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There now. I got my data back on my new pc from the old one. The main concern was my photos and music because, the music in particular was not up to date on the backup external. He also changed my anti virus program with a scaled down corporate version of one of the "biggies" for free. Apparently I don't have to schedule scans, it's always running and within a very short time it came up with a couple of things that McAphee didn't catch, nor did the malware program catch. One of them concerns a message that randomly pops up and tells you Google Chrome is out of date and you need to download a new version. Once I went to the computer and it looked like it was in the process of downloading without any interference from me but i managed to stop that. I think. But anyway, the new av caught it and quarantined it. Any time i did get the message before, i would just close it down. The first time i noticed it, i checked within Chrome itself and it was up to date so i knew it was a scam, malware or something. Sorted.

Now I just have to copy the music back over to the folder i set up and update iTunes with the new stuff as well. Then back it all up to the external again! I use Synctoy, by MS, to do the backup as it keeps track of file changes, or new things and just copies those. You can also set it up to sync both ways but i don't do that. I clean up the current folders and leave some of the older stuff on the external which I can always find if i want to.

These days with all the cloud services, you can use those but without paying for a service, you have limited space and I don't really want things spread across several places (Google drive, Dropbox, Microsoft One Drive and apparently i can have a cloud area on Acer but i can't be bothered.) Graham and I use Dropbox to send stuff back and forth to each other quickly in a shared folder.

My mom got a new laptop, too and it's basically set up but she still hasn't got anything for word processing. She had a copy of Office on the old one but it isn't on her new one. I haven't been able to get there to help her do stuff on it because of the weather but once I get there I'm going to put Open Office on. Might also sign her up for Drop Box and show her how to save copies of her stuff there. If i send her the invite to DB, I think I get more space myself. She also bought herself a Kobo eReader but aside from basic set up, she hasn't had the chance to buy books for it or put any on that i gave her so I have to show her all that too.

... and I saw a dime on the floor of the food court this morning :)
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I went to a meeting this morning and there was a dime on the table! I also saw one on the ground last week and one the week before and maybe one not long before that, I can't remember the timing but it seems like i've seen 3 or 4 in the last month. That's a lot for me, I don't usually see them more than once every few months or so, maybe less. My sister went to a medium a week ago or so and she had lots to say about Dad being with her and how he was at my niece's wedding. Well, I knew that! Where else would he be? His beloved grandaughter got married and all of us were there as well. Anyway, it's nice to see signs, especially so many together.

I haven't been to the gym since before my vacation so I really need to get back. Maybe if I write it here that i'm going to go today, I will! I have no excuse.

So how is everyone liking the new season of Doctor Who? I like the new actor but he's really changed the Doctor's personality. He seems not just grumpy but a bit harsh as well. You can see the conflict between he and Clara growing so perhaps the rumour of her leaving at the Christmas special is true. They don't seem to have the same chemistry but then i didn't think she has as much chemistry with Eleven as Amy Pond did, either. Donna Noble is still my favourite, with Amy and Rose tied for second. I really wish we'd get to see River Song again, but I don't suppose we will.
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When I got back on Monday, I changed my wallet to the everyday one and put my British currency on my dresser where it stayed for a day or so. I gathered it all up and put it in the kitchen in a little box to save for next time. One of the shops i'd been in gave me a handful of little face cream etc samples so last night, I sorted them all out and placed them on the dresser where the money had been. This morning i looked for the one I wanted and just as i was putting some on, i noticed a coin on the dresser. A dime, i first thought but then, no, i know what it is. It was a 5 pence coin. Almost the exact same size as our dime. I think it was under one of the sample envelopes which i'd moved t his morning to see if it was the one i wanted. But I'm pretty sure it wasn't there the night before, The area was uncluttered and surely i would have noticed it when i put the samples down. Maybe not, maybe it was there all along  and I'd missed it when i gathered the coins.

Or maybe not.

