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I haven't had a good bus rant lately. So yes. I fucking hate the bus some times.!
It's a dirty day. Rain and snow and slush under food. The wind is damp and cold.
I got to the bus stop after work about 5 or 8 minutes before my number 53 normally gets there. It didn't.
Nor did the one 20 minutes later show up.
And yep, the bus after that was late too. I'm so cold and near tears by now between frustration and anger.
Every other bus came by, some of them 5 or 6 times! There was one other guy there that was waiting for the same bus as me. We commiserated. Wondered what happened. There was very little traffic in the downtown area, too.
We finally took the next one along that would go to the bridge terminal.
This had the same effect as someone waiting for the bus and lighting a smoke.
We got to the bridge terminal, walked over to the stop for the 53. I stool there less than 2 minutes and the 53 pulled in. Yep. If I'd stayed where i was another couple of minutes, it would have came.
Didn't matter. I had placed myself right at the stop, where everyone else had been in the shelter, inside the terminal or back under the overhanging shelter. That meant i was first on the bus after the other people got off and so what? I didn't shove in front of anyone. There was nobody standing there in the wind and weather. You snooze you lose.
So at least I got a seat.
The bus was packed. Naturally. I don't think that was the missing buss(es). I think he was the one that was supposed to come at that time, perhaps a little late but not much. The other two just never showed up. and that never happens when the weather is good.
I get so frustrated and pissed right off. Everyone else's bus will rock on by. You can watch 6 or 8 number 10 busses in the amount of time i stood there. There must have been an additional 7 or 8 busses that went to the bridge terminal, too.
Why not take one of them? Because then I'm standing on the other side at the terminal, waiting for the bus that comes from Halifax where i was standing, anyway, and when the bus gets to the terminal, hordes of people get on and who knows if i would get a seat. Standing on a bus that's extremely packed is not fun. I'd prefer to wait where i was and get it from Halifax to my door.
If and when we move from here, I think I'm going to pick an area near the number 10! You never have to wait long for one of those at rush hour.
It took me ages to get warm when i got home and i still feel slightly chilled.
I hate the bus.
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And then the rest of the day went rapidly downhill. I have had an "idiot" day.
No, not dealing with idiots.
Well, I was, actually.
I couldn't get out of my own way.
Cancelled instead of submitted.
updated phone numbers in a database and stuck the area code on the end of the numbers instead of the front (but didn't permanently save the change so at least I could back it out)
It's just been one stupid thing after another and the later the day got, the more frustrated i got with myself.
I was almost afraid to go to the gym!
It's ok, I didn't drop anything on my foot.
But then I went to the grocery store on the way home.
I had a few bags, not too many so went to the bus stop instead of  getting a cab.
No, not that bus, It's a 52 and i need a 53.
Oh there it is.
Got on.
He turn one wrong turn but sometimes they do if it's a new driver on the route
He kept going for the route 52. Wait.... wait... No I really did get on the wrong bus
I could have sworn...
Got out
Cursed my way back to the bus terminal.
Watched the 53 pull away just as i arrived.
More cursing
Checked my bus schedule. Minimum 15 to 20 minute wait.
The only thing that prevented me from bursting into tears was the 66  bus that came along just then.
He was 10 minutes late.
I can take that one and walk around the block.
It took me nearly 40 minutes to come home from the grocery store.
I should have taken a taxi in the first place.
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Note to Ms. Bus Driver.
When it's cold outside, and you've let your passengers off/on at the stop/terminal, could you please close the doors if you're just going to sit there for more than a minute? Thanks.

I'm all for having a cheerful driver who greets me pleasantly. Even better if he/she drives the speed limit and doesn't work the brakes for all they're worth. But come on. The driver has personal heating where they sit but I think they forget about the rest of us. The heating is on and it's nice and cozy and then we get to the terminal. Even if there's only a few minutes' wait until they have to leave, once everyone is off or boarded, there's no need to chill out the rest of the bus and let the wind whistle through. You can always open the door again if someone wants on or off. Sheesh. When will winter end? This part of Canada, it won't be for weeks yet. Other parts have a proper spring with weather starting to warm up by now or by the middle of March. What do we get? A day here and there that fools you into thinking Spring might just be on the way and then whammo with the snow or the sub zero temps again. At least now, it's more likely the snow will turn to rain or rain away within a few days. That's something.

Ok, weather whinge over.

