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Is there anything more frightening that going to a new hair stylist?? It's a girl thing, i can't imagine too many men would be nervous at the thought of subjecting their head to someone with scissors who hadn't applied them to their locks before. In the olden days, a woman's hair was said to be her "crowning glory". Most women, even those of us that don't fuss much with their hair, still want their hair to look ok, decent, tidy and fear a bad haircut. Yes, hair grows so if you get a haircut you really don't like, it's only temporary.

So i'm about to try a new stylist at a different establishment. Funny thing is, at the old place that i've been going, i've used several of the stylists that aren't my usual one and haven't worried but I suppose when you go to a particular salon, and you're happy with one stylist, you figure the others will be as good and i've had nothing to complain about with any of them. The only thing is, it's getting hugely expensive. I go to a spa because the gal i went to at a hair salon in the mall here moved there and i followed. I knew it would be a bit more expensive but the last time i went, i got a cut and colour and it was $100!!! I'm sure i used to pay about 70, though i'd pay the 100 if i had highlights put in as well. It seems they've upped their colour price to be the same as highlights, probably encouraging you to do that since it's the same cost. I was shocked and appalled and i've decided i'm not going to pay those rates again.

One of my friends suggested the salon in the little shopping mall where the Delta Barrington hotel is, right across the street and which is actually closer than the spa which is down in a hotel on the waterfront, a few more streets away. I went over there at lunch to talk to them and though they didn't have any record of my friend (which is odd, but maybe i got the location wrong of the place she goes), i decided to give them a try anyway. Friday. She told me that they only charge $50 for a cut and colour for someone with my length hair which is short or no longer than collar length).

Yeah, that's more like it. My only qualm is that this studio is fairly new in a location that's had quite a few different retail stores in it over the last few years. I half expect to get used to it and then have them move out or close down. Still, in a hotel, you'd think they might do ok. Looks like they do manicures and pedicures too though the woman that does my pedicures now is fine so i shall probably not change that.

A new salon and new stylist that apparently is not the one my friend goes to but i suppose it'll be ok. Stay tuned on that one.

In other news, i had a call from one of the workers at the cemetery. Before anyone freaks out, remember, i work for the City of Halifax and one of our departments looks after all the HRM owned cemeteries. I've done application work for them in the past as well. Anyway. The headstone for the grave of my friend Carole who died last year is going to be installed very soon, probably Friday afternoon. I'd been talking to him awhile back and asked him to let me know when it was going to be installed and he remembered. A few of us here in the office wanted to go and set flowers on her grave when the stone was put down so i will let them know, too. Last month, I visited the bench that we'd donated to Shubie Park. I knew it was the one year anniversary of the weekend i'd found out she'd died and then later realized, because this is a leap year, it was actually on the anniversary date. I also heard that the plaque on the bench was stolen and had to be replaced by the parks people. I hope they put the same wording on it.
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That's what everyone kept telling me this afternoon. A group of us from work met with Carole's parents and sisters at Shubie Park to see the new bench where it was installed. It's sitting on the edge of Lake MicMac and the parks people cleared a special spot for it, landscaping a little path and area around it which P. called it a "landing pad"! It's really lovely. It's a big sturdy bench and very comfy to sit on. It's surrounded by trees, overlooks the lake and people walk past it just a few feet away on the main pathway with their dogs just like she would have done many times over the years. The sun was out and it was warm and quiet there. I said a few words, mentioned how one of the things that defined Carole was her love of nature, plants, animals, gardens and growing things. I made sure i said that every dollar contributed to this bench and made sure to mention the generous contributions that the family, the division and the Sports complex (she'd done a tremendous amount of work for them over the years) gave, which were the reason why we were able to do this now instead of in the spring.

The family was surprised that "family" was mentioned on the plaque but they did contribute and i thought it was what she would like anyway. I think she would be pleased about the bench, though probably a little embarassed about the attention. My supervisor also said a few words about the fantastic job that the park staff did and he thanked me for spearheading and organizing the "campaign". I'm going to email the Parks supervisor tomorrow to tell him how much everyone loved the bench and the spot where it was erected and thank him and his staff. I know this bench made her Mom and Dad and family happy and for that, I'm happy too.

a few more pics )
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1. Favorite pastry?
Pie. i love pie.
2. How do you like to waste time?
Playing sudoku on the computer
3. How would you describe your complexion?
lightish medium but tends to go red easily
4. What do you hang on to that you should really get rid of?
a few old tops that are ancient but they still fit
5. What is the last thing that made you hurt?
physically? no idea but i have a big bruise on my arm
emotionally? Carole's death.
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There's an article in today's paper that says diet pop is just as bad for you as regular full of sugar soft drinks. Says that it can induce this "metabolic" syndrome and people that drink more than one can of it a day are at higher risk for being overweight. Ah. But if you read the article carefully, they're basically saying that people's diet and lifestyle are the main factors. That they *think* people get cravings for sugar because the sugar substitute in the pop is sweet, too. Bah. That's the old "i'll have a pizza and a diet coke" syndrome, where you don't feel guilty having the pizza because you've got the diet pop too. Ya don't think the extra weight comes from the pizza? I'll admit i rarely drink pop that isn't the diet version, but only because i've got used to the taste. So yeah, it's a bit strange to have a cheeseburger and diet coke but i just prefer the taste. It still all comes back to everything else you put in your mouth. Having said that, it's also suspect that too much aspartame and other artificial sweeteners are not good for you and they add extra sodium to diet drinks to make up the taste so if you've got high blood pressure, or retain fluid easily, it's probably not a good idea to drink a lot of it anyway. I don't have it that much, nor do i buy it for home often, only Once in awhile, and then i will usually drink it all fairly quickly mainly because i find if i have the large 2 litre bottle, it goes flat within a couple of days.