Maybe a sign from Bill? 5p is the closest they have to our 10 cent coin in value as well as size.
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I wanted to go to a movie today and couldn't decide between August: Osage County and American Hustle. In the end, I went with American Hustle because I wasn't in the mood for anything overly emotional today and I thought Osage probably would be. See, it's been 8 years today since Dad died and while I'm ok, it wouldn't take much, yannow? After the movie, I decided to be a bit lazy and instead of walking up the staircase to the main level, I turned down a small corridor that leads to two other movie theatres in the cineplex and the little elevator. Half way down the corridor I saw a dime on the floor gleaming in the light! I always see them when I'm not expecting to and they always make me smile.

Anyway the movie, yes it was pretty good. Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence were the principle cast. Bale looks to have gained a lot of weight for the part. Amy Adams is an actor i really like though not used to her playing sexy tough-but-vulnerable roles like this. She was very good as was Lawrence who is in everything these days. Cooper played a rogue FBI agent who's ambition to bust some big marks drags Bale and Adams' characters into the sting against a mayor and some congressmen, senators and a few mob bosses. It takes place in the late 70s and I think was partly based on an AbScam sting.

The FBI used a con man and his partner to bust a stolen goods ring but it ended up being a sting against corrupt public officials and they used a pretend sheik as the bait to promise money to develop the Atlantic City casino area. Christian Bale played the con man and Amy his partner and lover though he was a married man (to Jennifer Lawrence's character). Amy's character pretended to be British during much of the stings so she spent half the movie with a somewhat weak accent. Bradley Cooper's FBI agent was off the wall and hyper and flew off the rails several times.

It had twists and turns and you knew darn well it was going to be a "who's scamming who" trick. You got a few flashbacks to fill in some gaps. It had a good soundtrack, lots of late 70s goodness. There was a cameo by DeNiro, excellent! I don't like the hand held camera method but it wasn't too distracting like it can be. There were little 70s touches like hearing tv commercials from that era. The clothes and cars were great. The eyeglasses and sunglasses were the size of dinner plates.

Anyway, I liked it. Good movie. Will it win the Oscar? I don't think so but it was just what I needed today.
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We've had a low key week so far. Borrowed Mom's car on the weekend when G. arrived and took it back the other day. He's been working on his radio show and we have been enjoying our time together. Poor lad's had an annoying dry cough since he arrived which is worse when he tries to sleep but he's a trooper! We were out to a lovely meal last night at my cousin's apartment, just around the corner from me. Today we're going over to the mall for a poke around and we pick up a rental car tomorrow for the second week.

My 91 year old uncle died last week but they aren't having a funeral because he didn't want one. There will be a memorial service at the end of the month at the veteran's hospital where he was the last few weeks, I think it's a service for any of the vets that died in the facility that month.

Yesterday, I was clearing some old stuff off the top shelf of my desk and looking for something else when a dime came tumbling down!! How on earth it got up there in the first place, I don't know. Well, I do, considering I think of them all as gifts and hellos from Dad. Lots of these appearances don't seem logical. Some i discover where I knew there was no change like in a pocket or section of my purse. There would be no reason at all why there would be any kind of coin on that top shelf of the desk which normally just holds cds yet there it was. When I was in the hospital, Mom brought over a couple of magazines and one fell out of one of those and she'd had them in a previously empty (so she thought) bag. I already have one on my desk that i'd found quite some time back. I have three in my bedroom that i'd found there at different times. Most of the finds just go into my wallet or in the change jar. I should have started a separate jar for them when they started appearing after Dad died. I wonder how many i'd have by now? Dad was very thrifty so he would have approved!
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Oh and I forgot to mention...yesterday I think, Mom brought in some magazines and when she pulled one out a DIME flee out of it onto the floor!!! I knew I couldn't have one with me in the OR but this was even better!

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I dreamed about finding a dime last night. Does that count?
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I know what else I keep forgetting to write about.
I didn't mention a recent random dime I found.
It was in New York City.
We finally got through all the queues and stepped out onto the deck at the Empire State Building.
Put my hand in my jeans pocket, I forget now what i was looking for.
There was a dime in it.
A Canadian dime.
After four days in the  U.S.
Must have been there from the Halifax airport when we grabbed some food before the flight I guess.
But i'd had those jeans on another day while in NYC and didn't find it tho it probably was there.
Never mind. I still think of it as "a sign" because it was still unexpected and there were no other coins in my pocket.
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It was Dad's birthday today but i forgot about the date. It's not like i didn't see it a few times through the day but it didn't register because of other work distractions.
After work, when i'd finished the workout with the trainer, i looked down on his clip board and saw the date hand written out.
July 6.
It registered.
I kind of stopped breathing just for a second, just as it sunk in. Oh right.
That's ok, though, keep calm and carry on, right?
As i walked to the locker room, i said a silent Happy Birthday to him.
As i was about to unlock my padlock,

You know where this is going, right?

