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Provincial election day today. I forgot my voter card but i have ID so that'll be ok. Poll station is convenient, on the way home from work. I'm going to vote, are you? I don't even care how you vote (well, yes i do but it's none of my business!) but make the effort!  I overheard a young woman on the bus this morning saying she wasn't going to bother, it didn't mean anything to her. It does though. People don't realize how much that a government does that affects your daily life. Our bus fares are going up. One of the reasons is the higher cost of fuel, and aside from the world price of oil, one of the other reasons fuel is so high is the amount of taxes on it, taxes the government sets.

I haven't posted too much, not a lot to say really. We had a family birthday for my nephew on Sunday and this weekend there's a flat warming party for one of my cousins that i may go to and a graduation party for another relative. I don't know him really but it's a good reason go get together and see family that i don't see too often. A former coworker is visiting Halifax in a couple of weeks so there will be an after work drinks do to catch up with her for those of us that knew her when. She decamped to the balmy breezes of Florida and loves it there.

Season 2 of Ashes to Ashes finished last night in the UK. here be spoilers and speculation )

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*sigh* Another loud couple of people on the bus this morning, discussing, i think, car racing and the drivers and gossiping about the drivers' wives apparently. The man had a really gravelling voice, like Canadian comic character Red Green. Mercifully, the woman got off halfway through my commute so it was quieter after that. It's not like they were shouting, but their voices were fairly loud and most people talk quite softly on the bus, especially in the morning (unless they're on their mobiles and then their voice goes up about 40 decibels, unnecessarily. Why is that, i wonder? I find the voice i hear on the mobile is louder than my home phone so wouldn't it stand to reason that the person on the other end can hear me clearly, too? It's not that noisy on the bus and your mouth is very near the microphone on the phone. 

Downloaded and watched the first episode of Season 2, Ashes to Ashes. The general consensus was that Ashes wasn't quite as good as Life on Mars and i agree but judging from last night's episode, it looks like this season will be better. I really enjoyed last night's and it brought up some good, intriguing stuff that will carry through the season, i should imagine. On top of that, DI Alex is no longer dressing like a hooker and looks like a proper detective in normal clothes. Much more credible.

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