Social media sure has it's positive side as much as some of it can be a pain in the butt. Endless photo shares, banal tweets, advertising. Twitter isn't quite so bad as Facebook because you don't seem to get quite as many repeat posts with half your friends sharing and re-posting the same cartoons and photos. Twitter isn't just about following celebrities either. I have a few that i follow, mostly Corrie actors but a couple others, there are people I know either in person or through the corrie community, a couple of local news and traffic feeds, and then there are things related to my interests of history, travel and photography. One of them came up trumps on the weekend. The BBC History magazine posted a notice about an upcoming exhibition at the British Museum about Vikings. Oooooh! We both like things like that. Quick-surf to the B.M. site and sure enough it's going to be on while we're there so I scored a couple of tickets. They have timed entry for things like this with a limited number of tickets for each time, in this case, on the half hour. It keeps the exhibit from getting too crowded and keeps the flow of people reasonable.

The last time I was in London during a major exhibit was for the Terra Cotta Warriors from China. We didn't manage to get tickets online before and when we went there in person we couldn't get in either. I'm sure they do keep some tickets aside for walk-ins. Anyway, that was over an Easter weekend the same as this upcoming visit will be so I didn't want to risk missing out this time. I snapped up the tickets before even talking to Graham but I knew he'd be cool with it and he was. We're going to that in the late afternoon on the Saturday and then to The Mousetrap that evening. Sunday we're going to the Tower of London and I"m hoping to catch up with any of you Londoners free on the Sunday afternoon. I'll get that coordinated through [ profile] naturalbornkaos closer to the date as far as finding a suitable pub and letting people know.

The weekend was very nice. My sister and I took Mom out to lunch for a belated birthday meal because last weekend the weather didn't coorperate, or we thought it wasn't going to so we cancelled. It wasn't great but it wasn't as bad as forecast so we might have been able to go but anyway, we didn't. I also went shopping and replaced all of my bras! All at once! The only thing i've noticed is that the bottom edge of the piece that the hooks are on is scratchy against my back so i've had to undo the bottom hook. I suppose that will soften over time with washings. Picked up a few tops as well that were on sale plus another 30% including a hoodie that is made from sweatshirt fleece. I am finding it really hard to get sweatshirts in that material anymore and I don't know why. It's nice and warm and soft and all cotton. Sometimes you can get it but it's got polyester in it or something, it's not quite as stretchy as cotton and thus doesn't wear and age as nicely.

Our new manager seems to be working out so far, settling in, nice guy. I think this is the first time i've had a manager that was younger than me, though. The last one was but only by a few years and all the others have been older or close to my age as well. This man is a good 10 years younger, maybe a little more and looks it. Not a gray hair on his head nor wrinkle on his face. I know he's over 40 but he looks about 30. I feel old. ;)
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Oh god i really hate the bus. I really really do some days
I left work early because the bastard rental company STILL hasn't got my automatic withdrawal set up yet so i wanted to get there by 5 to pay it. I left work at 3:30. I never got there. I waited at the shiny new bus terminal for over 45 minutes for a bus that would take me by that office. Gave up. Decided to go home. Went to where my bus stops and waited another 30 minutes. It was fucking late too. Apparently bad traffic somewhere on the Halifax side though it seemed like all the other busses from Halifax were coming over, more than once too. This ALWAYS FUCKING HAPPENS when I need to be somewhere. Always. Well... it seems like it anyway, This isn't the first time i've had frustration trying to get to the fucking rental company office. Happened last month too.

I know what i'm doing from now on, just taking anything to get to the small terminal near the office and taking one of the other busses that goes by there, a bus that doesn't have to come across the bridge. All because the bastard rental company is STILL behind getting everyone set up three effing months later and the effing office shuts at 5 o'clock. Oh but they do open up again at 7 for a couple of hours and it would take me an hour to get there taking at least 2 busses with waits in between. It's fine if you live in that neighbourhood or you have a car. It would take 10 minutes to get there, pay the rent and get back and i am NOT!!! going back to post dated cheques. I refuse. They're the fourth management company this new owner has been using but it's all been done from the head office in #)$ Toronto now apparently. The previous company had internet banking so i could set up an automatic payment myself but this one. Nooooo. Two steps backwards. They proudly brag that they have a debit or credit machine though. Yeah. Big fucking deal.


