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Here's something in the newspaper this morning that was interesting. The Lieutenant Governor's residence/mansion has been undergoing a major renovation over the last couple of years and apparently they found shoes inside some of the walls. Turns out it's an old custom to ward off evil spirits so during the nearly-completed work, the builders did it again. Seems the custom in medieval times was to put a body under the foundations but as you can imagine, that didn't work out very well. Since shoes take on the shape of someone's feet, it was felt that the person's spirit was strong in a shoe so that was used instead. They found at least 8 shoes around the huge stone mansion, originally built in the early 1800s. History of the building here with a quicktime movie gallery here.  I know Nova Scotia has the oldest legislature building in Canada, which was opened about the same time the LG mansion was finished.  Anyway, to keep up the tradition, they've garnered some used shoes from some of the Provincial government staff, including a shoe from current LG Mayan Francis.


Nov. 8th, 2006 01:12 pm
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Architect Frank Gehry has built this Dancing House in Prague. It's an office building that looks like a couple dancing together, "Fred and Ginger". What a head trip it must be if you stagged out drunk and saw that building! This site has better up close pics from various angles.

Dan Ackroyd is in Halifax this week, performing with a blues band at the Marquee Club tomorrow night for a charity. I think he's also at Bearly's pub on Saturday afternoon. He's going to be making a few appearances at local liquor commission stores promoting a high end tequila and one of those appearances is at the store in the mall which is under the office complex where i work so i'm going to go to see if i can at least get a picture. Not planning on buying any tequila but if they're doing photos and autographs i might try. I meant to bring my Blues Brothers CD but i forgot. Interesting, when you think of Dan Ackroyd, what do you think of? Blues Brothers comes to my mind first. Ghostbusters came to [ profile] gramie_dee and of course he's also very famous for Saturday Night Live as one of the original cast members and for the characters he created there such as the Conehead. And he's Canadian :)

Yesterday i realized that our pay rise is in place. Our contract calls for a yearly raise on November 1. Won't see it on the paycheque until the second pay this month because the pay period for this pay is the last two weeks of October. Along with that of course, i think some of the deductions are going up.

Reading travel magazines makes me want to pack my bags and go!

Is it only Wednesday?

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