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Absolutely horrible crap crap crap day today at work. Not very much went right, things weren't working and neither i nor anyone else seemed to be able to unlock the puzzle. I know it's going to end up being something really stupid but it has me on the edge of tears of frustration all day. People kept wanting other stuff that they should have requested a week ago and needed it for tomorrow. Not a problem, it's do-able but my boss rolls his eyes when he finds out that the person that requested it forgot to put in the request until it was almost too late. Then someone else comes to me almost at the end of the day with two reports that should match but don't so i had to dig a little to find out why. I did but by that time i was nearly ready to tell everyone to firmly fuck right off and leave me the fuck alone and let me go home. I was going to go to the gym, i really was. But on the way home, on the bus, i realized that my bra strap had come undone and the pin that had been holding it on in the back was stabbing me in the back and i just gave up and came home.

Two good things happened. I had powered off the computer,in hopes that the guy i bought it from was going to give me a second hand power supply but he didnt' have one. He's going to get a new one tonight hopefully, and bring it tomorrow. The computer works but doesn't always start up properly when it's been powered off. It starts but then dies out again. Took me an hour to get it going when i got back from vacation in November. When i got home today, the puter started up first time.

The other good thing? An early birthday card from my sweetie was in the mailbox.

18 sleeps!
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Th'interweb has been a bit patchy here today. Called up Eastlink tonight to see if it was just me and there was a recorded message that said that they were having difficulties browsing to some websites and they were investigating. I found an online trace utility and i can plug in an offending url which then shows that it reaches its destination but i can't browse to a few of my regular sites nor can i ftp in to one of the ones i need to. Pain in the arse but at least it's not me, it's an ISP problem. I even tried installing Zone Alarm in case it was a firewall problem but then that gave me grief so it was soon uninstalled again.

I had Mom's car this weekend for a meeting on Friday night (to do with a Corrie event our group is holding in March, oh and .... anyone local that knows Coronation Street fans, please let them know that we're hosting a Corrie actor on March 4. Details here. pass it on!) Anyway, as i was saying, i borrowed the car, got some groceries yesterday when i ventured out into the arctic temperatures and then Mom and i visited my aunt today, to celebrate her birthday. Her two daughters and a granddaughter were there too so it was nice to see cousins i don't usually get a chance to see. One cousin and her husband have aquired a greyhound from the people that take in racing dogs that have been retired. They're lovely and gentle animals though usually very timid and shy from being mistreated while they were in the racing kennels. This one had no idea how to go up stairs! He'd never been on stairs before, just in the kennel and on the race track so he had to be taught. Another interesting fact about these dogs is that they can't actually sit down on their backsides, they have to lay or stand. More pictures here.

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Back to work. Back to routine. Just catching up on the newspaper online since i didn't get it delivered yet again before i left for work. Must call them up and holler. Or at least threaten to unsubscribe. They guarantee its delivery before 7 on weekdays and it's been spotty since mid december but i was off over Christmas so i didn't really care. I leave for work at 7 and prefer to take it with me.

The annual "polar bear" dip happened yesterday as usual. I do think it's utter madness to be plunging into the Atlantic ocean in January. Gives "cold" a whole new meaning! They do it in Vancouver but it's not nearly as cold though it's not warm either. Bless em though, the people that do it, love it! You're not in the water long but you can say you did it.
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I had a pretty quiet weekend, nursing my back which is feeling much better. Still creaks a bit getting up out of a chair but then it does that often anyway. My real annoyance for today is a call i got at 1:30 a.m. from a doctor wondering if i was the one that paged her. This has been happening lately, not constantly, but 3 or 4 times a month at least, various doctors calling and answering their pages. I asked the doctor last night where she was calling and she said she just gets a page that has a four digit number, i.e. 4444. She calls in and tells the person that she was paged from 4444 and they forward her call to that number. But they could be forwarding it with the full 7 digit number, i.e. 444-4444 and it's coming to my house instead of the hospital department where it was supposed to go. Or... whoever in a hospital paged the doctor and entered their own code is entering 4444 and should have entered 4445. Just example numbers there. If it's that situation, i won't be able to track down the problem but if the problem is originating at the paging service, i might be able to call them and speak to someone and tell them to make it stop! I didn't get back to sleep last night for over an hour because it was quite warm.

