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A Weeping Angel for your Christmas Treetop
And I love this tote bag, a combo of the weeping angle and the Silence.

Like the new Doctor, like most of the stories. G. hasn't been too keen on more of the stories than not though loves Capaldi himself. I"m more forgiving, I guess but I didn't grow up with The Doctor like he did. I'm interested to see what will happen with Clara if, as rumoured, she will leave at the Christmas special. Or even at the end of the season if this two parter ends up backing into a corner like it looks like it could be. Is "Missy" really the Master? If so, the actress is doing a great job injecting that touch of madness that John Simm's Master had at the last going off.
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There is a postit note on one of my monitors this morning that says "You are amazing :)" There are postits on other monitors too so I reckon the social committee has brought a little happy to Hump Day today.  Win!

There was a UPS sticker on the door yesterday. I really hate when companies I order from online use couriers and not the post because it's such a pain in the ass to try to get to their depots. I'm sure I didn't choose courier when i ordered something from Amazon the other week, but apparently either I made a mistake or they sent it anyway. It's (don't laugh) a box set of Looney Tunes classic cartoons. I wonder if it was an amazon seller not amazon themselves and that's why it was courier. Anyway, I looked at the card to see where the depot is. Lo and behold it's in a convenience store right on my bus route home! Win!

I'm liking the new Doctor Who though he's very, very different from the last two. I do like that the actor is older this time, but the character is as well and has not only managed to rewrite the end of the Time War, which only he can remember, as far as i recall, he also cheated death at Trensalore. That's bound to change you. As close as Clara was to Doctor 11, it's clear she's not feeling the warm and fuzzies anymore and i think that's because this one is so different that to her, he's really not the same person at all, though of course he is with all the same memories. But even he isn't acting like he's got all those memories of what they went through previously.  And while all the modern Doctors had a chilly side to them, cool and unemotional, this one seems to lower the temperature just that much more. G. said it feels like he doesn't have the same sort of love and respect for humans that he always said he had in the past. I think he definitely has a crusty exterior and while I won't say he's soft underneath, he does show signs of a kinder and gentler side every now and then. It's a bit jarring to get used to after quite a few seasons of a far more upbeat character but he is closer to Doctor 9 as he was in the first reboot season, just coming off the Time War.

Anyway, I'm enjoying this season and enjoying Capaldi very much.
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I went to a meeting this morning and there was a dime on the table! I also saw one on the ground last week and one the week before and maybe one not long before that, I can't remember the timing but it seems like i've seen 3 or 4 in the last month. That's a lot for me, I don't usually see them more than once every few months or so, maybe less. My sister went to a medium a week ago or so and she had lots to say about Dad being with her and how he was at my niece's wedding. Well, I knew that! Where else would he be? His beloved grandaughter got married and all of us were there as well. Anyway, it's nice to see signs, especially so many together.

I haven't been to the gym since before my vacation so I really need to get back. Maybe if I write it here that i'm going to go today, I will! I have no excuse.

So how is everyone liking the new season of Doctor Who? I like the new actor but he's really changed the Doctor's personality. He seems not just grumpy but a bit harsh as well. You can see the conflict between he and Clara growing so perhaps the rumour of her leaving at the Christmas special is true. They don't seem to have the same chemistry but then i didn't think she has as much chemistry with Eleven as Amy Pond did, either. Donna Noble is still my favourite, with Amy and Rose tied for second. I really wish we'd get to see River Song again, but I don't suppose we will.
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There are only three sleeps until Graham arrives. And I'm freaked out because there's a volcano in Iceland that may or may not erupt and spew ash through the atmosphere. Sometimes the news articles are worrying, sometimes they are slightly more hopeful... Mainly because the scientlsts don't know, either, what's going to happen. Ain't Nature mad? All it needs to do is stay under that glacier for three more days. After that, I don't care. Everyone send positive vibes, please, for the cork to stay firmly in for the rest of the week, k? Thanks.

My niece's wedding is Saturday. They had the rehearsal yesterday and she's excited! They're having it at a marina out on the deck overlooking the bay so I may have to rethink my dress. Even if it's hot in the city, it could be chilly on the water so I might wear the dress I have that has short sleeves rather than a sleeveless dress.

New season of Doctor Who started this weekend. I will enjoy Peter Capaldi though the first episode was a bit disjointed mainly because post-regeneration, this time in particular, he's very confused. Maybe because the regeneration was so draining and powerful (unexpected, enough energy to blow up space ships etc. ) Some great lines from the Doctor about eyebrows, mirrors and being Scottish. Was a bit confused that Clara was surprised at the regeneration and wanted him to change back. I know seeing it is different than knowing it happens but she did see three doctors together and one storyline had her going back in time to save each of the previous regenerations so she had to know the implications. Bit of a "wtf" moment there but otherwise good.

I will be happier now that he's settled down and settled into a new personality. Loved that he told her bluntly he is not her boyfriend. Didn't expect the phone call. It was a nice touch and just what she needed to get her head around it all. Interesting concept that the choice of who the Doctor morphs into may be what the companion, or even what he himself will need to be for this regeneration. Can't always be about the companion because he doesn't always have one when he regenerates. I would love to see the return of River Song but the last time we saw her she was "dead" (living in the software of the library planet) so I guess that won't be an option any more. I also notice that they're releasing the first episode on DVD in just two weeks!! Geez!

