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Vacation! (or nearly there, just the day to get through).
Lovely pedicure yesterday. I really have to do that more often! I do plan to get it done again before we go out west/Hawaii in November. I don't plan on doing any swimming but I might want to wear sandals with a skirt if we go out somewhere nice for dinner.
Didn't sleep well last night, in addition to having a sore hip periodically, I was too warm even with the ceiling fan on. You just can't win. It's going to be a long day today.

And just to catch up on books since I don't know what kind of time I'll have for reading over the next two weeks. This lot of books were all top marks for the most part or almost. I really enjoyed all of them for various reasons as they were mostly quite different from each other.
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I'm currently reading several books, each by classic Canadian authors and a Jane Austen. I think I'll try to read all of her books. Not by the end of the year but over the coming months at least.

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Got to grips with the mop and bucket yesterday and took the kitchen and bathroom floors in hand. *so* much better now! They do get away from you sometimes. Now if I could only persuade myself to clean the oven! *shudder* apparently if you put a small bowl of ammonia in the oven overnight, it's extremely easy to clean the next day. I did buy the ammonia. I just haven't quite got there to do it, I have no ventilation in the kitchen so will have to tie something around my mouth and nose so as not to asphyxiate myself. It is still difficult because I have to get on the floor to reach into the back and there likely will be some scrubbing involved. It hurts my knees even with padding or pillows underneath. It's got to be done though.

We went out for a bite to eat last night and out for lunch today for a Corrie ping. We had borrowed Mom's car because the location of the ping has changed and it's a bit of a distance and a pain in the butt by bus. My friend picked us up before when we went to the old location but the new one is only 5 minutes from where she lives and I wouldn't expect her to drive to get us, take us to the ping and then home again after, way too far out of her way. We did an errand or two and then took the car back and are now home in our nest for the evening.

I was on call this weekend to support the tax bill generation processes over the weekend. I kept checking my work email and had my phone by my side if they needed to call me and for the first time I think in years, there was no big problem. Every year there has been something and it's different each time. I think I might have said that before. The emaiil when I got home said everything seemed to be done and he was starting up a final process which he can always cancel and rerun next weekend if need be. I'm quite pleased. I get paid an hour's wage for each of the two days so that's nice. I'd get more if I actually got called, of course. A minimum 3 hour at time and a half call out. Not complaining, I'll take the on call pay.

Finally, catching up on my book list...
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Have developed a chesty cough. Crap. Was up most of the night though I have to say, the desperate act of using Vicks rub on my chest does help. Horrible Buckley's cough mixture does too. Tip: It works, it tastes disgusting, kind of like liquid eucalyptus, keep it in the refrigerator and you can get it down. At room temperature, your stomach may rebel. My dad called it Fuckleys. He was right.

Time for the monthly book catch up beneath the cut
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 Baby BreeVery good news, my niece brought her little one home from the hospital on Monday. Bree is 5 lb. 4 ounces and thriving. Here's a photo. She looks a bi
t overwhelmed doesn't she! There's a link to a few more photos if you click on the photo including one with her daddy. I think she's got his looks around the eyes and his dark hair, too, if it stays dark. My niece is blonde and babies often loose their hair and when it grows in, it can be a different colour. I still haven't had the opportunity to hold her but I'm sure I will now she's home. 

That's the big news of the week. 

In other local news, the Bluenose II, the lovely sailing ship that represents Nova Scotia, has finally been completely renovated and overhauled and she'll be doing lots of sailing this summer, including leading the Parade of Sail when the Tall Ships come. The boat will be in harbour in Lunenburg for much of August and September so when Malc comes to visit, I would really like to drive down there for a day trip and book tickets to sail on her. In all these years, I've never been on board for a sail. Lunenburg is a gorgeous town, a UNESCO heritage place, too. I haven't been there for awhile. I think I took Graham there on his first visit to NS but we haven't been there since. 

