early 60s. Of course there were lots of other people on the mostly all white-male team but these women were ground breakers and one in particular cracked the problem they were having with the trajectories to get the capsule back through the atmosphere on re-entry. It was never made public until a few years ago, the accomplishments of Katherine Johnson. In the movie, her two friends also broke ground, one becoming an engineer and the other becoming the IT supervisor when NASA first installed a room full of IBM equipment. She taught herself to program it in Fortran. Even Graham thought the story was quite interesting. IT isn't his usual type of movie but he did like it.

Saturday morning we had to go get blood work, having to fast for it. The  hospital started having the blood clinic open on Saturdays last summer and having Mom's car made it really convenient. It was so cold and blustery that it would have been awful trying to get there by bus. Normally, when I get my bloodwork done, I go to a privately run clinic that the drugstore has on Saturdays. It costs me about 15 dollars but it was convenient because at the time, the hospital wasn't doing it on weekends. One bus only vs. two to get to the hospital for the free clinic. If i had to do that and get to work afterwards, it would take half the morning. That's why i would always go to the drug store instead. Now, I can go to the hospital even if i have to go by bus (at least, in seasons where it isn't -25 with the wind chill!)

We were pretty hungry afterwards and since G. had already taken his insulin, we really did make breakfast our next priority. We decided to go to Smitty's for a full big breakfast rather than go to a fast food place like Tim Horton's for a little breakfast sandwich. A couple of grocery stops after that and we finally got home mid afternoon. Home for a bit, put the groceries away and break up the larger meat packages I'd got at Costco and it was time to go to Mom's for supper and take the car back.

Sunday was a do nothing day, or very little. I did wash the new sheets I'd bought and put them on the bed. They feel very nice! I did actually cook a turkey dinner yesterday. We had bought a small bird and I knew we were getting lots of meat so had to have the room freed up in the freezer. Good a time as any. Now we have turkey leftovers and I think I'll make Maple Curry turkey tonight. (maple syrup, cream, curry powder, onions, peppers, turkey all over penne pasta. It's actually quite good!)

Friday night we're supposed to be going out for a meal with friends for a belated birthday celebration. 

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