On the floor.
Shiny new dime.
I have to say, i did tear up a little bit.
Keep calm and Carry On.
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Mostly for my own records, I found a dime this morning. I was sitting on the bed thinking about a book i'd finished last night, thinking about how to describe it in a little review for etc the book is about how everyone has a story and is also about the love of books. More on that another time. But i was thinking about that, and i noticed a dark object on the floor out in the hallway just in front of the bedroom. Dark because the only light on was in the bedroom and the object wasn't under any light. I thought.... hmmm is that what i think it is? Yep. A dime. It's now in my pocket. It's been a little while since i found a random dime so i did get a bit verklempt for a minute.

My sister asks for signs and finds dimes. My mother finds them in particular when she's been thinking about Dad. I just find them randomly when i'm not thinking about him. It's always a nice little surprise and maybe just about when i need to find one only i don't know it.

So yes, i finished a book, (32)  The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield. Very good book. Recommended. A woman, Margaret who is the daughter of a man who owns an antiquarian bookshop, is engaged to write a biography of a well known but reclusive aging writer. The woman tells her her story from childhood to about the age of 16. The story is about twins, sisters, dysfunctional families, stores, words and the love of books as well. That theme runs all through it as well as the twin theme. The writer has never before given the true history of her past until now and Margaret unearths all the layers within that story.
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The bus yesterday was a bit full so i didn't get a seat. I stood near the back exit door, my preferred spot if it's free. I noticed a grandma with a small child a few seats ahead, they were talking to a woman seated behind them. I noticed that woman scootch over and pick up something off the floor of the bus and give it to the little one. I also noticed that it was a shiny dime! But i thought to myself, how did i miss that? and i thought, "sorry Dad, I missed that one!" because i didn't spot it first, i guess. Ah well, it's not like i'm always walking around looking down, after all.

A few stops later, and a seat became available, one step up to the back end of the bus. I perched up there and rode the last handful of stops to mine and just before i was about to get down and step down, i looked down and ... there was a dime on the floor, not 2 feet from where i'd been standing before. I could almost swear it hadn't been there and surely i would have noticed it at some point while i was standing and holding on. I am not 100% sure so it likely was there but i felt like Dad had sent it because i missed the first one.
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This morning i was thinking i hadn't seen any random dimes for awhile. I did have a few in my wallet yesterday that came out in the handful of coins i emptied last night but i don't count those as there were other denominations as well. It's not really random. It's a wallet. I'd only think twice if it was all dimes and nothing else and that has never happened.

I walked across an overhead walkway ("pedway") to the building this morning after a stop at the ATM and .... walked past a dime on the floor! :)))) Then paid for my stuff at the food court and on the counter at the cash was ... a dime. Yes, logically, someone just left their change there as a tip i suppose. But only a dime. Not another type of coin. This is the thing, right? When we find random coins, it almost always is a dime. Only on rare occasions will i see a penny or nickel. Most people will stop to pick up anything larger but leave the little stuff. So I got my random dimes today :)

We're finally going to be moving into our new office in a few weeks. With that in mind, i've gone through two of my boxes that i'd left packed from the last move and purged. There's still two boxes of stuff but they're not full to the top anymore and i ditched a load of binders and books with contents of the binders either recycled or shredded. I have two more boxes to go through and see what i can thrown out/recycle and the rest of the stuff i use will have to be packed but i will do that closer to the date. I can fill up these two boxes with stuff too like extra shoes, and other stuff that lives on the desktop.
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Took the clothes out of the dryer and there inside was a dime. None of my clothes had pockets so it didn't come from my stuff. Yes, likely from the person before me but i didn't notice it there when i put my things in and anyway, it's still always a dime isn't it? Never any other coin it seems. I was thinking of dad earlier as well. There was a scene in a movie where someone was thinking about their mother who had passed and telling her mom how much she was missed. Naturally my thoughts went to Dad and i got a little bit "verklempt" for a few minutes. An hour later... a dime.