And work has been manic. I said that already earlier today. It's settling down at least. Just in time for this little incident to spark me up again. You can't win.
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Sometimes anyway. Days like this.
Because of a mess up that was not my problem, i had to go pay the rent in person. For some reason the new management company can't seem to get the automatic withdrawal in place. This is two months in a row now.
So this is me waiting for any bus to go across the bridge to connect to one that will take me right to the office. Except i waited a bit longer than usual.
Got to the other side, but the bus that should have been there in 5 minutes took 30.
I could have been on my bus and home and comfy.
In retrospect, i should have said screw the rent i'll do it next week.
I finally got to the office, the OPEN sign is still glowing
Except the door is locked and the sign on the door says oh yes they're open until 9, except Fridays. They close at 5. Now, no matter if i'd caught ever connection dead on, i still wouldn't have made it in time. I"m sure she said 9 when i called her earlier in the week. I might have missed the part where she said "except Friday".
Across the road to catch the bus that goes by my place.
Watched one of them pass me by before i got to the stop.
The other one, according to the schedule, would have already been by.
Would i be lucky enough to get a third late bus? Yes!
By the time i got home i was that wound up i had to lay down and chill for a few minutes. Just let the frustration and rage at Metro Transit leak out into the mattress.
Damn rental company it's all their fault.
Anyway. Calm. Happy now. Home and comfy. And it's the weekend! :)
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The strike continues. The union offered to go to arbitration but the City said no. It would cost too much (i.e. arbitrators tend to favour the union). They offered the union another conciliator but the union said no. More of the same, they said. Neither side intends on budging over a major issue, how the work is scheduled. Everyone loses.

It's nice that i can work a flexible schedule and take Friday off at least. My drive is taking some time off later in March though, so I hope the strike is over by then or i'll have to scramble to find another ride. Plenty of time yet.

I had to give up on a book, The Devil and Miss Prym by Paulo Coehlo. A bit too Good vs Evil and philosophical/preachy for my taste. I decided to try one i had to read in high school to see if it really was as dull as i thought it was then. Tastes change and i might not find it so bad now. Madame Bovary by Flaubert. Yeah, i know, i can see you shudder. I've only got a little way into it and the language/translation isn't difficult to read. Sometimes i find pre-20th century books are a bit tricky to get my head around the language and style of writing. It was why i couldn't be doing with Dickens. He annoyed the hell out of me.

19 Belle - Leslie Pearse
This is a historical romance/fiction about a young woman who has been raised in a Victorian/Edwardian brothel in London near Covent Garden. She witnesses a murder of one of the girls and is later snatched and sold into prostitution by the murderer. She ends up being sold on to a brother in New Orleans. The story follows Belle's adventures and ups and downs for 2  years. More of the review here.
It was a fairly good book, easy to read, pretty standard and predictable for the genre. Not "Wow Great!" but not bad.

20 - Half Blood Blues - Esi Edugyan
In Paris During WWII, a talented young trumpet player was taken by the Nazis. His band member, Sid, watched it happen. over 50 years later, Sid and his oldest friend, Chip, head to Berlin for a music festival celebrating the talent of that young man, Hieronymus Falk who, it seems, didn't die during the war after all. The book tells the story of the jazz band members at the beginning of the war years in Berlin and Paris and what happens to them both later at and after the festival when Chip and Sid find Hiero in Poland. The book is told from Sid's point of view and explores themes of jealousy and guilt. None of the characters are particularly likeable but the story is really well told and you feel you're right in the thick of it.

21 - I also read Grimm's Fairy Tales, i've never read the originals, or if i have, it's been so long i don't remember. They are quite grim aren't they? It's interesting to see how they have been expanded, "loved up" and changed to the wholesome, much lighter stories that we know today, thanks in part to Disney.
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Transit strike still ongoing. They were at talks all day yesterday and all night, meeting, then talking amongst themselves etc. wash, lather, repeat. By this morning, the union walked away and said management doesn't seem interested in real bargaining at all and it now sounds like the union is also pushing for more money when they'd already said it wasn't about that.


So the strike continues. I guess it will depend on public pressure as to which side blinks first.

Because i've been working long days to match those of my cousin who's driving me to work, i'm having Fridays off. I'm lucky they're being flexible enough to allow it. Weather permitting, I am going to renew my driving license tomorrow and pick up a few groceries. Mom and i will go together, maybe check out a few more shops besides.