Latest news which isn't really any news at all from the Transit people, when asked how the negotiations are going, the response was "They're going". I take it from that to mean that they're still talking which is a good thing. I just don't know whether to buy my bus pass or not. If i get one and they strike, it's going to be wasted money. If i buy tickets and they don't strike, it's fine just for going to work but i use the bus outside of work as well so it'll end up being more expensive than a ticket and i can't use it for a tax deduction like i can the pass. I might get the pass and cross my fingers.

I have to report for jury selection on Tuesday and also on the Monday two weeks after that. If i get selected, and i'm car pooling because of a strike, that's going to cause trouble. Maybe i can get excused for that, i dunno. They do pay a daily stipend that would probably be enough to pay for a taxi but the traffic is going to be murder.

My cousin Linda and her husband are driving across Canada as we speak. It will be the first time she's been east from where she grew up and lives in British Columbia since she was a kid in the late 60s. I've stayed with her twice on visits out west and a couple other relatives have stopped by but she doesn't know most of her cousins and relatives here. It will be nice to see her again and Mom is having a bit of a family get together on the weekend. They're planning to be here by then, and then going to PEI after that. They're travelling in an RV with their little dog Zeke as well :)
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Yesterday was the anniversary of the death of playwright Ben Jonson who died in 1637. Why do you care? Well in my Forgotten English calendar, yesterday's word was "ure" which means a dampish mist or atmospheric haze but an earlier meaning also was "to pray" which lead the creators of the calendar to Ben Jonson because... (yes i'm getting to the point) he was apparently buried upright in a small 1 x 1 foot plot in the floor of Westminster Abbey (Poet's Corner?) and on his epitaph was written "O rare Ben Jonson". Some say it was supposed to be "Orare" which means 'to pray' as in to pray for him but as he wasn't particularly religious, "O rare" probably is more appropriate anyway.

I then wondered about historical dates that happened before the establishing of the Gregorian Calendar in 1582. Are we saying that, for instance, the death of Henry VIII on January 28, 1547 is adjusted for the modern calendar or was it the actual date it happened in that timeline? If that's the case, on our calendar, it should be 10 days earlier. were historical dates adjusted to match our modern calendar? Any of you historians out there know? yeah i know. I'll just get me coat, shall i? I can't help it. These things occur to me and i know there are historians and history geeks like me out there on my flist that might know the answer.

So yesterday, Mom and i picked up my auntie and we drove down further into the countryside to visit my cousin in Jeddore. She's got a lovely garden and one very active doggie, Daisy. Mom and I also did a bit of shopping on Sunday when i took the car back to her, and though i tried on a lot of things, i didn't end up buying anything. Most of what i tried on were either too small or too short. I hate short tops. Even when i was thinner (never *thin* just less of me than there is now) i hated short tops that cut right across the middle of my stomach and hips. I'm tall and have big boobs and i'm far more comfortable with loose tops that go down past my hips. Short tops aren't too bad with a skirt but i rarely wear those much. Cotton Ginny does have a few tops in "longer length" which is a normal length for me but in the end, i didn't really need any new tank tops.

I do have to get one of those Tide spot remover sticks though. Apparently they really do work and i have tops that have stains on them that the washing machine either has put on or that just won't get out. I swear there are more blotches on the tops when they come out of the laundry than when they went in even though i put liquid stain remover on them. Mom tried that Tide stick and said it really works so i'm having a go. I think the drugstore might have them, i'll check later. Also want to get some extra strength stain remover for laundry purposes. The stuff i bought is the generic brand and it's not as good as the name brand (usually i get Shout).

Still no newspaper delivered by 7 a.m. this morning. Am going to call and shout at the office again. No not really but i'll call every day it's not there on time. I'm pretty sure someone is covering the regular person for vacation but they're still supposed to have it there on time and those of us that leave early and take the paper to work are inconvenienced. Bah.
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I had a doctor's appointment after work to get a prescription written out for the orthotics. I got to the office about 15 minutes early because i got lucky with the bus. She actually took me in right then and there!!!!! That *never* happens! The only time i've ever got in on time is when i've had the first appointment of the day or after lunch. I was telling her about my upcoming trip and that we were going to do some day trips as well, probably one to the Lake District. She told me about the town of Penrith where there is the Lilliput Lane factory, with tours, museum, and visitor centre!!!!! Lilliput Lane makes these wonderful little cottages and things and i may not get out of there without a whole new collection! But i MUST go! Must!!! I'll even miss the Pencil Museum in Keswick for this!