Just sayin.
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You all know about my dime stories. I don't find actual dimes as often as my mother or sister seem to but i find them in a different format. I play Word Twist on Facebook where you make as many words as you can out of 6 or 7 letters in a spaces of 2 minutes. I also play Upwords which is a kind of scrabble that i play with friends via email. The word "dime" appears fairly frequently in both of them.

So this morning, i open the first upwords email (the game turn is attached and i open the turn with upwords software) and it's from my mate John in Manchester. There's a message function that you can use to send a "good luck" or a comment to the other player(s) and the message box opened up ... "Happy birthday!" Ooh lovely thank you! My first of the day, then the game continued where i could see what his game turn was. He made the word... dime. Coincidence? I think not! Hi Dad!

So yes, my birthday dawns on a blustery cold day. Brrrr.... I guess it could be worse. The night my mother went to the hospital to have me there was a fierce snowstorm. It took ages for them to get to the hospital because the driving was so bad and then they got locked in between the outer and inner sets of doors (it was the middle of the night). Dad banged on the door and eventually someone came and got the door open. No rush, though, I wasn't born for a good few hours after that. In those days, new mothers stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks recovering and getting shown by the nurses how to feed and bathe the baby. Now, barring complications or c-sections, you can be home in as little as 24 hours though i think 2 days, 3 at the longest is the norm. It's got to be terrifying for a first time mother having to look after this tiny being when you have no experience and no sleep!
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So i got off just before noon and was home by 12:30. Guess when the tech finally came? 7:15 tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I called at 5, oh yes you're on the list, they're just running late. I called at 7 and she said i was the next stop. So he got there and said he was the evening shift, he reckons the day shift guy screwed up or something. Probably got late and he decided to go home for his supper. To quote [ profile] gramie_dee "gobshite!" The guy that arrived finally brought a brand new box and when he looked at the old one he said he thought it might have been a refurbished one! I can't tell you how many ways that's just wrong. I know, i know, probably with most people they're ok but they're refurbished for a reason, because they broke!!! Anyway shiny new one in the house. It takes awhile for it to regenerate all the menus and functionality.

Mom had come over in the afternoon, and i was supposed to take her home and bring the car back for myself. She's away for a few days and i needed it for the weekend. Anyway, you just know if she'd not been waiting, the tech would have come early! She stayed, though, and I took her back while the box regenerated itself. On the way home, i decided i was quite hungry so i went to the grocery store and bought a pre-cooked chicken, some cole slaw and potato salad which isn't as good as my potato salad, btw. Too mushy and wet. And when i went to get back in the car.... shiny dime at my feet! Awwww!

The other thing the guy did was spruce up my cable coming into the house and the signal seems even better now. Cross your bits that it's all good. Onward and upward but i wish i hadn't wasted a half day vacation on it!
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Weirdest dime placement yet.
We have a weekly status meeting and yesterday, my supervisor opened his portfolio... the leather kind that you can put a pad of paper in, a pen, business cards, that sort of thing. His zips around the outside to keep it closed. Anyway he opened it and i caught a flash of something shiny inside. Yep. A dime. He had no idea how it got there and i told him an abbreviated version of the story. I think he was skeptical. No worries. I know the truth. ;)

Mom always finds dimes when she's thinking about Dad or having a particular memory or a chat with him. I find them completely randomly and they always make me smile when i do see one.

I bought a new battery for my mobile phone on ebay. It arrived last Friday but i left my charger at work. Fine. Yesterday i made sure to bring it home but i forgot to charge the new battery last night so i slipped it in my purse to bring to work and plug it in here. The phone charger is always in my tote bag, y'see so i can charge the phone at work when i need to. This morning, since i don't go to the gym on Tuesdays, i decided to take my paperback book out of the bag and put it in my purse instead of dragging the large bag around. Yep. Charger is still in the bag. At home. So i can't charge up the new battery. Doh.

