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And another gem, my annual birthday card. The story behind this is that I love the series of books by Diana Gabaldon, the "Outlander" series which is now made into a tv series. Even G. has been watching the series and we're anxiously awaiting it's return in April. The basic story has a nurse from post war 20th century "falling" through some standing stones in Scotland and traveling back in time to the 1740s where she meets and falls in love wtih a gorgeous young Scot, Jamie Fraser. There are 7 or 8 books in the series so far that spans over 25 years and there is still one or two more books to go. So in the cartoon you can see the standing stones but look over on the right, way in the back. Another time travel machine, the Tardis!!! Awesome!

In other news, I have the day off work but not the way I wanted to. I had a dry cough yesterday and it's settled in my chest today. Bum.

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This is my birthday card from Graham for this year. My annual cartoon! The story behind it is from our road trip to Cornwall last year. The GPS took us down a street every bit as narrow as this. We got through unscathed and unscraped only to go around the block and do it again!!!! He was confident, I was scared witless!

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Flamin' brilliant he is! ([ profile] gramie_dee of course!) We went to see Montreal Canadiens play when we were in Montreal, against the Atlanta Thrashers. The teeth on the ice crack me up! Sidney Crosby eat your heart out! :))))

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And this year's birthday card from [ profile] gramie_dee. He used a photo that was taken on the PEI ferry last fall, where i was standing out on the deck in the wind, freezing! I guess he thought it suited lol!
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