And when I went to catch the bus after work? I realized i didn't have my bus pass. God DAMN if i've lost that i'll really be pissed off!!!! I'm going to look around work tomorrow but if i lost it in the food court or on the bus itself (though i will call Transit's lost and found) then it's gone for good and i'm going to have to buy a new one for August, on the third fucking day of the month! aggghhh! If it was later in the month i'd just get by with tickets. Oh i'm so unimpressed. I leave it in my pocket and it must have slipped out. Fuck.

So i'm annoyed about that and excited about maybe going to Penrith all at the same time! I hate not knowing whether to be excited or curse ! LOL!
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I tried to plug in my phone last night for a recharge, which is having to happen more often these days as the battery is slowly dying i think. No power. No nothing, not in any outlet i tried so it's the charger, not the power in the outlet. I then removed it and put it on a table and realized one of the prongs was still stuck in the outlet! Okay then. Definitely need a new charger only it pisses me off because i'm going to get a new phone by the end of the year anyway so that's about 3-4 months use out of a new charger for a phone that's got a dicky battery anyway and will be replaced. Could i get away without the phone for 4 months? Yeah probably but it's useful so i'll probably get a new charger. They don't have a lot of choice for the PayGo phones so i'd rather wait until i go away in November to find one i really want.
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Feeling like crap today and have stayed home. Just to give you an idea without too much information.... I just got back from the drugstore and have bought chocolate, more chocolate and 2 boxes of tampons. And this was before 9:30 a.m.

It's 8 degrees out (celcius). It's June. WTF is up with that? (and it's drizzly and going to rain all day and night but that's beside the point)


Jan. 17th, 2007 07:44 am
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-34 with the windchill today. Yes, you read that right. Base temp is -20 according to Environment Canada. When it's that cold, there is steam or "smoke" on the harbour water and it's quite thick and high at the moment.

You know how most women try to take up as little space as possible, you notice it in particular on public transit. Women will sit there with their arms and legs huddled in and close to their body, whereas a lot of men seem to just spread out across the seats. Arms laying across the back of the seats, legs spread wide, chest out. I think it's a territorial thing. There was one such space-taker on the bus this morning. Side facing seats, a tall young man was sitting in the *middle* seat, jacket completely open and shirt unbuttoned the top 2 or 3 buttons showing an expanse of white hairless chest (on a day with the temps so cold it hurts to breathe!). The jacket was flopped across the seats on either side of him. Legs crossed and reading a newspaper which seems to take up extra room. Next time i looked up, he had a pair of knitting needles jutting out and was working on row 3 or 4 of something that may end up to be a scarf. A couple of women sitting close to him remarked on the knitting and it seems he's just learned how i guess. He was pretty much using the best part of all three seats for much of the ride until people just insisted on taking those two other seats as the bus filled up.

I know i'm quite large and i know i take up more than my share of the small seats on the bus but i take care not to take up any more room than i have to and prefer to stand rather than try to squeeze in between two people on a three-seater side seat (most of our busses now seem to be the "low floor" accessible ones so most of the seats are side facing instead of front facing. Seats in the front behind the driver fold up and there are anchors for wheelchairs there. These busses only seat about 35 people which is quite a lot less than the older style busses yet they don't put extra busses on the busy routes. They do try to keep the older, bigger busses on the busy routes but in rush hour, they're *all* busy. But that's an entirely different rant.

Speaking of rants, my newspaper didn't arrive this morning before i left. I guess i'll go down into the mall and buy one. I miss it when i don't have it.

Word of the day: Snoodle which is what you do when you're rub and scratching a pig's back. Today happens to be the feast day of Saint Anthony who is a patron saint of pigs (and also of lost things).
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So the snow started about noon. I was going to post that i have a really nice manager. He sent around an email and said we could leave at 3 if we wanted to because of the weather. Only it didn't really work out too well in the end. I just missed one buss and waited about 10 minutes for another one. It got to the terminal 5 minutes too late for one connection for my route. My route? Never came. I waited 45 minutes. I'm cold and severely pissed off watching one after another bus pull in. Not my bus, or Out of Service which they do if the bus on a route is really late. Meanwhile every other bus comes by, some more than once. There were a couple i could have got on that would have got me close but i kept thinking mine would be pulling in any time. I gave up and got one of those, as did about 80 others who crammed on to the bus only meant to seat 40. I did get a seat though, and got off a couple of blocks from my place and walked. Uphill. Not that much of a hill but when you're fat and out of shape, it's the last fucking straw. Baby steps up the hill and i got home finally, later than i would normally getting off at 4! Ok, manager still nice letting us off but it wasn't much good to me in the end. Next time there are other ways and means and roundabout routes that i guess i'll take where i can walk a few blocks and get home instead of standing around waiting in vain.
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It's too damn early. Yes i know it's almost 10 o'clock but that alarm blasted me awake at 6 a.m. I may not sleep in really late when i'm not working, usually no longer than 8 or 8:30 unless i was up really late into the wee hours, but still....