The battery in my phone has never really been great. It doesn't seem to last long even though i don't use the phone a lot. I get next to no reception inside my apartment and i think the battery gets sucked dry by the phone always looking for a signal so i usually try to remember to offline it when i get home. Sometimes i do forget though and by the next morning, it's down to one bar of power or it's off altogether. I thought it might be a good idea to get a new battery with more juice to it. Might not improve the reception but maybe it will last a little longer on standby. Can't hurt and it only cost me about 10 dollars total including the shipping from the UK.
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While waiting for the bus a little boy and his mom walked by. I heard a little ring and there on the ground at my feet was a shiny dime the little boy had dropped. I said hi back (to Dad, not to the little boy though i did call out so he would see he lost some of his money)
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I read the book a couple of years ago and quite liked it. It was one of those wildly popular books that everyone was reading that i actually did read and liked. Quite often the "flavour of the month" book are ones i don't get round to reading for awhile and then find they don't live up to the hype. The time traveling and mixed up timelines sometimes does your head in but it's very good.

Having said that, the movie as you would expect leaves out a lot of the book. I don't remember a lot of details now but it seems the movie focussed on the romance, on the couple and their life rather than give you any detail about what happens to Henry when he's away traveling. You get glimpses but it's mostly about him and Clare and later, their daughter. It's about a man who meets a woman in the library where he works but she tells him she's known him most of her life and he's her best friend. He's a time traveler who has been haunted by the death of his mother in a car crash, where he was in the back seat. That seems to be the first time he traveled, outside the car and watching the crash. He's visited by himself as an adult who tells him what's going on and not to be scared, it'll be ok. He's haunted by the accident because, in spite of the time traveling, he can't change it.

Turns out he first meets Clare when she's a child, playing in a meadow. Only when he travels, he arrives where he's going buck naked so he stays in the bushes and gets her to give him the blanket she's got. It's the start of a beautiful friendship. Sometimes during their life together he does let some little detail of their future out but mostly he doesn't. Sometimes he knows and sometimes he doesn't know what's going to happen because he's not necessarily traveled to the future or returned from the past yet. But she loves him so she puts up with the periods where he's gone, or when he disappears at inopportune moments, leaving just a heap of clothes. It's a genetic anomoly and it also seems to be hindering her being able to carry a baby to term, possibly because the baby "travels" out of the womb but she manages at one point and they have a daughter. What's kind of cool is that they actually used sisters to play the daughter at two ages, 5 and 9/10. I thought they looked so much alike and indeed they were sisters.

Eric Bana plays Henry and Rachel MacAdam plays Claire and i have to say i thought they were very well cast from what i remember thinking of them when i read the book. Eric is suitably haunted and tortured by it all, wanting to be normal and loving Clare and his daughter but never knowing where he's going to end up and what's going to happen when he's there. He has to break and enter, to get in or out of places, to find clothing to wear until he disappears again so he has to be tough to survive. Rachel plays Clare from about the age of 18 onwards, growing up, getting stronger, always devoted to him even when it's a trial.

If you really, really loved the book, you might find the movie a bit disappointing because you don't really get a lot of the detail from Henry's "leaps" back and forth in time, just a few things. The ending is a bit different than the book though ... hmmm how can i put it without giving it away? The ending is still based on something that happens in the book, just not the same ending as the book but it still works ok. I had actually forgotten the book ending but i don't retain all the detail from a book on just the one read.

So it was a very different movie from Julie&Julia which i enjoyed more i think but i did enjoy this one too, even with the sad bits. It makes you think about if you could see your loved ones again after they die, just see them once but then i think that it might be even more difficult after they go again. You'd always be looking for them and hoping for another return and it would be more difficult to move on with your life. As much as we'd all wish to see them again, it's probably better the way it is. We get other things instead. Laurie and i went to Mom's after the movie, stopping at the Tim's drive through on the way. After, she drove me home and when i got out of the car, she called my name, with a sort of insistent tone of voice. I turned around and looked down. I know it was probably from the change from Tim's but we didn't see it when i got out of the car at Mom's, only after.

