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Had a lovely Christmas as always. Stayed over at my mom's for a couple of nights. My two nephews and neice were there overnight for Christmas, the two boys were both sick, one with tonsilitis and one with a stomach flu but they both still enjoyed the holiday. My sister and her husband cooked Christmas dinner and it was lovely! I ate a plate full, not a heaping plate full but an average one i guess for this sort of meal and i was so full i couldn't fit anything in not even a cup of tea for the rest of the evening. Mom and i visited my aunt in the evening where there were other aunts and cousins to see as well. Today we did nothing, just chilled. Mom slept all morning and i chatting with my best friend up in Moncton for awhile. Now am home, downloading Doctor Who, Downton Abbey and Corrie though i did see DW on tv last night. Plans are loose for the rest of the week at the moment. Going to get together with a friend for dinner and a movie and with some other friends i think for same. Might hit the stores but not tomorrow when the first of the sales open. Things are too insane on that day. Might try to get to the gym as well at least once this week. A cousin is moving in to an apartment around the corner and is having an open house on New Year's Day. Will probably spend New Year's eve with G. online.

2011 was a pretty good year overall. The office was in a bit of turmoil what with the renovations and emergency relocation of staff when the office flooded but it worked out ok. My temporary location was great and now we're in our new digs and it's bright and cheerful and i have a nice spot. My new "roomie" is very good to share with too. Family had ups and downs. Lost one cousin suddenly which was a shock. There were successes in some areas, financial struggles in others but we all hold each other up and applaud the others. Graham's dad had a health crisis in September and though is recovering fairly well, there are still some issues. At 84, I guess these things are more likley to happen. Everyone else's health was pretty good all year for the most part. My sister got married and the wedding was really nice! Everything went off well and they are very happy.

I've been a bit less involved in the local Corrie group, have resigned from the committee but still help out where needed. The event this year was a success and we are waiting to find out who next year's guest will be. There was one "friend" who's behaviour suprised and shocked quite a few of us that knew him but I can't really go into that as it's not really my story. A few friends in that group were not as surprised as the rest of us, having seen signs of this behaviour in the past and we haven't heard his side of it all but he's not really making a big effort to tell it either yet. It's a classic case of "You think you know someone..."

With that in mind....

2011 year end meme, I'm crap at these things )
I'll have my usual end of the year roundup posted by New Year's.

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