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Very nice party this afternoon. Lots of people came out to celebrate. Many of the people were all part of the group that Mom and Dad and the McManuses all hung around with all through the years. They had lots of old home movies converted to dvd and had that playing on the big screen tv in the family room. Wow! It was interesting and somewhat cringeworthy seeing yourself as a child hamming for the camera lol! look at all the old cars! Oh and the toys (lots of Christmas footage), i had one of those too! Plaid trousers!!!! And everyone had cigarettes where almost none of them smoke anymore. There was some footage of 3 or 4 couples just after they were all married, including Mom and Dad and my Uncle Keith and Aunt Bonnie on a weekend away at a cottage. They were all horsing around and the men had the women on their shoulders. Dad was hanging off the eaves of the cottage doing pull-ups and he was sooooo long and white and *skinny*! Later on in that same sequence there were closeup shots of all the attendees and that was a bit of a *gulp* moment but i loved seeing them all so young and full of beans. That "Lost Weekend" has gone down in legend for the astounding amount the men all drank and a few other shenanigans (Keith fighting a tree for one). Dad was celebrating passing his final exams to get his electrical papers.

Anyway, there were lots of people and lots of finger foods, drinks, sweets. Their parish priest said a few words and a casual vow-retaking. Their oldest grandson started to read a speech he wrote but he was too emotional to finish so his mother finished it for him. Patrick said a few words too and even he got emotional which is rare for him. There were more than a few tears on cheeks as there usually is during sentimental events like this. The sun came out and it was really nice and warm but not too hot inside which was comfortable enough. Most of their original wedding party was there. Later on Patrick got a bit emotional talking to me about Dad which was another *gulp* moment but Laurie came over and the subject got successfully changed.

Pics here including some nice ones of Mom and her friends and of me, Mom and Laurie
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I installed my dvd writer yesterday and installed all the software that came with it. Also updated Norton and also did a windows update. Didn't reboot until this morning and when i got back home this afternoon, realized something had disabled the antivirus software, also a few other things that normall run on startup did not run. The dvd writer seemed ok lol though i haven't tried to write one, it does read ok. So i've spent the last 2 hours trying things, uninstalled, restoring, i don't know what else. Currently i have restored to before i installed the dvd writer software. Dvd's will run in it and play so i just have to figure out what part of Nero suite is the culprit. If i can't figure it out, i'll go looking for some other dvd writing software that also does lightscribe though it's possible that the label maker that came with the dvd writer is ok, and it's just the Nero. I dunno. Process of elimination i think. I'll figure it out tomorrow.

So the order of the day was celebrating Mom and Dad's 50th wedding anniversary. Dad was sleepy, having taken an ativan so he wouldn't cough so he was in and out. We gathered in the hospital room, exchanged cards and with a few close family and friends who visited through the afternoon, shared some cake. The room is now filled with flowers and cards. We did ok though were tearful over the cards but then we tend to get sentimental cards anyway. I had asked him a couple of weeks ago if he wanted me to get a card for her from him. I think he wasn't sure if he'd make it but i assured him he would, brought him in the card for him to sign. He forgot he had signed it and kept asking for it today so that he could. I don't know how long we will have him from here on, but i'm glad we will have this memory. I took a couple of photos, of Mom and some gifts, the cake and scanned their wedding photo.

There were three couples that visited, his brother and wife, their best friends and his cousin and his wife. His cousin, Ed, even raised a smile on his face! Mom had them stagger the visits so everyone wouldn't come at the same time and overwhelm him plus of course the room isnt' that big. A bit later someone came by and they had a brand new lovely bed for Dad. The only drawback is that moving him out of one bed and into the other started him coughing. By then though the company had gone and he'd started to settle down a bit with a bit more meds. I'm so glad he made it to today, as much for Mom's sake as anything. He's slipping away, we can see that. Now, i just want whatever time is left to be peaceful for him.

I've been so lucky. My parents have raised my sister and i as a team. Our home was always full of love and laughter and support. My parents have always been there for us, their family and friends. It's hard to say good bye but at least there are no regrets.
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50 years ago today, Nancy and Ken Johnston, both aged 20, married at St. Mary's Basilica Glebe in Halifax, Nova Scotia. January 6, 1956. My mom and dad have had the kind of marraige that you hold up as the best example of how it should be. They worked together as a team, raising kids, making a home that was filled with laughter and support and love.

Nancy and Ken 1956

Most of you know my dad has struggled with cancer over the last year and is in the hospital now. All we really wanted was for him to make it until Jan. 6 for this very special day.

[ profile] gramie_dee painted a portrait of me for my parents as a combo Christmas and anniversary gift and i shall be getting it framed. The painting hasn't arrived through the post yet (grrrr!!) but ...

Here's the scan of it )

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