There was a dime on the seat.
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So yeah. My oh, so helpful cousin reminded me by text that 50 is the same as 600 months! I sent back a text "Bastard." but actually it made me laugh. Leave it to him. He turns 600 months in 5 days so i reminded him that it's breathing down his neck. I told him i only laughed because i couldn't smack him ;))) That will have to wait until Saturday. We're having a combined family birthday party then.

Laurie asked Dad for a sign that he was with us today and she found a shiny dime by the bus stop. I don't ask for signs but i know he's with me all the time anyway. I play a lot of word games like Upwords and also word twist and scramble on FB and the word "Dime" comes up a lot. Works for me.

Yeah. it feels a bit surreal.

Going out to lunch with Mom and my Auntie today. Her bd is tomorrow. I think i'll buy myself that wide screen monitor i've had my eye on. Once i get it installed, Mom gets my old 17 inch flat panel one. Nothing really wrong with it, i just fancied a new bigger one. Got my income tax refund so Wahey! And yesterday i sent the whole thing over to Visa which means i am officially and completely debt free! I've already got all my money put aside for hotels and spending money for the trip so that won't put me in the hole either. It may not last long but it's a nice feeling while it lasts.

2009 books

Feb. 22nd, 2009 10:52 am
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4. Mistress of the Art of Death - Ariana Franklin
CSI-Medieval... Adelia of Salerno is a qualified doctor, a rarity in the late 12th century but allowed in Italy. She's not so common in Cambridge, UK but she's a specialist in finding out how people died. Not long after the death of Thomas A Beckett, several Christian children were horribly killed in Cambridge and King Henry asked the King of Salerno to supply some experts to help discover who the murderer is. The Jews of Cambridge have been accused and Henry needs the money the Jews provide. Adelia, Simon, a Jewish investigator, and Mansur, a Muslim arrive in Cambridge and proceed to try to figure out what happened to the children and who killed them. There are returned crusaders, Priors and Prioresses, the members of the Jewish community and everyday people in the town and they all play a part. There is an obligatory sub plot of a romance but it's not the main focus of the plot. I quite enjoyed it and discovered yesterday another book written by the same author about Adelia so that's going to be my next-read, I think.

More books! Mom and i hit the bookstores yesterday and i walked away with a handful of books, including the above mentioned, called The Serpent's Tale. I bought the book that was the basis for the movie Slumdog Millionaire, Conceit by Mary Novik, The Lollipop Shoes by Joanne Harris which is a sort of sequel to Chocolat, and Step in the Dark by Judith Lennox. I also have three historical biographies from Amazon, Alison Weir's one on Eleanor of Aquitaine, one about the sisters of Henry VIII and one about Anne Boleyn.  That's me set for reading material for awhile. All those books cost me next to nothing. I had two gift cards for the store, so i paid about 8 dollars and that was probably the Godiva Chocolate pearls i bought ;) Online gift voucher paid for the biographies though didn't end up covering the shipping but i did pretty well over all.

The trip to the bookstore was good, as Mom had i had been to a funeral out of town in the morning for an old family friend, a good friend of Mom's. It was quite sad, with two of her children speaking at the start of the service but the service  itself was a full Catholic mass which seems to take away from it in a way. The service was more about the religious rites and things than it was about the person who died. I guess i've just been to more funerals that have less traditional religious content. Nothing really takes away from the sadness but in a way the mass was a bit distracting. One thing was, well not odd really, but not something you often see... someone at the reception in the church hall after was taking photos, getting groups of people together to pose. I know why they do it. There are a lot of friends and relatives you only seem to see at funerals so it would be an ideal time to take family photos but it seems out of place, too. People didn't seem to mind that i noticed, though, and as long as they don't, why not, i guess. I didn't notice if any of the immediate family was in any of the photos.  I wouldn't have wanted a camera pointed at me at Dad's funeral.

Oh yeah... and... at one point, Mom had been speaking to the daughter of the woman that died and when she came back to me she was a bit emotional. She reached into her pocket for a kleenex and pulled out..... yep.... a dime. "Can you believe that??!!" Yep, I can.

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