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Bloody hell, the temperature dropped into the Arctic levels! For us anyway. it was about -10 today with a wind chill "feels like" of about -21 and it certainly did feel it. I only popped out to the corner shop for milk and bread and eeeeek! Was going to go to the library tomorrow with Mom and her friend and we were all going by bus but Mom absolutely hates the cold and backed out. I guess I'll spend tomorrow inside again. I don't fancy going anywhere having to wait for busses in the chill.

Graham and I have new Year's Eve together online. We each have some wine so will probably open it and have a glass or two. He usually manages to see in my New Year which is 4 a.m. his time. Astonishing considering he will be up at 6 to work tomorrow. I don't think I could do it. We would love to be together next year but we've decided to expect that we won't be, one more year and if it does happen, it will be a nice surprise. I guess if we had got married in September when he was here, next Christmas would have been likely but we wanted to have a proper wedding, something to really remember after waiting all these years.

Have been listening to BBC Radio 4, to the production of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett's Good Omens. Great stuff! I'll probably finish the last few parts tomorrow.

And to finish off the year....
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I nearly didn't go. I was lazy and comfortable and thought i might not go out to see the library after all but really, there was no excuse so i put on my coat and went. The weather wasn't even too cold or icky, quite nice for this time of year, actually. The new library is really beautiful, I think. I've been watching it go up and taking photos of it as it was constructed and I was excited to see the inside. It was pretty busy but I was talking to one of the staff and she said there were over a thousand in there that morning when they opened the doors. I figured as much which is why i went later in the afternoon. My other reason was so that I could take photos of the exterior at night when it was lit up inside. Beautiful!

There are five floors. The top floor looks like an afterthought, smaller and hitched on at an angle but when you look at the whole building, there are other corners and angles and it's meant to look like a stack of books. The overhanging angled bit on top is mainly public space. There's a group of comfy chairs in the front section with great views over the city and a cafe in the back section. I can't remember if there are any books at all on that level. Something tells me no. there's also a "green" roof garden and you can go outside on a little deck that faces the harbour. Nice touch.

There are a couple of small theatre spaces for performances, several specialized sections such as the First Nations' Circle with resources and the African Nova Scotian section and a glass walled room for local NS history. Nice touches. The main floor seems to be a bit of everything as far as books go. Kind of like various shelves of new releases and top picks for a wide variety of categories from children to fiction and non-fiction, travel, biographies. There is a cafe on the ground floor as well and a big information desk. There are self checkout stations and computer stations where you can search the catalogue. I think there's free wifi but i didn't test it out. They also have small booths on one floor for study with electrical outlets for laptops. There are a few places that have comfy seating all over. The main colour scheme is white with accents and furniture in orange and green. Some of the bookshelves are white and many are black. The big feature of the building is that all the floors are open, that is, from the ground in the centre you can look straight up to the top floor. All the floors circle around the centre open area and there are walkways that cross the open spaces and stairs to the next floor down which lead on an angle. Three elevators, of course, because you have to have mobility access. Lots of toilets. Lots of natural light. They mean for it to be more than just books, that it should be a gathering place for the community as well.

Here are the photos I took yesterday.

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Good grief, It's cold outside today!
Even so, i decided not to hibernate and I went to the gym. Yes, on a Saturday. That's mainly because I've avoided it for the most part for a couple of weeks, I think i've only managed to go twice in those two weeks. Bad me. Ever since I gave up having a trainer, it's been more difficult to get myself to the gym. At the end of the work day, it's so easy to say i'm tired and i want to get on a bus and go home. I can't do that. I feel better when I go to the gym and it's good for my BP and my lower back. Those are my main motivations after all. So off i went today, did 20 minutes cardio spread over three different machines and then a bit of weights.

Picked up a package at the post office on the way home and a few groceries and when I got home, I wrapped all Graham's Christmas presents because I want to get them in the mail this week to make sure he gets them in time. And it's G's birthday today. Poor guy had to work this morning. . Now i've caught up on recorded telly, Constantine, Gotham, Big Bang Theory and Grimm.