2012 books:

18 Witches under Way - Debora Geary
The second in the spinoff trilogy "Witches on Parole". This series is about two women who are sent to a mentor, one voluntarily because she needs a change and the other was sent as a "parole", she is a young woman who has been in and out of trouble. Both are witches and the community of the Witch Central that Debora writes about are also part of these books. These books are such a delight, with wonderful, funny and warm characters. In this series, the two women have to find ways to change their lives and shake off the chains that have dragged them down. Full review here. I really love Ms. Geary's books and every one has been as good as the last.
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Yesterday's commute both ways was quite smooth, surprisingly so at 5 o'clock. Today was the same as last Thursday, a bit slow but not really bad. Each day we don't know what to expect. There are a lot more people walking across the bridge and i saw a couple of people that were probably not normally bike riders struggle up a couple of hills, a bit on the wobbly side. The riders, not the hills.

There's a new entrant into this year's Mayoral race, a politician who's well known locally, who was a federal MP at one point and whose family has a lot of political history and pull. His name is Mike Savage. His father, John, was premier of the province for awhile. I think current Mayor Kelly is going to have very stiff competition this time around. He's pretty much been land-slid in the past three elections with no real threat for opposition. If he decides to run again, he's going to have a fight on his hands. I think voters are tired of him, to be honest and I think Savage will sweep the election. That's just a guess, mind, but I think it's a fair bet. One of the other candidates has already pulled out and is backing Savage. Should be interesting.

As far as the strike goes, no talking between the parties at this point. I reckon they'll be out on strike for a few weeks at the very least, maybe more. Public opinion is divided but leaning against the strikers. The media picked up on one story about a student that has decided to drop out of university because he can't get to classes.
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And.... the transit is on strike. Apparently late last night they had another offer, one of which had the management cave on the next big deal breaker the union wanted. And they're STILL on strike!!! Bastards. They say yes, but what about all the other things we wanted? Well, if the management compromised on deal breakers, where's your compromise?

I'm traveling with my cousin and things went ok this morning. More traffic than usual to get on the bridge but it wasn't at a standstill and once on the bridge, it moved normally, which isn't speedily even on normal days. I got to work about 10 minutes later than usual. Not bad at all! It remains to be seen what the commute home will be like but as we're leaving after 5, maybe it won't be any worse than this morning since so many people seem to be out of work from 4 or 4:30.
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It seems to look very much like there will be a transit strike starting Thursday until whenever. Even though, according to the news, the management has given way on the two main points that the union was arguing over, the union hasn't made any motion to go back to talks again. So what really was their agenda? Take that and want more and more? I"m not defending either side because as far as I think, both sides have their own agendas. You get both sides talking and the truth is somewhere in the middle all murky and cloudy. The public that's dependent on the transit is stuck in the middle and a victim to both sides.

Anyway, I was going to travel with my cousin and work a shorter work week with Fridays off. That sounds good on the surface but it does make for a long day. A carpool came up at work today so i'm going to do that instead but i can call my cousin in case i do need a lift in an emergency. There will be three of us sharing and the two passengers are just paying the same cost as a bus pass would be. We do have to commit to a full month though because the driver will have to buy a parking pass. If the strike is over before the end of the month, or even, if there's a miracle and it doesn't happen at all and she can't take the pass back, i'll still go with her because i've said i would and it won't cost me more than a pass anyway. If the strike doesn't happen or ends before the month of the pass ends, i can always go home by bus if i need to go to the grocery story or something. Door to door, it's a good arrangement. I would like to pay her a bit extra, really, as it's not really covering her gas much. She drives in from out of town, which she does anyway but she parks and takes the ferry across the harbour to downtown. Now she'll have to go a bit further, sit in traffic and pay bridge fare. I was thinking i would give her a roll of dollar coins or two rolls of quarters which would pay the bridge fare for 2 weeks.

We're also going to get a crap load of snow tomorrow. they're saying 5 - 10 cm. *sigh* i hate winter.
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Looks like there could be a transit strike by the middle of next week. Aaagghh! I'd be very surprised if they scramble out a tentative agreement because this time around they really seem far apart and it's nothing to do with wages. That's usually what happens. Everyone complains about a strike when the people on strike are usually well paid but most strikes aren't about money, they're about benefits or, in this case, the threat of contracting out services.

