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The sun was out the day we arrived in Copenhagen and it went away until today. Figures. We did have a few hours to walk around and take pictures with blue sky in them at least. Yesterday we went through a lovely castle and went to the Tivoli amusement park in the evening but we were't on any of the rides. They were either to tame and for children or just too bloody terrifying looking!

Back to rainy Manchester, all unpacked and ready for week 2. Got a hire car and depending on the weather, might go up to the Lakes or into North Wales maybe.
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Am under a cozy duvet in a danish hotel nice and warm. Graham is off with the lads, his friends from various metal web radio shows while I get to stay warm. It was nice the day we got here but yesterday, today and probably tomorrow are cold and damp. No real rain. ... Yet.

We have walked around a lot. I really like the architecture here and we have seen the Viking ship museum as well as a lovely cathedral. There is another one of those I would like to see here as well. Today we went through the national museum with lots of really Interesting stuff. Did a bit of souvenir shopping too. Last night we recorded a radio show with G's two friends. I picked some tunes as did Graham but the gimmick of these guys is to exterminate songs they don't like. Needless to say tho they were pretty lenient with our choices since we were the guests, mainly the ones that got blown up were mine tho there was one and maybe a second one I chose so that they could do just that. All in good Fun. They also talk through a lot of the songs. I will post a link when it is online. I also did a show for Graham with all my choices regardless whether they were normally suited to his metal format. Will post that link when it is ready too.

And yes the hotlel has free wi-fi! I have my iPod with me. I actually bought a little app about Copenhagen and it already found us a good cafe with reasonable prices and good food and G's friend led us to another with amazing goth funk decor. We are going to go back and get pics.

Prices, yes. Quite expensive as expected. Graham thought some places were not to bad tho still higher than th UK but at current exchange rates it is still a lot more for me so I am just trying to think of the UK equivalent instead of the Canadian. It's a pretty city with lots of parks, water and grand buildings with lovely towers.

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