In another 8 days, Future Shop will have had my older digicam for 60 days. It's been "in transit" for almost a month. It's make or break time, boys. I'm not overly keen on the replacement one i bought so if they do replace my old camera, i'm going to see what they offer me. It may be that i'm stuck with this one but i guess i can't really complain other than having to buy a new memory card which i'd have to do anyway if they gave me a different make. My guess is, they'll come up with my old camera just under the wire.

Word of the day:
Practic: Artful, cunning, deceitful, treacherous. Somehow, the Practic Dodger doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it?
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I understand about regional accents which affect pronunciation but why can't the rules still be followed? I'm getting more and more annoyed by the pronunciation of "the"... specifically before a word starting with a vowel. You're supposed to pronounce it as "Thee" before one of those words, "thee egg", "thee evening" or "thee others" but in more and more commercials on television, it's been jumping at me, "the others" instead of "thee", over and over. I don't know if they think it's cute or down-home like but it's seriously irritating me! You might be a bit sloppy with your every day speech and say things like that but if you're trying to sell a product on the air, wouldn't it be prudent to pronounce things correctly? It's like the epidemic of misplaced apostrophes that seems to be running rife these days. Professional signs advertising "Pizza's" when they aren't talking about the something belonging to the pizza. Someone writing an email or article on a website with missing apostrophes or putting them where they don't belong. It looks unprofessional and it looks ignorant. I was in a pub in Toronto where the sign painted over the loos was "Ladie's" Sheesh!


Didn't go to the family party this afternoon because apparently the host isn't feeling too well either. An awful lot of people are suffering this flu this week! I thought i might be getting it back too, judging from the amount of time i spent in the loo this morning but all seems well at the moment (*knock on wood, er... porcelain?*) Tomorrow am supposed to hook up with my friend for a belated gift exchange and i *will* get out of this apartment even if the weather outside is frightful! (Well, cold, which it has been all week!)

My mailbox was filled with some quite diverse items today. In addition to a couple of bills (*paid with automatic debit*), there were a few christmas cards (Thanks [ profile] kixie and [ profile] naturalbornkaos), a newsletter from my MP (*bin*), and a packet of microwave popcorn! Cool!

I have lovely soft Ocean Salted and Lemony Fluttered (LUSH) hands and feet today. They feel and smell very nice! My dining room table is covered in stuff, two printers (one replaced with a new all-in-one) in various state of functionality, a cd burner (replaced by a dvd burner), a flat bed scanner (replaced with a new all-in-one), various cables and a battery charger. And ink for one of the printers. One printer needs a new print head cartridge and the other installs better with older Windows systems though it will go with XP as it was working on my puter ok. The scanner works very well. Have the software cd's for them all. What am i going to do with it all? (well, not the charger, that's new and it's not going anywhere). If anyone wants any of it, cheap, let me know.
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yep. this is me today. Let's just say i'm keeping to tea and toast and water but things do seem to be improving. On top of that it's raining and dreary outside. Mom brought me home about an hour ago and i'm just settling in to my nest. Did i mention Mom gave me an HP all in one scanner/printer? I picked it out a few months ago. I haven't got the energy to hook it up just today, in case i end up struggling with it. Not everything installs smoothly and printer and i have a history. Nuff said.

Am downloading last night's Doctor Who Christmas ep. Looking forward to seeing that later on.
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Well, almost.
I am still getting the run around from Future Shop. Is the camera here or is it in transit? Two days ago they said it was here but not off the truck and today it's still in transit. It very likely is there somewhere but they haven't rang me back yet like they said they would do. I thought what i might do is go and see if i can get a memory card for the one i have "on loan", you can get them with an adapter that will let you use it with the regular Sony cameras so i could use it with the other one when i get it back. Staples had them on sale. On the way out, i encountered a postie, and asked her if she had any parcels for me. No, she didn't. Went outside to the bus stop which is right in front of my building. She came out after a few minutes with a postal delivery card that must have been left yesterday (i was home and after i did go out, nobody rang... the building intercom goes through the phone system). On the card was written "Not at this address". Must have been left in another post box.

