Apr. 12th, 2017

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 Hmm Looks like most of my content from Livejournal is nearly here. That's good. I'll keep an eye over there for a bit and cross post until things seem to be running smoothly here. I don't expect it will get busier there than it was over there because that's just the way it was going but I still enjoy writing and keeping a log of anything notable, even if it's just for myself. 

I've cracked. I've broken down and wore my spring coat this morning. Yesterday the temps got up to about 20 or so, spectacular weather. Still wearing a scarf but not a heavy one. I mind the draft on my neck when the morning breeze is still a bit chilly. 

I really need to get back out walking again, even if i can only go to the end of the street and back at first. I don't find it as difficult to walk on a treadmill when I'm at the gym but I don't get to the gym every single day so I am going to make more of an effort to get short walks in on non-gym days now that the weather is better. I have to build up my stamina again or our holiday this fall will be miserable for me if i can't walk very far. My own damn fault for letting myself slack off any exercise at all last year. I've been back at it but not really as much as i should be and that has to change. 

My niece is doing ok, though she's had a lot of heartburn, that's really her only complaint other than being tired. We're having a baby shower in early May for everyone all at once, both sides of her family, friends etc. She hates fuss but she knew she wouldn't get away without having a shower so told her mother in law and her mother that they could plan one all encompassing one. I've bought a stack of children's books for her gift. I should also get a gift card from the bookstore, baby's first Chapters' card! She can bring the baby with her on our next Christmas visit to the shop along with my mother and i. It's been our tradition. I'm so excited to see the baby (girl), my great-niece! My sister is losing her mind with joy at her first grandchild and that's wonderful to see! Not the losing her mind part, but the joy. As happy as she has been being a step-granny to her husband's grandchildren and she loves them all to bits, her own baby having a baby is special. 

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