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It's been raining. All. Day. I've sat here and watched it! Sometimes heavy. Sometimes just a shower but it hasn't stopped though I thought it would at times. Sheesh.

My back is a little better. Sessions with the ice pack and Robaxacet Platinum go a long way to making it more comfy. Maybe i'll get for a little walk around the block on the weekend. That's good for it.
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I'm suffering a back ache again. All i did was flush the toilet at work and pow! It is so frustrating. I get back to exercising, get new orthotics, see the chiropractor regularly and it doesn't seem to make a blind bit of difference. Mind you it wasn't as bad as it was in March so maybe the exercise did help a bit. I got to the chiro and then came home and i'm staying home tomorrow to give it a good rest but i was moving pretty stiffly this morning before i left. The ice, the chiro and the Robaxacet make it a lot more comfortable though. i couldn't even have a cup of tea when i got home because i was out of milk and didn't feel inclined to go over to the corner store until this evening. I won't bother making one now but that first cup of tea tomorrow morning will sure hit the spot!
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Decided to come home after my chiro appointment and stay home tomorrow too. As monday is a holiday here, hopefully four and a half days of more rest will have my back in a bit better shape. There are very small improvements daily but it's really a struggle by the time i get home after work. I have lots of sick time built up and i'm not really use nor ornament at work this week. Supervisor was ok with it and as it's a long weekend i think it will be pretty quiet tomorrow anyway. I did go to the corner store to stock up on comfort junk food and boy was that ice cream good. got home just in time too because the rain is pelting down at the moment though what we really need is a cracking thunderstorm because it's soooo humid out there.

The new chiropractor treated me today and it was Ian Mosher's farewell. The new guy, Stephen Dwyer seems quite good and he's won me over lol he pushed, pulled and cracked my joints and said i should come in all three days that he's working next week. Well......... i said i was planning to make a Tuesday and Thursday but my Blue Cross coverage has topped out. He said ok, i'll pay for the third one because you do need this. Wow! I nearly cried! whatta nice guy! I accepted it with appreciation. Three treatments next week will surely make a difference on top of the rest this weekend.
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My back is showing some improvement though still stiff and uncomfortable but it's slowly coming on. I expect i should be able to make it to work on Monday and therefore get to the chiropractor as well. I guess i should call today and make an appointment for Monday too shouldn't I?

Mom and Dad came for a visit, too, which was nice. I am starting to get a bit shack wacky. I did manage to do my dishes and i swept the floor but Mom had to brush it into the dustpan for me because i can't bend over that far yet lol!

And then there's the latest creation. I did it last weekend which may have contributed to the backache. Window is a bit wobbly and i might straighten it later but this is the gist of it.


Aug. 23rd, 2005 03:19 pm
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Dad is now driving! He still has shortness of breath but that's coming along little by little. Having him mobile again is really good. Mom says she'll keep driving some too, and Dad doesn't want her to stop either. I bet it will feel pretty good for her to be able to just pick up the keys and pop down to the store or to my sister's (or mine!) if she wants to and Dad is busy)

My back seems to be dodgey today too. Went in for an extra adjustment so hopefully some ice packing and rest tonight will have me more comfortable tomorrow. I asked him why is it that i can potter around in sock/bare feet all weekend or just throw on sandals to pop over to the corner shop and my back will be fine, but one day at work without the orthotics in my shoes makes me break. it's not that i do a lot of walking at work either. It's the only thing i can think of that did this. Last time, a month ago or so, i had been wearing sandals for about a week with the orthotics in and it started up the same way. So i guess i can only wear the sandals a day at a time here and there *with* orthotics in, but not for more than one or two days in a row or i'll end up with Sandal Syndrome.

I need new sneakers pretty soon too. Most people can wear theirs until they fall apart, but if you need the support, or if you walk or run regularly you have to replace them sooner. I get an extra pay in September (three pays in the month instead of the usual two, getting paid biweekly gives you that twice a year) and i guess some of the extra will go on new sneakers and also on the passport renewal. I want to use some of it towards the plane ticket and Christmas.


Jul. 28th, 2005 12:46 pm
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I stood up this morning and my back sprung a leak or something. OW!!! Hurts more when i stand and try to walk (like a duck, or so it feels). It's been feeling a bit fragile for about a week anyway so i'm not totally surprised. It seems to be "summer sandal syndrome". I wear orthotics and i can and do wear them in my sport sandals but i guess the support just isn't the same as wearing them in my sneakers. I wore the sandals for the better part of a week until i noticed the achey happening so i've been out of them mostly since then. Still, i guess the damage was done and when i stood up today, it slipped out of alignment. Sounds painful doesn't it? Well it's been worse in the past so don't worry, i'm not going to be bedridden for the weekend but i think i'll pass on a walk after work today. Luckily the chiro is downstairs so i got in at lunchtime. Different doctor, covering for Dr. M. who's on vacation but boy did he have me twisted and pulled and yanked every which way. I can feel a small bit of a difference but it will take a few days to settle down and i made another appointment for Wednesday anyway for reinforcement. The pain gods were with me too. I knew i had seen a gel pack in the kitchen at work and someone stuck it in the freezer of our little fridge. Thank you whoever did that. It's now on my back. I had thought i might go home early but we'll see. Since it doesn't hurt much sitting down i can probably last the afternoon and then go home for more ice packs.

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