We're going to investigate donating a park bench in the large natural park, Shubie Park in Carole's memory. I'm getting some information from Parks and Grounds sent through the inter-office post. She lived right across the road from the park entrances and used to walk her dogs in there all the time so we all think it would mean more to her to have the bench there.

Have nearly got most of the transportation arrangements sorted. The travel agent is finalizing the Eurostar tickets today. Once all that is done i'll see about the hotel in Paris. I've got the one in London booked through Aeroplan using my points. It's the Best Western Corona down near Victoria Station since we'll be traveling back to Manchester by bus. Oh, the travel agent mentioned that as of November 14th, the Eurostar will be terminating in St. Pancras instead of Waterloo. Anyone heard anything about that? New terminus? It's no big deal, we just have to go back across London to Victoria for the hotel. Because of the time difference, we arrive in London with the clock only an hour and a bit later than the Paris departure time so we will get in before Noon.
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It's not been a great day in the office, as expected. We did have a department get together late this morning to talk about Carole and we did up a poster with photos. I did a modified version of the thing i wrote here the other day and we'll try to get that on the intranet. I feel bad for a few people that are on vacation and won't have got the news yet, one in particular. If he has his "crack"berry with him, he might see it there which is too bad, not the way i would have wanted him to find out but on the weekend, when i would have called him, he was en route on a plane to Saskatchewan. This afternoon it's very quiet in here.

there was a brief obituary in the newspaper today but as she didn't want a service, there wasn't a whole lot of information and there was no listings for any particular charity for donations or flowers. We thought we'd look into maybe donating a bench or a tree in her name in the Public Gardens if possible, or another park since she was such an avid gardener, so i'm trying to gather that information this afternoon. I also had to break the news to someone at one the Sportsplex, someone I've worked with a lot in recent years and whom Carole had worked with quite often in the past. It turns out she also worked with the sister of this woman too years ago.

I brought my gym stuff and i'm still of two minds whether to go or not. I should, though, but i'll see how i feel when i leave here.
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You know how i said earlier that Carole really liked the Irish serial, Ballykissangel? Well, i was channel surfing tonight and guess what was on? And it's the first time i've noticed it on the schedule for a few years. Maybe it's been on that channel before now but i've not seen it in my "travels". Of course i put it on and smiled. I think that was my "sign" from her, wasn't it!

Thank you to everyone for your kind words. It does mean a lot.
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I met Carole 11 years ago at a pub get together that was to introduce members of our work department to each other, because the cities of Halifax, Dartmouth, town of Bedford and County of Halifax were amalgamating so our department would now consist of people from the IT sections of all those organizations. She spilled a beer all over the table and me! We became instant friends :) Over the years, we've taken a couple of trips together, a tour around Ireland and Dublin, including a great get together of Corrie friends in Dublin. We also had a month long holiday in the UK in September/October 2000 where we attended an international week long get together of internet Corrie fans in Manchester, bought many things in the potteries of Stoke, walked miles (often in the rain) in London, and took a tour around Scotland. We were movie buddies and we liked the same books. She was a dedicated gardener and loved plants and flowers. She always wanted to go to the Chelsea Flower show in London but never made it there. She always read before bed. She loved art by Monet, J. W. Waterhouse and loved the art deco style and prints of Charles Rennie MacIntosh. She loved "Celtic" style jewelry and designs. She was very interested in geneology and did a lot of work researching her family history.

She loved big dogs and had owned several over the years, a doberman and a couple of bull mastiffs too all at different times. She loved china and pretty glass dishes. She liked Coronation Street and she was a fan of Ballykissangel and was thrilled when one of our tour stops in Ireland was Avoca. There's a photo behind the cut of her in front of the pub, Fitzgerald's. We always got doubles of our travel photos and shared them. You can usually tell my pictures from hers. Mine were architecture and hers were flowers. She thought Clive Owen was hot and we'd go see his movies even if they were shite! She was very handy with DIY stuff, had her own set of drills and tools and she helped put my computer desk together. We had a desk building party here that year, she and i did the desk, two other coworkers dismantled the old desk and one of them, a project manager, supervised and then we all chowed down on Chinese takeaway. A job well done!

A few years ago, she became ill. she had to go on long term disability but the doctors couldn't make a diagnosis for a very long time. In the end, they determined it was Shogrin's syndrome but by the time they uncovered it, she had a lot of kidney damage. Her body wouldn't absorb crucial minerals like potassium and calcium. She lost a great deal of weight and was tired most of the time. She had to rest up a few days before going out and a few days after but she liked to go anyway. She wasn't in pain but she suffered. She was a few years older than me, i think about 53 to my 48 and said once that she knew she wouldn't see 60. She was right. I think she knew more than she let on to people, too. She made funeral and burial arrangements a few months ago but i thought that was just part of the planning for the eventuality.

Apparently she went away with one of her sisters for a few days this week and was quite tired when she returned. That wasn't out of the ordinary. She laid down in the recliner for a rest last evening. When her husband came home last night, she was unresponsive and the EMTs said she had gone in her sleep. I'm glad of that at least. I'm glad she didn't have to suffer through dialysis on top of everything else. It's still quite a shock though, nobody really expected it quite this soon. I spoke to her on the phone not that long ago, a few weeks maybe and i'm really glad i did now. I hadn't talked to her for a couple of months before that. I could tell she hadn't been too good because her voice was weak. I said i had some books that she could look through and when she had finished the ones she said she had just got, to give me a call and we'd get together.

She didn't want a funeral so this is how i must say goodbye. Monday at work is going to be hard, everyone will be gutted. I"m glad she's at peace.

A few photos of and for Carole.

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