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I'm waiting at the airport!!!!! Good thing number 1 - they were able to check my bags all the way through so I don't have to mess around with it between terminals. I wasn't sure they would because I'm changing from Air Canada to British Airways and they aren't both Star Alliance. They couldn't do the boarding pass of course and the BA website didn't let me either so I'll have to do it there. No problem if i don't have to be dragging that suitcase.

Good thing #2: Starbucks has their Creme Brulee latte back for the winter season! I'm having a decaff one now. Yum! Not that i think i have any chance of sleeping on the flight but caffiene isn't all that good for jetlag either. I never have it or alcohol on the way over. I do on the way back.

Anyway, i have that wordpress travel blog so I've started writing there for the trip and there's a bit more wittering here.

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