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Get to the post office. Long line. Wait. No the parcel isn't here yet. But they left the card yesterday. It says avaialable after 1 p.m. tomorrow. That's today. it's 4:30. Yes but our 4 o'clock girl hasn't got here yet. She's new. Fucking flaming Canada Post. Now i have to make another trip to the same place for the third time this week (I got groceries there yesterday. The P.O. counter is in the same place). No it's not out of the way exactly. But i have to get off the bus and go over and wait in line again. It's just a pain in the arse. Just my luck that the building superintendant wasn't around when they tried to deliver it yesterday. He'll often pick it up and bring it over in the evening.

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When you buzz my apartment, it rings through the telephone so i know it's someone at the door because the call display says "Aberdeen House". I checked my phone when i got home, and that was on it, from this morning. Aha! thinks I. the postman has been, I bet. No card in the mailbox so I'm thinking that the superintendent must have picked up the parcel. Sure enough, tonight he comes a-knocking. Two parcels! I bought a book on eBay, a biography of Jean Alexander who played Hilda Ogden on Corrie for many years and my prints from Kodakgallery came too. I upload my trip photos to albums there and then pick out ones i want printed and order them from that site. It takes a few weeks to get here but the price is pretty decent. I am sure i can now get them just as cheap locally except all the places that are cheap for prints are places that are awkward for me to get to without a car. I don't print as many photos as i used to but i still like to have my trip albums and some other photos of family and friends.

I've got a bid on a teapot on eBay. The ceramic lid of the container i store my teabags in, fell out of my hand and broke the handle on my teapot. The next most useless item after a chocolate teapot is a teapot with no handle. (or spout, i suppose). The one i want is one they don't make anymore. This one that was made by the Pyrex company. It's tempered glass with a metal band around the middle. We had one growing up and it always seemed to make a really good cuppa. Or maybe it's just that nostalgic thing. Last year Mom found one at a flea market for $25.00 and that is actually very good because most times i see them, they want a lot more for them. I was going to wait until we go to a market in a couple of weeks but there's no guarantee i'll find one so i had a browse round eBay and found this one. For the price i'm willing to pay plus the shipping, it'll come to about the same amount, a little less if my current bid holds. If i get outbid, oh well, they still have them listed on there lots so if i dont' find one at the flea market, i'll try again.


Dec. 20th, 2007 05:22 pm
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I have cookies, though not as many as i thought i'd have. Last year there were about 10 or 12 of us ladies in IT that participated in a cookie exchange. This year i thought there were about as many so i made 6 dozen cookies (we each give half a dozen). Only there were about 6 and only two of us actually showed up in the meeting room. One had worked all night so she was home in bed, another two were at meetings and another wasn't in work today either. The two that were in meetings came round with their offerings, but in the end i got cookies from three other people. Ah well. I brought all those cookies to work but i gave away some of them. I still have a dozen and a half gingersnaps. Cookies are always good though!

It snowed most of the afternoon and some of the morning and by 3:25 our supervisor sent round an email to say we could go home early as the driving was apparently getting bad. It wasn't great but it wasn't that bad. I got home a little early because of the connections but we weren't delayed much at all. Works for me. Tomorrow is my last day at work and every day, fewer and fewer people are in the office as they all go off on Christmas holidays. I"m off until Jan. 2 as well.

