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Dec. 3rd, 2009 05:45 pm
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A couple of months back i was asked if i would donate a painting to a silent auction. This wasn't for work, it was for another government organization. They said they'd pay me 25% of whatever they got for it. I thought the subject of a minimum bid had come up and i had mentioned $20. I guess they didn't do it. I got a little envelope in the mail today with my 25%. Total received: $1.25
This painting garnered a grand total of $5.00 at the auction making them a net total of $3.75, less really because it would have cost nearly 60 cents for the stamp to send me the money. Hardly worth it to them or to me. I guess i won't be doing that anymore. At least at work they put a minimum on it even though i don't get any proceeds from the sale. The painting is 12x16, too, not a little one. It was one of my favourites and it kind of hurts that someone only bid 5 bucks for it and won it. It's worth so much more, well i thought so anyway. Even $20 isn't much but at least it's some value.


Bras D'Or Lakes, Near Baddeck NS
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Painting of the Bras D'Or Lake at Baddeck
You may or may not remember this painting i did last year. A friend sent me a link to a website that was asking for donations for a silent auction for the United Way in September. Any of you local crafties, photographers or painters, if you are interested, get hold of them by Wednesday. You will also get 25% of whatever the auction raises on your donation. I'm not sure if it's a public auction or if it's for the NS Government employees. I think it's public but there's no listing of the event on the Trade Centre website or on the local United Way website. Maybe they just haven't put the notice in yet. I also donated a couple of photos to our own UW function at work, which will be held in October or November. No proceeds from that, unfortunately. They actually put one photo on the intranet for an advance auction and it went for $30. I've got another one to give them too. The first was the Bluenose sailing in front of the Halifax skyline and the other will be the Bluenose docked with a blue sky behind it but it's nearing dusk.
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It's been a beautiful fall weekend, weather wise and i really didn't do a whole lot. Stayed home and did house stuff yesterday. Just got back from doing a few errands this afternoon. One woman got on the bus and before she sat down, the bus pulled away. She stagged a bit and SCREAMED! She didn't seem that unsteady on her feet when she got on and he didn't seem to pull away with a jerk but it caught her off guard anyway. Still, can you say "overreaction?" She then proceeded to complain loudly to the person whose lap on which she nearly landed and to the person sitting across the aisle... loud enough so the driver could hear but didn't address the driver himself. She's 57 and thinks bus drivers should have more respect for older people etc. All the way to the bus terminal, i could her her occaisionaly muttering about getting no respect, and something about dignity. Lady, if you're going to be passive aggressive, and not complain directly to whomever you need to, you're never going to get any respect. To be fair, some drivers don't wait until passengers sit down and some do. I've seen people complain in *both* cases.

I've made my Christmas list, people i will be getting pressies for and noted what i've already got. Yes, i've already got a few things. I really always took pride in getting it all done and dusted by December so i could stay out of the crowded stores. If i really need to, i will go right after work as it's the best time to go. It's insane on the weekends in December. I do buy stuff online as well, if i know what i want or i see something. It's like anything, i'll see it and think "oh so-and-so would love that". I actually have 6 people's gifts sorted and i've made some notes for what i might get for other people. I'll have to review the Christmas card list too, see if any addresses are going to need changing or adding/deleting.

Oh, remember that poll awhile back about which painting to submit to that United Way thing at work? The people have spoken and the folk-arty painting called The Ship was the overall winner so that's what i went with. I took it in and the lady that was collecting it really liked it too. She's got a contribution from someone else, can't remember if it's a painting or some other type of artwork, she's going to put photos of them both on our intranet at work and see if people will submit bids ahead of the kickoff which is in early November. So that's good, anyway. She seemed to think there would be enough interest in it. I'll be interested too, to see how much it goes for. I really should do more painting, i kind of slowed down on the output over the last year or so. I suppose because i have all these paintings and they're just there. Yes, i know, i should try to put them on ebay or etsy and sell them. I just keep thinking, well what if nobody wants them or i'm asking too much. Yet when i went to an art show in the mall from a few local amateur art groups, even unframed paintings were going for a lot more than i'd have the nerve to ask. And there were a few of them that i saw that i knew i could do as well or better.

When we went to the Eastern Passage boardwalk shops a few weeks ago, we got chatting to a man in the little gallery there and he's done something neat with some of his paintings. He makes copies on paper and then uses "podgy" which is a craft glue that dries clear, to stick them to small canvasses. The podgy, applied thickly and a bit unevenly, gives the impression of canvas and he just puts them on small wooden "easels" or stands that he paints to match a colour in the painting. They are only small, not even the size of a photo but he says they sell really well. It's an idea that i could do i suppose. If i put them on Etsy, i'd have to make sure to specify that it isn't an oil painting, but a print mounted on canvas so nobody would think they were getting ripped off.
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...Painting, that is. I started this yesterday and when i got up this morning i decided to finish it off. Haven't had breakfast. Haven't had me tea. I haven't painted in quite awhile so i'm pleased with how it came out. It's not that i thought i'd forget how, it's just that, oh i don't know really. I'm just glad that what i thought would be a nice painting did come out as well as it did. I'm not always that satisfied. (Edited: I forgot to mention, it's a view of the "Seven Sisters" and the white cliffs of Dover)

It's raining again today, a holiday Monday. Two out of three in case you're keeping count. This is pretty bog standard for our May long weekend here.

My friend Tracey came over last night to get a tape and she stayed for a nice long visit. She's doing all sorts of things. She takes Belly dancing classes and has started to make jewelry, long dangly earrings to sell for dance but also makes some nice beaded earrings and necklaces and one of the pairs of earrings i really liked. I would have paid for it but she said to have it and spread the word :) She's been buying Belly dancing related things off ebay too, things like fabric, jewelry, head pieces all sorts of things, making items and selling them both online and to her class mates etc. She's also selling Tupperware and working full time and has a four year old. Very talented multi tasker! I was telling her about a recipe i was wanting to make but i didn't get round to it. It's a guinness steak and mushroom pie but it's supposed to be slow cooked for a few hours for the filling and i just never took the time though i got the beer and the puff pastry. She offered to make it for me in her slow cooker. I supply the Guinness and pastry and she'll do the rest. Brilliant to have such good friends, isn't it!

Got an email from Mom last night. Do I want to go to Chapters book store today? Silly question!!! It's raining though so she might not want to go. We'll see. I guess i better get something to eat and some tea.

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Many of you know [ profile] blueberrymoon and if you don't, you should definitely check out her journal. She's an artist and a photographer. She sells her paintings on eBay and prints of her paintings and her photography on and today she greeted her friends and family at the Love, Me boutique on Birmingham Street in Halifax. Love, Me features crafts and hand made items including local artists and they are featuring her photos and other items made from her photos and paintings such as buttons, cards, mini purse mirrors, and her prints, framed and unframed. You can see the framed prints i the pics through the cut. I went after work for a little while but my back was not up to standing for too long. The shop was filling up when i left, though. Shelagh's work is always wonderful. Her paintings are bright and cheerful folk art and her photography is just *that* good! One of my favourite photos is this one that she took of her daughter's checked socks and red shoes against a black and white tiled step in London. I bought a set of cards, one of which is this one so i can get a red frame for it. I also bought a button of one of her paintings, cat looking at a night sky. Seeing a photo or painting on her LJ always brightens up my flist :)

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