I have been making lists of vegetarian friendly restaurants for Malc, too. Most places have one or two dishes but some are definitely better than others and if we want to eat out somewhere, I don't want to always have to depend on Chinese/Thai or Curry. There aren't really a lot of Indian restaurants here though there are many Chinese places all the way up the scale to some really, really good ones. I've also been earmarking a few recipes to make as well. Vegetarian chili is always a good standby as is Lasagna or spaghetti sauce. I have a couple of good vegetarian pasta recipes as well. I suppose i should make sure I have extra tomatoes and cheese and lettuce in for sandwiches and I may look to see what the grocery store has for veggie luncheon meats and get some tins of soup in or I could always make some and freeze it. 

Over to the books...
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My tiny great niece is doing well. My niece is busy helping at the neonatal unit, working on pumping milk and helping to look after baby. She's so tiny, like a baby doll! I haven't met her yet but my niece is a bit overwhelmed and quite busy so I'm going to wait and go over after work this week instead. My mother got to go yesterday and was emotional with it. They've called her Bree Alisson. Alisson is daddy Alex's sister and she's thrilled at being name checked. Bree has dark hair, too which her daddy has. If it stays dark. They put little knitted hats on her that look far too big and her diaper, even though it's for preemies, looks enormous!

My sister is over the moon with joy and it's so wonderful to see her so happy. Not that she isnt normally a cheerful person but life has its ups and downs, it's worries and stresses but having a grandchild is such a special gift.

Catch up for books
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 Catching up on some books. A few good ones this past few weeks. Heading into a month where the Goodreads Canadian lit group is reading classic Canadian books so I have a few lined up including at least one Margaret Atwood, possibly two, Margaret Laurence and a MIchael Ondaatje (he's the one that wrote English Patient though I'm not reading that one) I will be reading a few paper backs that I won in Goodreads giveaways, too, for reviews. 

I must email my former trainer. He offered to give me a free catch up lesson if I put in a number of workouts myself. I thought he said 12 but he thinks he said 20. Anyway, I'm now more than 12 but probably less than 20 and I think he's ok with that. Helps with the motivation. I am supposed to go to the gym today and I see it raining out. Very tempted to not go but I'll try to keep with the program and go. It's not snow, after all, just rain. 

We've been watching this French mini series called 'Beyond the Door' and if you can catch it, you might like it. It's kind of creepy and weird but compelling too. A woman inherits a house from a man that actually died 30 years before. His body was in the house all that time. He left instructions in his will to open the house on a specific date. When they did,they found his body/skeleton and she was designated the legacy of the house. She didn't know him at all. On her first night in the house, she hears something behind the wall, knocks a hole through and goes through and gets lost in a warren of rooms where she finds a man who's been in the house a very long time along with some scary "Others". We've got two episodes watched and need to see the last one to see how it all comes out and if she finds her way out or not. I would hope it addresses how the old man decided to will her the house! I have a bit of an idea but we'll see. Subtitles, btw. 

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Quite a few books to catch up on. Finished three today! I usually read 3 or 4 at one time so I end up finishing a few within a day or so of each other. Then it will be another week or more before the next lot near their end. It just happend that two of the books were about the same length and the third was a volume of poetry.
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I think if i'm going to read something out of my usual, I'll stick with short stories or I'll go back to old fashioned classic poetry that rhymes! ;)
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Just catching up on books read to date.

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Quick book catch up
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Predictions and warnings about a big storm overnight. I never know what to do. Do i wait and see if work cancels? Do I take a vacation day and end up wasting it because they cancel work? I always save extra days so it's not that big a deal but it's annoying if that happens. By the time I went to bed, not a lot of snow had fallen. It seemed that here in the city we were spared the worst of it though when I got up this morning there was more down. We still only got about half the predicted 35 - 40 cm of it and apparently they did delay opening of the office until 10. It helps keep the street traffic down so the clearing is a bit easier. Every little bit helps. I took a vacation day anyway. They never clear our pathway very early in the morning nor is the bus stop often cleared until later in the day or even the day after and it's not that safe. I don't feel steady, anyway. Last time we had a lot of snow, when i got off the bus, i had to get through it to the sidewalk and missed where the curb was. Down I went. I have a difficult time getting up but someone came by and lent a hand. I don't need pulling up, I just need someone or something to hold onto to steady me then I can get up under my own steam.

The Minglewood gig last weekend was great, too. He did a lot of songs from a new CD but then switched over to the old classics which I loved. Graham actually preferred the newer stuff. I enjoyed reliving the old memories.