I'm hoping to line up a car share with someone and i'm willing to pay. We'll see what happens. Hugely inconvenient if you don't have a car and pretty inconvenient even if you do, especially if you don't normally drive to work. It's expensive working downtown for drivers.
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It started to snow lightly by mid morning. It never did come down hard but it kept up. From our new work location, we can look out on a hill and watch the cars and even busses skidding up the hill! Heard through the day about lots of accidents and very bad traffic. First snowfall of the year always brings out the stupid in so many drivers. By the time i left, about 4:10, it didn't seem like the traffic was all that bad but i waited almost 40 minutes for my bus. I think the one i wanted just never showed up and I caught the next scheduled one. As expected, it was packed!! Sardines in a can! But the driver was friendly, inviting everyone on the "Party Bus"! The traffic wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, in fact it was even slightly better than usual at that time of night. Didn't even stop once on the bridge coming across. I guess a lot of people will have left early and schools were canceled mid-day, too.

On the plus side, too, my new coat was great! The hood stayed up, the wet stayed out and it was nice and cosy. I'm glad i had gloves though because the pockets won't be very warm. They don't seem to be lined. Pretty much just good for holding my gloves! By the time i got home, it felt like the snow was turning to rain. Here in the city we really didn't get a lot of snow falling, but away from the harbour i think there was more, and even more in other parts of the province.

So yes, the new office space. Very nice. But cold. I did email someone to see if the temperature could be investigated. Why on earth it is so chilly in November I don't know. Some people don't like the orange and lime colour scheme on the walls but i quite like it. I always do like bright colours.
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B... as in Bus-terfuck
Today's adventures with Metro transit...
I've gone to the inconvenience of getting up and out earlier to catch the 6:40 bus because the 7:00 bus only shows up a few days a week, Friday not being one of them.
Today the 6:40 didn't show up.
for fuck's sake
But i thought, perhaps i just missed it as i thought i might have been one or two minutes later than usual and if it came bang on time or a minute or two early...
I waited until about 6:50 and went back inside the lobby doors to wait for the next one which i didn't think would come anyway as it's the no-show 7 and was prepared to wait for the 7:20.
You guessed it, at 6:55, the bus comes around the corner!
I scoot out.
I don't know whether it was a very, very late bus or a very early bus. It caught a few others off guard and they were running for the stop. These are the people that usually catch the 7:00 bus who probably would have been waiting in vain as usual. I gave it up as an exercise in frustration that i don't need. Or so i thought.
Metro Transit can't afford the bad publicity these next two weeks while the Canada Games are going on in Halifax. It might be time to contact the councillor for my district.
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As i didn't take my regular bus yesterday, i didn't know if it showed up or not. Apparently it did. 20 minutes late, right in front of the one that came around for the next departure. Sounds like a last minute scramble to get a bus on that route. Not much point really if it's going to be departing the same time as the next regular departure. Monday again, too. Today's was a little late but only about 5 minutes so that's not really outside the norm.
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The bus didn't show up again this morning and i'm not happy. I emailed the controller that is in charge of that but no answer yet and i don't really expect or need one anyway. But this is the fourth time since mid December that it hasn't shown for this trip and route! Apparently there are staffing problems but it seems unfair that this route should be targeted each time. You can't even call the Transit line as it's only giving you the scheduled time, not real time departures and it's too early to call the city's call centre even if they were informed that the bus was not going to show. Which i doubt they would be.  The first three times was on a Monday. If it has to be suspended for a time at least they could keep it to the same day and then post a notice on all the bus stop signs. But noooooooo. Keep people on their toes, right? 

Yeah, I get it. It doesn't affect a route that is one that is always packed but the one i take at that time of day (7 a.m.) is usually filled with standing room only when it picks up people at the terminal to head to Halifax. Those people can get any bus going across the bridge but the fact remains, our street is only served by the one route that goes to the bridge terminal where, outside of morning rush hour, you have to get another bus to anywhere else. The other two busses that are close to my house go in different directions where you could get a bus going to halifax but by the time you get to a transfer point and wait for the next bus, you might as well have stayed where you were and got the next one in front of your house.

This end of the city seems to get the short end of the stick a lot and there doesn't seem to be anything you can do about it, no matter how much noise you make. Grrrrr...
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Everyone panicked and a lot of businesses, stores and offices closed early because of the storm. I left about 4 o'clock and it wasn't that bad downtown. Hardly anything on the ground, but slippery with slush though when i did finally get home, there was a bit more on the ground here. Since then there's been more come down and my power was out for almost 2 hours but it's no major blizzard here in the city by any means though it is now a typical winter storm.