Going to see the new Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay Part 1 tomorrow. That does annoy me and I blame Harry Potter. Wasn't that the first one that made two movies out of the last book? Or was it the Twilight ones? I'm not including Lord of the Rings where they made three movies out of one book. I didn't really like the first of the two part Harry movie that ended the series. I found it really slow and dull but the last movie, the second part of the final book, was good. Lots of action. They just seem to pad them so much and you feel like they're just doing it to suck more money out of you. Never mind, we've gone to the other Hunger Games movies so we want to see it through to the end. (Mom, Sister and I).

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We have a holiday on November 11 which is Tuesday so I booked Monday off as a vacation day. Yesterday I decided to book off this afternoon as well as i had a "spare" half day vacation, having used one half for something or other a few months ago, I forget when that was. I'll stop in at the gym before i head home at dinnertime.

There's a Steampunk exhibit on at the Natural History museum here so I will try to get to that over the weekend maybe, If i can borrow Mom's car. It's being put on by a local Jules Verne Phantastical Society.  Not sure what else I'll get up to on the weekend, perhaps I'll get busy and make the Turtle candy and find some Christmas paper and wrap the gifts that I'll have to mail.

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Turns out the feast was Monday, not Sunday but it was yummy! Roast beast :) I have leftovers!
Excellent to see one of my besties, Jo, yesterday as well and it's the first time I've seen her daughter in a few years. She was such a great kid and has grown up wonderfully. She's living in Edmonton where she's a librarian, which, I think, was what she always wanted to be. She's the same age as my niece, barring a couple of weeks so i've seen them grow up at the same pace. She was about 2 and a half when I first met her mother.
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There, that's all caught up.
Back to the gym today.

Oh, my friend had suggested using a UK flag covered little chest as a receptacle for wedding cards at the reception but the ones she'd seen turned out to be too large. I was telling G. about it and he thought that making a tabletop sized pillar box (British mail box) would be good. You could put a little sign on it to "Mail Cards Here". He said he could easily make one and pack it flat, putting it together when he got here. Right. Add one to your list of things to do. It's difficult as he's there and not here so I end up making most of the plans though consulting him of course. He does have a list of things to buy and make and is in charge of the invitation and thank you note artwork which is very important.

Ok, i guess i better go get some lunch...
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Just catching up on my book list.

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Nearly the weekend. Three weeks and Graham will be here and three weeks from tomorrow Staci gets married!!! My sister is nearly beside herself with excitement. My mother is so anxious that she had my nephew drive her to her cousin's place so he knows how to get there and when she and I went to my aunt's last weekend, I drove her down to where the marina is where the wedding's going to be so she knows how long it takes to get there. She's not taking any chances that she'll be late and if she has her way leaving when she says she might to make sure there's enough time, she'll end up there an hour early! We're staying overnight in a hotel not far from where my mother's cousin lives actually but it's a bit closer to the venue than from where i live which is a good 40 minute drive at least. It'll only be about 15 to the hotel from the venue.

Then we'll head out on the road to the US on the Monday. I must schedule my traditional pedicure and get my hair done as well. I also have to get a blue tie for Graham to match Staci's colours as most of the men in the family will have similar. It's a kind of violet blue, "periwinkle" is what it's called, or similar to a wedgewood blue. Graham just throws his hands up and says he'll never figure out the right shade so asked me to get it. I think i'll head over to the mall after work today and have a look around there. It'll be cheaper than shopping on Spring Garden Road.

It's been pretty quiet at work the past couple of weeks with full on vacation season. There aren't any requests coming through for report fixes etc. Does make the days go by slowly.

I ordered my wedding napkins and thanks to [ profile] acey who will receive the shipment and send on to me since the website doesn't deliver outside the US. I looked elsewhere and couldn't find what I wanted that could be personalized with our name and date on it as well as the "Keep Calm and Say I Do" logo. :) Graham will also pick up a few packages of British flag napkins as well. We will be meeting with the event guy at the hotel while he's here to finalize the menus and go over things like the napkins and getting cakes and flowers and stuff delivered. Timing and stuff like that. Graham's going to do the artwork for the invitations and I want to have them printed before Christmas so i can send them in the new year. Since we can't invite everyone we'd like to, I thought what I could do is let people know when the ceremony is and at least some might come to that. That might be a good compromise. I just need to note that the hotel sets up more seats than what we're expecting from the rsvp list.

Catching up on my book list:
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It's Monday morning again and in one week I will be in Montreal to see Queen (+Adam Lambert). Because he's not an official full time member of the band, he gets to have his name added on in all the publicity. My coworker who is a dedicated Adam fan suspects things are in the works for him to join full time at some point but I also hear he is going to work on a new album of his own later this year. That being said, there's no reason he couldn't join full time and still put out his own solo stuff.

