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So we're starting the countdown again. 65 sleeps!

I'm taking tomorrow off. I made a doctor's appointment, just a regular routine thing and i couldn't get it at the end of the day like i usually do. I'd have to leave at lunch and get there for 1 and by the time i'd get back to work it would be nearly 3 so that's the afternoon gone. I decided to use a vacation day so i can sleep in and not rush.

Another food semi-disaster.
Thought i could make a chicken casserole without a recipe. Seemed easy enough. Chicken, onion, celery, two tins of cream soups (chicken, mushroom), two tins and a bit of milk, use up the orzo. That's like rice only it's pasta. I cooked way too much of it. Completely filled the dish so i scooped some out to two smaller dishes. Then since it was very very milky, well here's where it all falls apart. I added a bit of rice to it thinking it would cook when i baked the dish in the oven. Only it's brown rice which takes longer. It wasn't cooked very well and was still crunchy. Bleurgh. Now, i can add some some milk, cook in microwave for a bit. Slightly less crunchy but still noticeable. I hate to throw it all out as it's mostly edible and it's a waste otherwise. I probably will eat another bit of it and then chuck the rest. At least i'll have had a few meals and won't feel quite as guilty.
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Especially when you're cooking potatoes for salad. I swear one of these days the bottom is going to fall right out of my pot, i've burned it that many times boiling things that i've forgotten about. At least the smoke detector gets a regular workout. I should thank my ex mother in law i suppose, for buying me such good quality cookware. (something from Sears though i don't know what brand it was, this was back in the 80's. she got it in the bargain center at an employee discount). So the nice new potatatoes got burned. I actually managed to salvage about half of each one and though they are a bit overcooked, since they were "new" potatoes, they were firm enough to withstand the extra cooking time without going to mush. Nothing i hate worse than mushy potato salad. I had two large baking potatos so i cooked them as well though in the end, they were *under* cooked a bit in the middle. I used the timer on the stove this time. I think i should get to know my timer better lol Anyway, it's done, the eggs got boiled, and the potato salad is made and c hilling.

My favourite kind of potato salad is the basic classic kind. Potatoes, onion, chopped egg, mayo (Hellman's light, these days). Nothing else. If i want colour, i'll sprinkle a little paprika on it. While i was telling [ profile] gramie_dee about it i remembered how i used to like it, with a bit of that orange French dressing poured over it. Haven't thought of that in years. That used to be one of the standard salad dressings in our house along with Italian and Thousand Island (which is nice on hamburgers btw). In summer we'd have a cold supper of potato salad, green salad, sliced ham, coleslaw, maybe some cold chicken as well. There was always French Dressing and i remember having it on my potato salad as well as the garden salad greens. I now have a craving for it but i don't want to buy a bottle of it so what i'm going to do is buy a couple of those little restaurant sized packets tomorrow that will give me a taste. Ounce for ounce of course a bottle is cheaper but not if it's just going to sit there a year until i throw it out.

Next weekend is a long weekend with a holiday Monday. Most places in Canada have that civic "bank" holiday on the first Monday in August. Here in HRM it's known as "Natal Day" and it's in celebration of the founding of the cities. Used to be one each for Halifax and Dartmouth but it's been all one for quite a few years now. There's lots of stuff going on around the city and i like to try to take in some of it. There's always a bridgewalk where they close off the bridge for a couple of hours so you can walk across it on the roadway and this year it's going to be in the evening instead of the afternoon and you might get to watch the fireworks from the bridge. Dunno if i want to though as they're going to have some pyrotechnics right on the bridge so i can't see how they're advertising that you can watch from the bridge. I think i'll go back on land thanks.

Anyway if any of you locals are doing something and want company, let me know.

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