Mar. 30th, 2017

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Reading something today and discovered there is going to be a remake of Scarface. Now, I was not a fan of it though I think I have seen it many years ago. Lots of people moan about all the remaking of older films and I am certainly guilty of that. But when you look back, remakes are nothing new. There have been a number of versions of some movies ever since there were movies at all. Little Women comes immediately to mind. Lots of classic books get made, remade and reimaged so to speak. The Romeo and Juliet story is the basis for quite a few movies, for instance. So why do we get all in a knot over a remake?

Because some movies are so iconic that I think they stand alone and it would be difficult to accept any other version for most people. You could argue that there are a lot of people that have never seen that iconic original and that's true but also, these older movies are on television regularly and younger people will get to know them. I really can't picture a successful remake of movies such as Gone With The Wind, The Sound of Music, Casablanca, The Ten Commandments or The Godfather just to name a few. There are lots. And there are many that have been remade, for television in particular. I was going to list The Wizard of Oz but I think there have been versions or possibly animated versions made. I looked it up and aside from animation on television, no, there hasn't really been any since the 1939 version though there were several silent film versions before.

Should Scarface be one of those iconic Do Not Repeat films? Maybe not. Regardless, it's being remade with Leonardo di Caprio in the Al Pacino part. *sigh* I don't like his acting. It really feels like he's very far up his own backside and when he tries to take on famous roles, for me it falls flat. Jay Gatsby? Really? No, not for me. The Great Gatsby benchmark is the Robert Redford and Mia Farrow version from the 70s. I can't say it was iconic, and I wouldn't object to a remake if it hadn't had di Caprio in it. I would have rather seen him play the secondary male lead but then we'd likely have got the odious Christian whotsis, Bale, that's it. He's good, nothing against him but he's a bit thuggish for me. Another actor that seems to be cast in odd roles that seem unsuitable is that little dark Irish fella, (c'mon brain, think...) Colin Farrell (thanks Wiki). He's a quirky fella and always seems like he might believe he isn't really supposed to be in that role and isn't sure why he is but is game to make the best of it. He's ok, though. Not offputting like Bale or diCaprio.

I do think DiCaprio is an able actor and I think he's ok in things like Inception. I think maybe I get the feeling he's trying too hard, pushing those potential award winning roles, turning those roles into famous, iconic ones. He wants to be up there in the ranks of the memorable like Brando, Pacino, Hoffman, Redford, Newman. Perhaps he will be in the long run, who am I to say he won't? He's not a bad actor, not like some I could mention but he doesn't half take himself far too seriously. Ralph Fiennes and Billy Bob Thornton are two more like that, and Christian Bale, come to think of it.

Anyway. Yes. Scarface with DiCaprio. There's also a remake in the works for White Men Can't Jump. Why? I never thought much of the first one. Yeah, that's another thing. Why remake something with a fresh new cast when the original wasn't that great? Because a new cast will make the story better? Not likley. Russell Brand remade the wonderful Arthur that was Dudley Moore originally. It was appalling!  Look how many King Kong movies there have been? The original is still the best. Digital technology hasn't really improved the story though I did enjoy the most recent, Kong: Skull Island. It was what it was but it was entertaining enough.

Then there's the kind of remake that changes the premise, as in Nasty Women which is a remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (original with Michael Caine and Steve Martin as con men). Yep, they're making the con couple two women instead of two men. I see movies like that where the gender of the main cast is reversed. Still doesn't usually work for me. It feels desperate. Referring to the aforementioned Arthur, they put Helen Mirren in the assistant role that John Geilgud played in the original. I do love Helen but that movie in general was just a mistake.

On the book to movie front, I'm actually excited and somewhat hopeful at the screen version of The Snowman, based on Norwegian crime fiction writer Jo Nesbo's novel. I really enjoy his books about fuck up detective Harry Hole who will be played by Michael Fassbender. Could go either way but I'm going to hope for the best. 

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