I wonder, if he joins full time, that they'll record new stuff? It seems like there's a lot more excitement surrounding the band these days than when they had Paul Rogers singing with them. I think that was never meant to be a long term thing though they did release an album of new music. It was pretty good, better than him performing their classic stuff. In my opinion. I've got nothing against PR as a vocalist, he's got a good voice, I just never though it meshed with Queen particularly well. Adam Lambert really does seem to fit in well. His style is also flambuoyant but in his own way. Because Queen has been so associated with the likes of Freddie Mercury, you need someone that has a similar flair, I think and in AL it seems they have found it.

We're just in and out, basically, flying in on Sunday and back home on Tuesday after the concert. We'll get to do a little bit of stuff in Montreal on the Monday, maybe visit the BioDome and walk around Old Montreal for a bit as well. It really is a cool city.

And catching up on 2014 books...

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I was talking to my best friend in Moncton last evening and asked her to be matron of honour. She's fizzing with excitement and we did a bit of dress browsing online together. Isn't the internet wonderful? She was telling me that she was supposed to be in Edmonton last week for her step-daughter's university graduation. Her husband went but she wasn't able to get time off work though her boss had previously said she would. Turned out that she was home during the gunman hunt there last week when she would have been away and worried sick that her two teenage sons were home alone during the time when the man was running around armed, evading police capture. It didn't happen in a neighbourhood too near hers but it's a small city. Funny how things work out.

I got an email from another best friend who'd moved to Toronto late last year. Her mother has been trying to sell her house so she could move up with her and take care of her son when she has to be away for work. Her mother has had the boy here in NS while her house has been for sale since last fall. Meanwhile, my friend's ex has been giving her grief and trying to get full custody. The family court judge didn't agree so he appealed it, making her go through it all again. In the end, the original decision was upheld and her mother's house was sold just before the last court date so they could tell the judge that the plans were in motion. They'll move up to Ontario over the summer, with her lad spending two weeks with is dad before he goes. My friend still has to sell her own house or rent it, too, but the neighbourhood it's in is not perceived as the best area of town. The piece of property is quite large and it's across the street from a school so it does have advantages, and it isn't going to be an expensive house. I thought about renting it myself but the disadvantages are that the snow has to be shovelled and that puts me off. I could manage a lawn mower in summer but not the snow in winter.

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Getting near the end of my sessions with the trainer. I'm really going to miss him. I really want to  keep going to the gym so i really will have to discipline myself now. He suggested for the last few weeks that we meet on Mondays and Fridays and I come on my own on Wednesdays. That's a good idea, and I also thought about filling out a spreadsheet or form with each time i go and what i did and emailing it to him, maybe once a month. That might keep me honest, too! It's too easy to skip a workout and then it all falls apart.

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Graham will be here at the end of August for my niece's wedding and then we're going to drive down into New England along the Maine coast as far as Salem. Probably get a day in Boston as well and possibly a whale watching cruise if we have the time for it. I'd like to do some of the outlet shopping as well, either in Kittery or Freeport.
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Sounds like the funeral went smoothly yesterday. I've seen photos of the horse drawn hearse and it did look impressive with the drivers and the funeral director who walked in front all dressed in top hats and Victorian style suits. It's done now, a celebration of his life which was nice but it's also nice for them all to have it done, as well. It does kind of hang over you waiting for it.

Now the flat has to be cleared and things completed like electricity, water etc. shut off and the landlord informed. There's still a lot to do. The relatives will be leaving for Ipswich tomorrow.

