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I'm having a molar extracted this afternoon. Not happy. This tooth has historically caused me trouble for years. It was one of the first teeth that needed a root canal which was done a second time after that. Then it needed gum surgery as the root canal still didn't quite work. I won't gross you out with the details. That surgery seemed to work and then earlier this year i started getting swelling and tenderness along the gum. The dental surgeon said that though the surgery seemed to have worked, it's obviously failed again and there's a low grade infection there. He could do more surgery but chances were that it would only go the same way and rather than continue to throw money at it, he'd recommend getting it out. Then decided i should probably throw even more money at it and have a dental implant to replace the tooth. Sheesh. Well i haven't decided for sure about that because it's very expensive but we'll see how it goes. I have a molar gone on the other side as well and both are not the back tooth but the next one so there's gaps. That makes it a nuisance for chewing on the gapped side. Now i'll have two gaps so i may have an implant for convenience of chewing. As i said, we'll see how it goes. It has to heal awhile first before i have to decide.

I'm a bit worked up about the extraction. I know it'll be fine and no worse than the gum surgery was and that didn't make me all that anxious. I've had similar before as well so why i'm more nervous this time, I don't know. also, the dentist i now have isn't doing it himself but is sending me to a dental surgeon in Dartmouth in an inconvenient place. Mom is going to take me but it's still a nuisance getting there. Otherwise i'd only have to go up 3 floors in this building and have it done there like last time. (different dentist than the one i have now). Maybe that's part of why i'm all wound up. Anyway i know it will be fine, i just have to keep telling myself that. I have my iPod with me and i'm hoping the dentist won't mind if i use that as it gives me something to concentrate on while he's working.

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