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Painting of the Bras D'Or Lake at Baddeck
You may or may not remember this painting i did last year. A friend sent me a link to a website that was asking for donations for a silent auction for the United Way in September. Any of you local crafties, photographers or painters, if you are interested, get hold of them by Wednesday. You will also get 25% of whatever the auction raises on your donation. I'm not sure if it's a public auction or if it's for the NS Government employees. I think it's public but there's no listing of the event on the Trade Centre website or on the local United Way website. Maybe they just haven't put the notice in yet. I also donated a couple of photos to our own UW function at work, which will be held in October or November. No proceeds from that, unfortunately. They actually put one photo on the intranet for an advance auction and it went for $30. I've got another one to give them too. The first was the Bluenose sailing in front of the Halifax skyline and the other will be the Bluenose docked with a blue sky behind it but it's nearing dusk.

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