Apr. 4th, 2017

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Still haven't heard from my friend's husband on the Hawaii flights. Well, not strictly true. He did contact me a couple of weeks ago. Apparently, how it works, is that there has to be "offers" on the board that the employees can then book. Other than that, the tickets would be stand by only and we wouldn't want that uncertainty. So I said if there's nothing available by Easter, we would book it ourselves. I do appreciate his offer but I really want to get organizing things. I've already got our tickets to the west coast and booked the seats the other day. Business class. Depending on the plane we've got either nice, big, comfy seats or those individual pods. I'm even seriously thinking of spending the extra money and booking business or "comfort" class on the Hawaii tickets. It didn't look as if they were ridiculously more expensive. Even if it just gives a shade extra room and some extra leg room.

The flight from Vancouver to Hawaii is over 5 hours, same as from here to London. It might be worth it. I seem to recall it was only an extra $300 on the Air Canada flights. That's because the flight is on their "budget" no frills airline Rouge so it won't be full on business class, just roomier seating I think. Not sure what the WestJet airline price is for business. In the normal flights, business class is usually spectacularly high, 4 or 5 times the coach / cattle class.  i.e. the flight to London with all the taxes can be anywhere from 1100 - 1400 depending on the time of year and seat sales where the business class flight on that route is generally over $5000. So you can see where just an extra $300 is appealing for a bit more comfort even if the perks aren't full on business class level. (Whoops, just checked, it's an extra $500 ish. Maybe not. but i think you can pay a bit extra for seats with a bit of extra leg room, that would be utterly doable. I checked Westjet, the other airline and there's no available "business class" on that flight)

So the list is: book Hawaii, then book the hotels needed in Vancouver including an airport hotel for the night before our flight home. 

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