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Jul. 3rd, 2007 12:31 pm
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My new computer at work was installed today. They've spent a few weeks working out an image with all our developer stuff on it so even though it was delivered over a month ago, it's just landed on my desk now. Mostly all working great, just had to adjust a few things to my flavours. I had backed up all my stuff so i was prepared for that. I don't remember what the spec is at the moment, it's got dual core processors and 2 gig memory i think, supposed to have a dvd writer but it's only got a cd writer/dvd rom. I believe that will be changed.

Saw this link in a travel magazine. Plug in the city where you're going to be, whether home or traveling, and it will map out all the local chocolate shops! The whole site, called Gourmet Chocolates, is about chocolatiers, recipes etc. *drool* I checked Paris on the map. The city is littered with chocolate shops!!! Lovely Jubbly!

I bought my morning caffeine today and got upstairs to my desk, unpacked my bag and finally sat down to enjoy that first hit when my mouth rebelled. COFFEE not tea! bleurgh! I don't mind coffee but i really don't like Tim Horton's coffee. I'd have drank it if it had been, say, from Second Cup. I gave it to the techie who was sorting out my new machine and made tea. Luckily i had bought milk this morning too.
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KitKat actually has a Wikipedia entry. Is there anything that doesn't exist on Wiki? lol! Apparently the peanutbutter flavour is only out in Australia and Canada. Woo! The way the chocolate bars are made in the US makes them taste different from Canadian versions for some reason. I had a friend send me a KitKat from Florida. They use the term "candy bar" and that's what it tastes like whereas our "chocolate bars" seem to be richer tasting. UK chocolate bars are better again, different creamier chocolate but ours aren't too shabby.

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