Mar. 21st, 2017

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Two nice things that happened this morning, First I ran into a former coworker, a contractor who had left once the project was done and we'd kept in touch a bit. We really got on well but I haven't heard from her since last year. I did email to see if we could get together but apparently she was quite busy and working out of province a lot. We're going to make the effort now that she's settling into a full time job without the travel. Then I got to Starbucks and was told that my tea was free! A Downtown Halifax business association must have sponsored something today. I assume they also footed the bill for the Tim Hortons and other places that sell coffee but I don't know for sure. Pleasant surprise, anyway.

Makes for a change from yesterday. I bumped into things and nearly fell over my own feet just getting out of the apartment. I got to work and my shoe was hurting me. It's new (got them on the weekend) and I thought maybe it was tied a bit too tightly. I took it off to fix it and a coloured pencil about 2 inches long bounced out. You may think, WTF? But I know exactly what happened. I had them on the floor below my desk at home right under the spot where my open tin of coloured pencils was on the desk. I likely had it balanced on an open colouring book and it slid off everything and into the shoe. It did make me laugh though. The rest of the day went ok. Shoes are still breaking in, but they do feel better than the old sneakers that were really wearing out.

We'd gone out on Saturday to look for the sneakers. They're quite expensive because in order to work the best way with orthotics, they have to be a certain style of shoe. Can't have anything that has special arch support built into the shoe, it has to be what they call "neutral" and the shoe has to be built with the extra stability my feet need. THey don't come cheap and aren't usually on sale. I did get lucky, though. They had a St. Patrick's Day sale on. 17% off or 25% if it was something green. Sadly, the shoes had no green on them at all but 17% takes care of the 15% tax and a little extra. I'll take it. We also had a nice brunch in a pub that's in a hotel nearby.

Last night, Graham got a call from one of my cousins who is looking to commission a cartoon from him. I re-shared his Facebook page yesterday so perhaps that jogged her mind. She may even ask for a second one, as well. It's all good!

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