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I noticed in the news today that a Second Cup cafe on Spring Garden Road is closing at the end of the year. SGR is one of the main shopping streets in downtown and Second Cup is a Canadian answer to Starbucks. I'm not a regular coffee drinker, I prefer tea but Second Cup does do very good coffee, better than Starbucks as far as that goes. Starbucks coffee tends to be harsher and stronger though I do like their lattes and flavoured fancy drinks as much as SC's. Second Cup was pushed out of Scotia Square where I work not long after Starbucks moved in but Tim Horton's claimed that space and a few others in the same spot to expand.

Back to SGR. Starbucks moved in across the street from SC a couple of years ago and I figured that would really eat into their profits. Mind you, within a few blocks there are coffee shops upon coffee shops. SC, Starbucks, Tim's, Just Us, and one in the back of the magazine store plus there's McDonald's, food courts in Spring Garden Place and Park Lane and you can get a coffee at the lunch counter in Pete's Frootique. That doesn't even count all the restaurants along that road as well. The competition is fierce.

Just Us does organic fair trade coffee and they had a cafe on Barrington Street that's closing down soon as well. Still one on Spring Garden but I think that's a little further up the road now that I think of it. There's a lot of little lunch joints, sandwich shops and small restaurants but then there's a lot of office buildings and businesses and people need to be fed. That was one thing I noticed in London in the "City" area, the oldest part of London where now all the towers are. I'd never seen so many places to get a quick bite to eat but there are thousands upon ten thousands of people that stream into the area to work every day. They don't all bring a brown bag lunch with them.

I should do that more myself, though. Bring a lunch. I do now and then but usually buy it and then i complain because i'm bored with the choices in the food court! Ah well. My own worst enemy.

Friday I'm off but I just realized I'd forgotten I had to go to a function. My employer is holding the Long Service awards and I'm getting recognition for 25 years. At my 20th, they were still giving everyone the same gifts. Each level got something different and I got a desk caddy for pens and things and it had a little digital clock on it with a place also for a photo. This time, we get to choose what we want from a website. There's more choice although not a lot of it really appealed. I decided on a small sculpture of a polar bear holding a fish and he's stood on a little marble base. It's highly polished aluminum so it kind of looks like silver. Close enough for my silver anniversary here. They do a lunch as well. I must call my mother to see if i can borrow the car. Makes it easier to get around. They're having it in a hotel not all that far from me and I probably could get there by bus if i need to.

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