Winter is usually pretty low key. I hate the cold so i tend to want to stay in on weekends. G. gets out through the week sometimes, just to get out. He's started up his Facebook page for his freelance art, Artoons,  and has had some inquiries so far.
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A well known UK actor has died and then we've lost Mary Tyler Moore. Both actors were aged. People are already moaning about this being a repeat of 2016 when we lost an inordinate number of famous people. Time will tell but when someone is over 75 you aren't as surprised or shocked to hear they've died. With the population getting older, so many baby boomers and more reaching 70 and over, it's inevitable that there will be more and more. It's the younger ones that shock you, that leave you reeling. Even someone in their 60s like Bowie, Fisher and Rickman is young these days. As I get close to 60, as well, these people are more or less my contemporaries. I've already lost 2 or 3 people my age over the past 10 years. My good friend and coworker Carole died nearly 10 years ago and we lost another coworker a  year or so later. He was also in his 50s like she was. My cousin Eddie died at the age of 50, a year older than me at the time. You expect you will see people your parents' age go, and indeed the parents of a lot of my friends and what remaining aunts and uncles I have are in their 70s and 80s and the health of a number of them is visibly failing. People my age, late 50s, they're having more health problems, too. It's inevitable, I guess but it's scary too.

When I was 20, i had a grandmother in her early 60s though my other grandmother was 20 years older. Both seemed a remote age but now I'm almost caught up with the younger of the two. I don't mind admitting how old I am. What bothers me is how long ago everything seemed to happen. I certainly don't "feel" this age. What's that supposed to feel like anyway? Do I act my age? I don't think I act the way my parents, aunts and uncles did at this age. They were more serious, responsible, (notwithstanding their senses of humour of course), But then they had harder lives, raised kids (often quite a few). But I"m also looking at them from the perspective of a much younger person than they were.

You know them as  your parents, but did I know them as people? They didn't confide in me as to their dreams, worries and hopes, not then. I saw one side of them but there were other sides they only showed to each other or their peers. I know that now. Maybe they felt the same way about life as I do now. I do realize that, not having raised children, I don't have that sort of responsible side to me. Raising children certainly would change you and add sides to your personality that I will never have. Nobody depended on me in that way. I didn't have someone to protect with my life in that way that you do with your children.

Anyway. I didn't mean to get all philosophical here.

Still book blogging, still enjoying it. I see topics all the time that inspire me to write. I hope people don't think I'm just copying ideas! I've been posting fairly frequently so far but I know that will ease back once the novelty wears off. I don't post as much to the travel blog lately but that's because I hadn't been traveling or planning a trip. Now we are gearing up for our visit to the west coast in November and trip to Hawaii. I booked our flights to Vancouver using Aeroplan points and I had to do it in business class. There wasn't really anything available for coach class for the dates or even close to the dates were needed. Luckily I had more points than I needed even for business class though I had hoped to be able to fit two free trips in.  Doesn't matter. Points add up and I'll get there eventually for something else. Traveling in business class for that distance is very comfortable. Even managed it for all the flights. Sometimes you get BC for the flight to Toronto and coach the rest of the way due to availability but they still charge you the whole amount of points for BC even if you only use it on some of the flights. I wouldn't waste them if that was the case. But I got lucky with the availability and we're going BC on both flights out and back, and the return from Vancouver to Toronto is an overnight flight so that will be very nice! Flying BC also allows us to use the Maple Leaf lounges in the airports, much nicer atmosphere to wait between flights nad there is enough time to take advantage.

My friend's husband offered to get the Hawaii flights through his connections so I"ve sent him the details. If he can still do it, then we will know the exact dates for Victoria and Vancouver and can go ahead and decide on hotels etc. Don't need a hotel in Victoria, We'll be staying with my aunt and uncle there at least. Might get to stay overnight with a cousin in Vancouver as well. Don't like to invite ourselves but if she offers, we'll take a night there as well. That means I can start looking at potential hotels for Vancouver and Honolulu and planning things to do! Yay!

Time to start the annual book list. I'm going to link to the reviews on the new book blog instead of Goodreads this year.
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