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I saw this via [ profile] ladymoonray and it comes from A Simple Woman's Daybook.
January 25, 2010
Outside my window...I can see a little bit of the harbour between some of the buildings and the Dartmouth side, with a bit of snow on the ground.
I am thinking..."it's Monday again and it's the last week of January already!"
I am thankful for...being Canadian. We get a lot of respect internationally and though there's always things that could change in our country, it's still a pretty damn good place to live.
From the learning rooms...(if it applies) ...not all that sure that it does...
From the kitchen...My kitchen light is a bit wonky. I must call the superintendent about that.
I am wearing...Black pants, blue tshirt under a black sweatshirt.
I am creating...nothing lately. I must get back to doing some painting though.
I am the gym after work.
I am reading...a biography about David Bowie and, for the bus commute, a novel by Candace Bushnell, One Fifth (Avenue)
I am get to the gym a bit more often than twice a week.
I am hearing...people in the office and keyboard "chatter"
Around the house...needs a serious tidy. I need to take the garbage and compost bin out tonight as well.
One of my favorite things...A large tea with two bags from Starbucks. They've changed their everyday teabags to real loose leaf tea in a silk bag and it's so much more flavourful. The two bags might even be a bit much. I had two before because i got the largest size and one was just too weak for me.
A few plans for the rest of the week: Gym today and Wednesday (and Friday i hope), massage at lunchtime tomorrow to unstick my shoulders and upper back,
Here is picture for thought I am sharing...This is a photo i took on tour of Italy in 1996. We had a stop in Assissi to see the cathedral ("duomo") that has a lower and upper chapel. within a few months, it was badly damaged in an earthquake. It was an overcast, sometimes rainy day as we wandered through the town a little and i took this picture of a shrine built into the side of a building that was on an intersection. I never thought of it as an extraordinary photo but when i started putting it in Flickr challenges, it seems a lot of people seem to like it quite a bit. I guess it's the lines of the narrow streets leading through and all the little things going on in the photo.
A corner in the town of Assissi )

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