I've had loads of Christmas cards this year and i thank those of you that took the time to send one to me (us)! You know who you are! xo Got half of a photo order i put in online at the beginning of the month, but the rest of it hasn't shown up yet and also, Gramie's amazon gifts to me haven't arrived yet though they were "estimated" to get here early last week. I keep telling him that website estimates mean nothing when you are dealing with Christmas mail, customs and Canada Post. It is what it is and it'll get here when it does. I keep giving up a little prayer to the Postal Gods and Goddesses and even challenging them to produce as well as the Travel and Luggage Gods did this year. See if they will rise to the challenge! :)
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3 weeks ago i had landed in Manchester and was looking forward to Paris. Then it was over. As [ profile] gramie_dee said to me the other day "did it really happen?". It does seem a bit unreal sometimes but the memories are very vivid and i keep looking at my photos. I've already ordered prints so i will sort them into a proper photo album over the holidays. I know this is the digital world but prints in an album are still the way to go for sitting and looking. I don't print nearly as many photos from the digital camera as i take but i do still like to have prints for trips. I'll probably also have a calendar done up with Paris photos too. That's always a nice thing to have, something to remind me all year.
It sparkles!
Today i went out and got a few groceries. I also mailed three parcels and am hoping like heck they get to their destinations by Christmas. I think the two for Canada will.. just. I was told 9 business days so that puts it just before Christmas. The one to the UK? Hope hope hope. Well it's on it's way so it'll get there eventually. Sending them all air mail, of course, costs stupid amounts. it was 14 dollars to send a calendar to the UK but it was less than that to send two parcels out to Edmonton. I also bought 3 dozen stamps for my cards. I could have sworn i had more than 30 cards but i only used up 2 dozen of them. I bought one packet of stamps for nothing! And at the price of them these days, that's noticeable. I don't mail that many things otherwise so i guess the other 12 are going to last me awhile. There's no price on the stamps though so if Canada post puts the price of stamps up, i can still use them without getting 1 or 2 cent stamps i think.

It's actually quite nice out, really. Cool and a little windy but it's not bone chilling. I wouldn't mind winter staying like this all season. I think i'll get my Christmas tree out of the storage room and put that up tomorrow.

And lastly, sometimes, you know how all the stars and planets line up fortuitously and you end up the *the* perfect cup of tea? perfect temperature, just the right amount of milk, steeped just the exact right amount of time. Bliss!
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Aggh... Can't find my bus pass! I had it Saturday and i thought it was in my purse but it's nowhere evident. Gah! I had 2 leftover tickets and if i don't find it, it's not that major a loss since there will only be three more days it was good for anyway. But. Arse...

It's so nice to see the sun and feel the heat that i hate to complain! Actually i didn't put the ceiling fan on to sleep last night so it was warm but not stifling. Probably shouldn't have boiled potatos for salad but you gotta do what you gotta do. I've actually packed a nice lunch today and i should do that more often. I'll probably go sit out in the parade square to have it. I love working downtown! There's a park across the street in front of City Hall (that's the parade square) and we're only a few short blocks to the waterfront and there's lots of places to sit and enjoy the sun there. The nice thing about living on the coast is that we don't keep the high temps for too many days on end before the ocean breezes cool it off a bit. The down side is that the weather can also change quickly. Of course that's not always a down side but usually when it changes, it changes for the worse not better. lol

Doctor Who season finale tomorrow night!!!! I'm really looking forward to it and i've done so well managing to avoid most of the spoilers though i do know one non-plot-related thing but i won't say in case any Canadians are 100% spoiler free. The good news is that there will be not just another season but one beyond that already booked! I do hope CBC carries it all! I think the ratings have been pretty good so here's hoping.

What's going on this week? Canada Day is Friday so another short work week. There are a lot of things going on, concerts outdoors all three days, fireworks, a parade from the Nova Scotia Tattoo participants. I should try to take that in. Maybe fireworks as well. There are pancake breakfasts in the mornings on both sides of the harbour which i always mean to go to and never do. Just don't get my backside out that early lol! I should make the effort though if the weather is nice. Pack a bag with sunscreen, water, a book, camera, *July bus pass* (koff).

oh crap. forgot to mail a birthday card last week. It probably won't get there by Thursday now but Canada Post does sometimes surprise me. Well it's in the mail anyway but since there's no Saturday delivery, if it doesn't get there Thursday, she won't get it until Monday. e-card, methinks, just in case. Lots of birthdays in June and July. I have to get another handful of cards for the July birthdays. It takes 2 frigging weeks to get a card mailed to Manchester! Thing is, i have had occaisions where a card has made it across the water in a week so i'm always optimistic and send them a week instead of 2 weeks ahead.

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