It was however a pain getting home. Most of the busses passed us by as they were filled to the doors and windows. I saw my own bus heading down the road and thought yessssss but alas, before it go to the stop where i was waiting, the driver changed the sign to Next Bus Please! Damn! It was pretty full, too. One bus came by that was empty, it was going in a direction i wasn't. And three more came in a row all for the same route so a few of those weren't very full either. Again, though, no good to me. I took the first one that came along that had room that was going to Dartmouth and figured i'd wait for my bus to come across the bridge from there. MIght have a better chance of getting on if people got off at the terminal there first. As luck would have it, it wasn't long to wait and i did manage to get on it. No seats free until over half way home but that's ok. I really hadn't been standing a long time. I was talking to one lady who'd been making her way from the other side of the city and it'd been 3 hours. Her feet were wet and when she finally got on our bus she was shaking from the cold. Hot bath for you, missy.

In all, it took me about an hour to get home and that isn't really all that bad overall. Not a lot you can do about it in January.

It was so quiet while the lights were off (mind you, the next street over had theirs on, bastards!) and the sky outside looked more white-grey. Now that all the lights are back on, the sky almost looks pink with the reflections of the lights against the stormy night sky. I had lots of candles on and i fired up my eReader and got comfy. I'll have to reset my bedroom clock and i had to do that on the computer too.

2011 tea tasting
Having another one of my teas now that i can boil the kettle. It's a green tea with flavours of toasted-walnut pineapple, almond and coconut and it tastes almost like candy! Very nice and comforting! Rating 8.5/10
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Some days i really really really hate the bus. I really do.
Especially the ones that don't show up.
When my fingers are about to break from all the grocery bags.
When it did finally show up, it was nearly empty and the driver was being directed around the route by a passenger. She'd only been driving a bus for 2 weeks and had never done that route before! But i don't think that's why the bus was late, i think perhaps the one i was waiting for broke down or something. Otherwise this bus *should* have been packed full. Funny thing was, standing there, we saw a bus come to the intersection down the road. It should have turned up towards us. It disappeared. No idea where it went but apparently it wasn't her going the wrong way. I would put my bags down for awhile and then gather them all up when a bus headed down the road only to find out it wasn't the one i needed. Every single bus came along there except mine. One route was even represented twice!! There were no cabs in the area by that grocery store like the other one. If i'd just called a cab from the start i would have been home in 3 minutes. I could have walked home in 10 or 15 but i had too much to carry.

And of course if i called one while i waited, sod's law, a bus would come round the corner.
Kind like lighting up a cigarette.
If i smoked.
Instead, I steamed.
But i'm ok now. I have pie.
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A data discrepancy puzzle at work was solved, i just need to get access to a different file to make the report work, now.

I think i have invented a new word. You know when your bus journey is a total disaster? Bad connections, bad drivers or even bad passengers? I think i shall call it a "busterfuck" instead of a "clusterfuck". I had a doctor's appointment and i took the bus to Dartmouth but the connection couldn't go it's usual route due to a police barricade, an accident or crime scene or something i suppose. Traffic snarled, bus takes the long way around to get where it needs to go but i still got to the appointment on time. But because of that situation, i was afraid going home would be badly delayed so i took the "back 40". Walked up to the Woodside ferry terminal to catch a bus that goes to Penhorn Mall instead of downtown to the main bus terminal i usually use. (because that route would have gone through the same delays i thought). From the mall bus stop, i could catch a bus that went cross country via another mall and close to my place. Except it didn't show up and didn't show up. It was chilly waiting too. 25 minutes i waited for a bus that was, by that time, almost 20 minutes late. Arse. Hopped on another bus that goes to the mall near me because there's another bus i can get from there. Only it wasn't scheduled to arrive for another 20 minutes. Gah!!!! I waited another 5 or 8 minutes and when a taxi arrived at the stand, i caught that and got home finally. Key-rist i hate the bus sometimes. And with my luck, had i gone home the normal way, there probably wouldn't have been any delays, by that time. I just didn't want to take the chance.

All was well at the doctor's office and i got a flu shot while i was there as well so my shoulder is a bit tender tonight.

So what does everyone think about this Dumbledore-is-gay business? Do you think she meant this all along or do you think she said it on the spur of the moment or only recently decided when she was writing the last book? Does it matter that he's gay? No of course it doesn't matter and i bet she never said anything before because her books came under enough fire already from the far right for all the "witchcraft" and so-called devil worship etc. Let's face it, if the right wingers can make a big to-do over a teletubby that carries a handbag, this will give them even more ammunition! *sigh*

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