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My, it's been quiet in LJ land! Has everyone deserted or is it just winter blahs?

Two Canadian naval vessels arrived in Haiti and the soldiers are starting to arrive as well, all bringing equipment and supplies, food and water. I'm quite impressed with the speed in which they responded and got there. It's no mean feat to load up supplies and equipment including heavy vehicles like front end loaders and trucks and construction things and get there that quickly. Go Canada!

I'm deep into doing the research for when we go to Copenhagen. Air Canada has a decent hotel deal on a couple of places and I think i'll choose one of them. I still might go to a travel agent to see what they have and i often find they can get good air ticket prices, but it looks like SAS airlines flies direct from Manchester to CPH without having to change in Heathrow for decent prices off their own website. Direct is good. Also been trolling Virtual Tourist and IgoUgo for restaurant possibilities as food is hugely expensive there. (and Ta to [ profile] zoo_music_girl for her tips too!) I think we'll not go over to Malmo in Sweden, though because i just find i always seem to try to fit too much in and then never see the main destination properly. We are going to do one day trip to Roskilde to see the Viking museum, the cathedral and the town and another day trip will take away from Copenhagen too much. We'll play it by ear, though. Malmo is only about 40 minutes over a bridge by train and I suppose we could go over just for a morning and come back after lunch. Just to say we'd been to Sweden but i think we'll have to decide when we're there. It'll be lower on the to-do list. Graham has a mate there so we'll be spending time with him and his gf, too and they will know some cheaper places to eat i'm sure.

I haven't made any reservations yet, though, as i'm kind of hoping to catch an Air Canada seat sale. There is one on now but it doesn't cover my dates. I always seem to book and then a sale comes on after so i'm just going to wait a few more weeks to see what happens. Once i have the UK flight booked, i will do all the rest.
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Sunday mornings.... i love them! I like Saturday mornings too but Sundays... there's just something about them. I often have a more substantial breakfast involving eggs and juice and my tea and i have Coronation Street on the telly. I watch it nightly through the week but i still put the repeat on Sundays. I catch things i miss during the week sometimes. And.... well it's familiar.

It's almost December and we still haven't really had any very cold days. I keep waking up waiting for the snow! I won't mind if it doesn't show up but it's bound to, sooner or later. I hate being cold. I hate being too hot, too but waiting for the bus in the cold is just bone-chilling most mornings.

With one visit over, we are always looking to the next one which will be the first two weeks in May again next year. We are thinking of going to Copenhagen for nearly a week. G. has an internet friend there who also does an online radio show and he and his girlfriend are eager that we come and visit. The friend is from the U.K. but she's Danish i beileve. We won't be staying with them as they only have a small place so I've been looking at hotels. There are a few cheap ones but they are hostel-type or with shared facilities and I don't do them. We'll probably have to pay a bit more than I like I think but I've seen a few likely options that look ok, central and are reasonable for Copenhagen's hotels. I seem to get the best prices off the Air Canada booking website so i might do that, we'll see. One of the neat things you can do in Copenhagen is go across a bridge to southern Sweden! There's an old city there, Malmo, that looks kind of nice with lots of shopping and old buildings and things to look at so we are going to do a day trip there by train or bus so we can say we've been to Sweden! There's also a town called Roskilde where there's a huge music festival every year. It won't be on while we're there but they do have a Viking museum that looks to be worth seeing ([ profile] childeric? been there?) along with a nice cathedral in the town. We're going to have to stay in Copenhagen an extra night or two just to see Copenhagen with the day trips included! Also, G.'s friend wants us to record his radio show with him as guest hosts. It's Metal Breakfast Radio in case anyone's interested. The pair that host it end up cutting off songs if they hate them lol!

Anyway, Copenhagen wasn't on the top of my list of places to go but since the opportunity has come up, why not? Now i've done some looking around and bought a guide book, it appeals more. It seems like a really nice and compact city as far as the city centre goes. Clean and fairly safe, and historic which is always good.

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