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Not caught up on my 2014 book list for some time so no reviews as such, just titles mainly. For my own records
#17 - 29
Victoria Line, Central Line - Maeve Binchy short stories
Paris, Paris: Journey into the City of Light - David Downie essays on Paris
Adventures in the Screen Trade - William Goldman - all about screen writing and movies up to 1982
Reamde - Neal Stephenson long and involved but I liked it
Allegiant (Divergent, #3) - Veronica Roth third in the trilogy. Liked Hunger Games better
Only Time Will Tell (The Clifton Chronicles, #1) - Jeffrey Archer
The Rainbow - D.H. Lawrence It was a struggle.
Bonjour 40: A Paris travel log - Karen A. Chase - short sound bites on her trip to Paris
The Secret Life of Bees - Sue Monk Kidd
Meet Me in Malmo (Inspector Anita Sundstrom #1) - Torquil MacLeod
Still Foolin' 'Em - Billy Crystal
22 Britannia Road - Amanda Hodgkinson review here
A Change Of Climate - Hilary Mantel she doesn't disappoint
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(it winter olympics bronze)
edited to add:
As Ange pointed out, this poor sentence looked abandoned in mid stream. What it was, was a reminder to write about our in-office IT Olympics last Friday and I forgot anyway once i got involved in all the book stuff.
Yes we had some fun events on Friday afternoon as dreamed up by our social committee. Events like "toss the boss" (manager faces on balls to be tossed into various size bins for points), bowling for snowmen (styrofoam snowmen), tabletop bowling, and other similar things. It was fun and our team ended up with a bronze medal overall which surprised me. We did quite well in one particular event but the rest were only iffy. We each got a choice of gift cards for 10$ and i picked the Starbucks one.

I guess i better catch up on my book list as I seem to have churned through quite a few in the last few weeks because some of them were fairly short and easy reads.

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Right, that's caught up then. I always have a few books on the go at any given time and then it seems like i finish 2 or 3 within days of each other. To look at the "finished" dates, you'd think i read a book in a day or two but i rarely do that unless it's really short.

My mom's birthday is today. She'll be 80 next year which shocks me a little. Mind you, i'll be 55 in a few weeks and that shocks me even more! How the hell did that happen?
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End of January already!
I've had my flights booked and am going through the usual angst over choosing a hotel in Paris and London. The Canadian dollar has gone down so the pound is more expensive. We were spoiled for the last couple of years with the pound costing about $1.55 to $1.60 and it's not upwards of $1.80 or 85, back to the bad old days, nearly. The Euro is still steady though so that's helpful. I thought about consulting a travel agent, maybe they can get a good deal on the hotels with a one way Eurostar ticket to join them up. You can get really good deals on the Eurostar site as a package but only if you have a return ticket which we won't. The agent i spoke to just to find out said that but she said they could probably put something together for me. I'll give them the chance. I gotta get my hair done on Saturday so i'll talk to them then i think, if the one that i usually deal with is in.

I've read 8 books this month. I usually try to set a goal of 90 for the year. Only just made it last year. It sounds like a lot but when you have 3 or 4 on the go at a time, it seems to go quickly and I do average 6 - 8 a month depending on how long them are. I'm currently struggling through a D.H. Lawrence, the Rainbow. I do try to take in some classics or older books to broading my reading experience but this one is starting to be a struggle. Dear heavens the characters, particularly the males are drama queens! Talk about making a meal out of a minor crisis, it's practically a banquet! For instance, a young couple has just got married. After a day or two in bed, she decides it's time to get up and do some housework and get back to reality. He takes  a hissy fit, pouts, shuts her off coldly, his soul ground into the darkness, sulks, you name it. WTF? There's several pages of how pissed off, dark souled, angry, nasty etc. he is from both his point of view and hers. Get over yourself, buddy. And you, missus? Throw a plate or something! Tell him to grow the F$$$ up. Then she takes him to church and gets highly irritated that he doesn't take in the sermon like she does. Internalizing, of course, but highly irritated? Please. I'll give you highly irritated. But it's not grinding my soul into darkness, just giving my eye rolling muscles a good workout. It was not quite this bad at first but still the mostly male characters don't half go on and on in their thoughts and feelings and I really don't think people, especially simple country folk as these characters are portrayed as being, would philosophize, ruminate and sink into that mire of belly button gazing like the author has them doiong. I've probably just written what will end up being my review! Anyway, I'll stick with it for now, just so i can post that review on Goodreads when I"m done!

So the rest of the  books for January were:
(And i had the first four written before I realized I'd already posted them earlier in the month. Doh)
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That dance performance is going to be next Friday night instead of Saturday. They had fully paid up bums in all seats for the Saturday performance. I should call the box office through the week just to make sure the tickets are there. The daughter of my friend is in the dance company and we may get to meet her after, maybe go for a coffee or something. I'll have to scout the area for the coffee shops. Probably a few as it's on a university campus. Google street map, I think. :0

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