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Oh my. What have i done since last Wednesday's update? Hmmmm...
I had Friday off, making it a four day weekend since Monday was labour day and i did very little labour as it happens.
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Friday, i had an early doctor's appointment. That's just a routine visit to renew a few meds. I booked the first appointment of the day thinking i wouldn't have to wait and i *still* had to wait nearly 15 minutes. She waltzed in just at 9 so i guess it took her that long to get herself sorted, computer on, etc. That reminds me... take in prescription to be filled. *makes note*
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Didn't do much the rest of the weekend other than put all the Doctor Who onto dvd disks for Graham, watch the wonderful Pirates: A Band of Misfits, catch up on webby stuff.
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Our Corrie event went off really well! 700 plus fans and volunteers and committee members were buzzing with excitement. I worked on the tables selling corrie merchandise and they were practically throwing the money at us! We sold everything we had which was great.  I have blog entries  for Monday's and Tuesday's events and there's a link at the bottom of Tuesday to my online photos. There's a less detailed summary here, though. He's really nice, very funny too. He gets on really well with the actress that plays Sally and has always got on with anyone that's been on the show. Not all the questions submitted got answered so i didn't get to hear about the behind the scenes stories of the Rovers fire from 1986 and i had forgot to ask him when i had the chance on the day before the event. Oh well! Anyway, enjoy reading and looking at the photos!

I went to have my hair trimmed yesterday morning (I took the day off and am very glad i did! I was beat!) I got to the salon and they had no record of my appointment! She said she remembered my stylist waiting for me and me not showing up last week. Now i can't remember if i specified the date or if they got it wrong. I felt bad because maybe i didn't specify which Wednesday but they had someone else that could do my hair so i still got it done. It's a bit redder than i usually get but she got the combination of colour just right! I really like it! I'm finally used to my new style, too, and i don't think i'm seeing a stranger when i glimpse myself in the mirror! I met up with Mom and went to her house for a cup of tea and came back and started playing with my photos and writing up my notes for the blog and the website.

I also put my new camera through it's paces over the last few days and used it in available light with high ISO quite a bit and i think it's done itself well. Yes, i think it'll do and the results in lower light are either the same or better than my Panasonic so i think i'll keep it. It will take some getting used to what the various settings and buttons are for to do the things i most often do but that's just time and practice. Oh, did i mention i had got a "gorilla" pod type tripod at Christmas? Only i didn't think it fit my little camera. I mentioned it to the guy that sold me the camera and he showed me the one they had which looked like it had a smaller screw but which had an adaptor with it. He said maybe the adaptor on mine was screwed on  instead of being attached to one leg by a wire and sure enough, when i went and looked, that's exactly what it was. I took it off and it definitely fits both cameras perfectly. I'll definitely take it with me on my trip but it's a bit big. Won't fit in my purse but i've got my eye on a new purse that's big and bright  yellow! Even if i change the handle to a long black one so i can carry it cross-body for traveling, it won't look funny. Yellow and black match! Then it'll hold the tripod and the camera as well as my wallet, phone, notebook and stuff that i carry when i travel. I must go back and have another look and see if it's in the shop.

Now that the Corrie event is over, i can start looking towards the trip (28 sleeps!) and get my packing lists in order!

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