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It has just struck me that the President of the United States is YOUNGER than me (2 years) as is the Prime Minister of Canada (ok, only by 2 months)! Eek! Bad enough you see people you knew as children grow up (your own or someone else's) and have kids of their own.  It's worse when you catch yourself saying things like "Young people today...."  I *think* my doctor is older than me but probably not by much. *sigh*. It's not that i feel old, though sometimes i do, but mainly, i wonder how so much time has passed so quickly! It doesn't seem that long ago i was turning 40 or 30. High school was *gulp* 34 years ago! If you use 18 as the mark of  "adulthood" (only in that you can now vote, sign a contract, etc though in Nova Scotia you can't legally drive or smoke cigs until 19), then I've been an adult almost twice as long as i was a child. I better stop or i *will* start feeling old.

Thing is, i wouldn't be younger. I'd not want to go back to being in my 20s. Maybe late 30s or early 40s would be a good place to freeze time, though but I'd have to have my present day salary! Each decade has, over all, been better than the previous ones though there have most definitely been dips that have dragged down the average but that's life in general. I have a comfortable salary, I travel, I have wonderful friends and family. The downside are more aches and pains and unfitness than i used to have though i was never in great shape. I do make an effort by going to the gym and trying to make decent food choices. Don't always succeed in either and I could do better. Overall, Life is Good.

They're gearing up at work for our move to our new permanent office spaces next month. We are going to have to put labels on everything including computer components, phone, chairs etc. Pack it all up. A lot of my stuff is still packed from the last move but i may go through it to see what i can throw out because i keep a lot of stuff that i never do refer to again. They tell us we have to be packed by noon on a Thursday and will be in our new desks/cubicles on the following Tuesday but we can't have the intervening days off, no way. Unless we take vacation days which is stupid. If you can't work without specific tools, you'll be sitting there twiddling your thumbs for two and a half days. They may try to schedule us for a course on one of those days which would be helpful. If they do, I may just take a vacation day for the other full day and to hell with it. We won't know until closer to the time. It seems like mid November really will be the moving day as they're scheduling things and giving us labels. When we were first flooded out and the construction began, they told us September. Nobody believed it. Then we heard October thrown around and now November but that now seems more believable. The staff has been scattered about from various locations and are merged all together  under one overall group and now, location, so that will be good. I'll have a new cellmate, i.e. someone sitting directly across from me so I'm looking forward to that, too.

Weekend was good, sunny mainly and blustery. Went to a Corrie Committee meeting. I'm not on the fan club committee anymore but as they're a non profit society, they have to hold a general meeting every year that any of the fan club members can attend so that's why i went, and to see my buddies. My old position on the board was filled though some of them wanted me to be classified as an official honourary member. I pretty much am anyway as i still help out at the pings and maintain the website and volunteer for the star event.  And at the ping yesterday, I did my show catchup chat and afterwards was presented with flowers :)) I've been involved with the group on and off the committee for years and years. I've made some really good friends via a shared interest in Coronation Street and yes, it's a big part of my life, but not the only part and not the most important part.

There was a tv show about super fans of various tv shows and i know that some of the people that they featured were a bit obsessed but i think they also made some of them look like more of an obsessed fan than perhaps they really are. I realize that every tv show has it's fans and superfans but you do have to wonder how adults can still be blogging/buying memorabilia/chatting about things like Ninja Turtles, Dallas, I Dream of Jeannie, and that sort of thing. I guess it's just a matter of taste and everyone is different. The fandom world of Star Trek is well known. You just don't realize that there are a wide variety of shows and movies that have legions of fans just as fanatical as the Trek fans. I like to think i'm not quite as obsessed as those ones :) Or I could be in denial.

Nah... I have some memorabilia, video and books, but i don't spend hundreds and thousands on memorabilia like  some fan-atics do. I get together with other Corrie fans both online and in person but don't spend most of the conversations talking about the show. I don't dress up as any characters at get togethers. I do have a life beyond the cobbles :)

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