I went to the post office and picked up the item, some trousers i'd got off an ebay store (which , btw weren't exactly the way they looked on the site, the legs are a lot wider but it'll be ok, they do fit). I went to the drug store to see if they had any memory cards but they didn't have the one that i needed. In that process, i completely forgot to pick up a prescription i left there yesterday. Went to Staples. Completely sold out. *shrug*. Went to another nearby drugstore and they didn't have the right kind either. I ended up walking back to the new Shoppers Drug Mart over by Tacoma Drive from Woodlawn. Even though it was cold, it was a good walk and it was better than standing there for 20 minutes waiting for the bus. Shoppers didn't have it either. I've had enough by now and descided to bypass the mall. I might go over to Future Shop tomorrow morning. They do have a few left but they won't hold one for me at this time of year and the ones they do have aren't on sale. Bah.
You know what? I really don't need to go through all this aggro. Not really. I have a print film SLR and three rolls of film in the fridge and i think i'll just use that. I"m just getting spoiled with the instant gratification of the digital camera.
At least i had a nice, healthy walk out of the afternoon. And i still have to pick up that prescription but it's not an emergency. I won't run out for a few weeks so if i don't get it tomorrow, i can get it next week.

Going down to my friend Tracey's tomorrow afternoon to exchange gifts then [ profile] gramie_dee and i will open ours together, online, tomorrow evening with the webcam on.
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On a javascript course. going well. spent most of my lunch break in the dentist's office. grrrr.... i have a molar that's starting to give me a bit of grief again. Last time this happened, he redid the root canal. That was about a year and a half ago or thereabouts. Seems to be acting up again and i wanted to have it checked in case i need a referral to an endodontist. It's not a toothache though, but it hurts to bite on, not constantly but enough that i know there's a problem. Xray and consult later, and sure enough, they think i probably should get it checked by the specialist. I have had this happen once before many moons ago. They had to do some dental surgery through the gum to sort out the problem at the root of the tooth and it's never bothered me since. I suspect the same thing will happen this time. The dentist did give me some antibiotics to hold me over Christmas in case it got worse as it is caused by a little infection around the root of the tooth. She said she normally wouldn't prescribe it though, but is only doing so because it's over the holidays. I'm of two minds whether to get it filled but i suppose i will. As i said, it's not a toothache. I don't even have the problem 100% of the time, but there *is* a problem and it has to be sorted. Too close to Christmas to likely get a referral and they would only be checking it first anyway. I think i might have to wait until the new year so that my Blue Cross will kick in again to cover the procedure. I don't know if it's classed in the same way that a filling or root canal is, see. A root canal or a regular filling is covered but the crown is only at 80% up to a maximum of $1000. I had to pay over that a few hundred this year because he did two teeth and two crowns at once, gutting the old fillings and redoing them. This procedure won't mean a new crown though so the work itself might just be covered but i'll wait until January anyway, just in case.


Anyway, no biggie, it's not a tooth crisis, not like an abscess or constant toothache is. It's more tender in the morning mainly.

It's always something /roseanne roseannadanna
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Hello, i'd like to check on a repair. What's it for? Oh , a camera, yes i'll hold.
Hello, i'd like to check on a repair. Well they transferred me to your department. Oh, they are just new staff and they really don't know what's what? (fucking train them, then)
Hello, i'd like to check on a repair. Customer Service? fine. i'll hold
15 minutes later i think they've forgotten about me. *hang up*
Hello, i'd like to check on a repair. Yes i'll hold while you transfer me.
Why on earth did they transfer me to Home Theatre? Well i've been bouncing around from department to department, do you think you could find someone? Right. Transfer me again and i should sound a bit meaner.
HELLO i'd like to check on a repair, don't put me on hold, i've been transferred back and forth for... what? They're very busy and you'll call me back? fine. do that. (grrrrrrrrrr)


Been a half hour and they still haven't called me back.

