Mar. 24th, 2017

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I don't really have a particular favourite type of movie. A lot of the time, it will depend on what kind of mood I'm in. I do tend not to like horror movies, at least not the bloody slasher type. I have liked some, Alien for instance. Brilliant movie. Hauntings, zombies, monsters, blood and guts, not as much. I'm not a huge fan of cgi though it's a necessary thing these days. Sometimes it's done quite well, I admit, and background modifications and things are ok. Even actor modifications can be good. I liked that Golum was a real actor and then digitized to skew his body. The end product felt more realistic. I dislike fully digitized bodies flipping around, fighting cgi monsters etc. I might as well be watching a video game. I know, how else are they going to do it? Still doesn't mean I have to like it much. I bet it's more challenging for the actors to get their reactions when they're acting against a green wall.

It was a surprise to me, therefore, when I was watching a short interview the other day with Samuel L Jackson, who is da motherfucking BOMB, by the way, He's promoting Kong: Skull Island and they showed bits of the film in between bits of the interview and I thought, holy hannah, that actually looks pretty impressive. We went to a movie a few weeks ago for my birthday, Hidden Figures which had no monsters, no car crashes, no guns, but G. liked it. Probably not as much as I did but it kept his interest. We have different likes for movies and it's not always easy to find something to go see that we will both enjoy. When I went home, I told him about the interview and clips from the movie. He got it. "Annnnnnddddddd....." he said, his little face starting to look ever so hopeful. "Are you telling me........." Yes, Yes I think I would like to see it. I made his day! He figured he'd have to wait for it to come out on DVD to see it/rent it/download it and I would have watched it at home likely if that had been how it went. We're going to go see it tomorrow on the big screen though not in 3D because neither of us is overly keen on that. I have to draw the line somewhere! (I do go to see 3D if it's something like Star Wars/Trek or if we can't see it any other way.)

There's another sci fi movie coming out next week called Ghost in the Shell with Scarlett Johansson. She's some sort of manufactured warrior. Looks like it is probably based on some Manga or something like that. Definitely Japanese in origin. Very heavy cgi all around and a lot of action. IT's a "maybe".

In other news, we're having a family meal out on Sunday. One of my nephews organized it, saying he's going off on vacation in a week and  we haven't all seen each other in awhile. That makes me suspicious. We have all just had a tri-birthday get together about a month ago and he never usually organizes family meals off the cuff like this. I shall be half expecting some sort of announcement, which, since it would be done in public, will probably be something that will make us all very happy. I don't want to be specific just in case i'm wrong or it might be jinxed. Stay tuned. 

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