ETA: Another 15 minutes and i called again. This time i got a very competent sounding woman who answered the phone and she looked it up straight away. Still In Transit. I don't know how long it takes a truck to get to Nova Scotia from Toronto but it's been nearly a week since i last called. Even so. At least i got an answer. There's a lesson to be learned here.


Nov. 25th, 2006 05:31 pm
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I picked up a camera today and they wrote on the receipt that i could return it when the repaired one came back as long as it's in perfect condition. Now, do i remove the little tag that's hanging off it by a plastic thingy? The other nuisance is that my memory sticks don't fit into it!!! There's 25mb of internal memory so if i don't take 6 megapixel photos, i guess i can fit on quite a few. I won't buy a new stick because it might be too thin to fit my old camera when i get that back. If i get it back. If i don't, i'll get a new stick and see if i can sell the old ones. Wyn, if i do, they should fit your old Sony that you're passing on to your Mom. We can talk about it if i need to get rid and you want them. If not, i can probably find someone at work to buy them. The slot for the memory stick seems about half as thin as the sticks i have. The camera says "memory stick pro" and i have one of those but it is still too thick.

ETA A-Ha... seems this one takes a Memory stick DUO not PRO and they do look from the drawing about half the size. :( Well we'll see what happens with the camera being repaired. Not going to buy a duo because i'd have to get an adaptor too to use it in my old camera.

I was copying some dvd's for a friend and using dual layer ones but they don't want to play in my dvd player and they don't play in his though they do ok in the computer, mine and his. Odd that. The original dvd must be a dual layer and it plays just fine so it must be because it's burned. These are dvd +R Dual layer so maybe they needed to be -R. My dvd player will play either in the single layer.

Mom and i had a nice lunch at Smitty's and trundled around the grocery store for a bit before filling up the gas tank in the car and coming home.
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A message was left on my voice mail from the customer service department. They've determined that there is no structural problem with the bed frame so they're closing the matter. Well that may be true, but there's still a reason why it seems to keep on working loose! I did call them back and left a message. We'll see if they call me back. There probably isn't anything i can get them to do about it unless of course they sell me a more expensive one! I'll have to get myself a socket wrench though so at least i can tighten it with the proper tools. Sheesh.

The annual office Christmas party planning is underway only this year we aren't going to have an in-office buffet/pot luck and gift exchange. There just isn't the room anymore since the renovations. We had our Halloween pot luck in a training room but for a longer thing where people would be mingling more, it just won't work. Anyway the powers that be have agreed and we are going to have it in a local restaurant/pub called The Argyle. Food will be provided, mainly appetizers, wood fired pizza, wings etc. There will be a tree there so we can do the gift exchange, too. If we want alcoholic drinks we have to buy them ourselves of course, but we'll not have to go back to the office and can proceed to the pool hall as well for our traditional after party stick.
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After all that, he came early and would have only stayed 2 minutes, just long enough to determine that it was the same problem as last time. I *told* them that on the phone! He said they'd have to decide what they were going to do and would call me. (it's not up to him, i suppose, but to the customer service department). I took a whole day off for that? anyway i asked him to tighten it up again since he was there, regardless of what they decide they will do because he wasn't going to. Well duh! Ok, they may replace it or something, i don't know, but in the meantime, it *does* squeak. He had to tighten one of the bolts quite a bit actually. I'm going to have to get me the right kind of wrench so i shall raid Dad's workbench to see what there is.

so here i am with the rest of the day off and the weather is absolute crap!! The rain is stopping and starting and there's a lot of wind so i would probably get soaked if i went out.


Nov. 14th, 2006 07:25 am
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I should be on the bus on the way to work.
I'm not.
I'm waiting.
I called the customer service people yesterday about my ever-increasingly squeaking bedframe.
Yes it started up again just about 3 weeks after they came and tightened the bolts. ARgh!
They could come today but they don't do night and weekend calls. Which is stupid and not very good customer service. And they don't start up until 9:30 but i was told they'd try to get me in as the first appointment.
So here i am waiting. If they aren't too late, i'll go in to work for the afternoon at least and make up the time over the next week. You know what? i should just call my boss and take the day off shouldn't i?
What i want is for them to fix it and not have it come loose again. I don't think they even sell the old fashioned bed legs anymore. Well if it doesn't get fixed, i'll put the thing flat on the floor if i have to. No legs, no frame. My old bedframe never made a sound but it wasn't large enough to fit a queen size bed.
They don't make 'em like they used to.

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