Loving the Outlander series so far. Heard some complaints from some people saying it's too slow. It is a bit but because I love the books so much, i love seeing how it's all coming to life. It's so much better than having to jam it all into a 2 or 3 hour movie and losing huge chunks of it. They change some things but they're not jarring changes and so far, the storyline is keeping well to the book. Diana Gabaldon is very happy with it so that's the important thing. It's already been announced there will be a second season. That will be interesting to see how they do it because Book 2, Dragonfly in Amber, jumps back and forth through at least half of the book, while Claire researches to find out where Jamie went after Cullodden once she discovers he didn't die there. In the book we see flashbacks to her marriage in the ensuing years as her and Jamie's daughter grows up and flashbacks to how Jamie survives as well until they finally meet again, 20 years after Cullodden.

I've got my wedding outfit, even though it's the backup plan. The dress i had planned to order ended up being discontinued. There's always a chance they'll bring it back again and if they do, I'll order it but i found something else just in case and i have it now. It's going to be a long skirt and top, fancy, deep sapphire blue. That's all i'm saying, no links. :) It's a bit darker than I expected but it'll be nice anyway and the flowers will brighten it up, too. It's probably a better match to the blue in the Union Jack anyway which is what Graham plans to wear as a vest/waistcoat. I might see if i can find red shoes. Buying shoes is always difficult for me because my feet just don't fit them well, not nice shoes anyway.
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Wow, I really enjoyed Doctor Who last night! I've been looking for all the recaps and documentaries and related stuff. There's something called the Culture Show that did a special called "You and Me and Doctor Who" which was way better for a behind the scenes look back over the years than the glitzy docs that have been on with the clips and the potted histories. This delved into the writers, the special effects sound people, even a bit of gossip about various actors and production staff.

This article gives a pretty good summary of the storyline.
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Ah well, I was thoroughly satisfied with the anniversary episode and all it's little nods to history and to the future. John Hurt nailed it like I knew he would. Looks like he enjoyed it, too. I'm sure he just thinks of it as another job but i did see him in an interview saying he'd never done anything like it before.

I'm looking forward to the next Doctor. I enjoyed Matt Smith but I still like the idea of an older man in the part after two younger ones. It will be interesting to see what the personality is like. I hope he will still have an undercurrent of humour but he'll probably be a bit sterner and will not be as clown like as 11 or manic as 10 and 11. Maybe he'll be a little closer in temprement to 9 though less dark as he will know he didn't disintegrate his home planet.
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Well, I'm stupidly excited, waiting for the 50th anniversary episode for Doctor Who. It's not even because it's the 50th anniversary because I don't have any real interest from before the new reincarnations of the Doctor in 2005 but have become a fast fan. It's the storyline that I'm excited to see, with both the current (and soon outgoing Doctor, Matt Smith) and the previous one, David Tennant and the epic John Hurt who will apparently be playing the Doctor that fought the Time War, which they've told us was the one just before the rejuvenation of the series with Christopher Eccleston as that Doctor. We know that the Doctor was the one that ended the time war between the Time Lords and the Daleks and both sets were eliminated along with his home planet of Galifrey and he's been haunted by it. Now it seems, in a mini episode, we see Paul McGann's doctor actually rejuvenate into John Hurt for the Time Warrior. Oh I can hardly wait but i've got just over an hour or so to wait. I really really really hope it doesn't suck but all the clips i've seen so far, which don't give a lot away, seem to indicate that it might be pretty good.

I was watching Graham Norton's show from last night. He had Matt Smith and David Tennant on and had some people in his "red chair" (which flips backwards if G. doesn't like their story, this is known by the people that sit in the chair, that they may be flipped backwards) asking the Doctors/actors questions. So one woman is dressed like a Dalek, sits down and immediately gets flipped over before she even gets to ask her question. Next guy sits down and he's got tattoos all over his arms. Has had autographs from some of the ex doctors on his arms and had them turned into tattoos and wants to the autograph of all the actors that are still alive. True story, Matt Smith remembered signing his arm at a convention! So the guy wants David Tennant to sign his arm, too. The comedian on the sofa asked the guy what he thought it would be like to touch a real woman (i.e. geeks like that don't ever have real girlfriends/boyfriends) and the guy says "Oh, I'm married to the Dalek" Reply... "of course you are"

BBC America has had a couple of good specials too, one being Tales from the Tardis which had some good clips and interviews. I saw the one BBC did, the Ultimate Guide and that was good as well. The special this afternoon is being show live in many countries around the world, simultaneously as well as in theatres in 3D but I didn't bother with that. Also, a bonus, no commercial ad breaks which is unusual but as it's picking up the BBC feed, there can't be. Space (the tv channel carrying it in Canada) is having a live "party" before and after the broadcast too.
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Most definitely in a vacation frame of mind now. I still have to get my US $ but will wait for payday on Thursday for that. Gotta get some bus tickets since i don't need a monthly pass for May. That has to be done today.

I have a Doctor Who calendar up at work and will kind of be glad to turn the page tomorrow. I've been looking at a "shrieking" Stone Angel all month. A bit grim!

The new half season of Doctor Who hasn't been too bad. Only one that I really really enjoyed, the one in the Russian submarine but a few of the others were pretty good though a bit uneven at times. Only one was a bit meh.  I think there's only a couple more to the season and they're gearing up for some major stuff for the 50th anniversary in the fall. In my mind, yes it was 50 years ago that the show debuted but it wasn't on the air for well over a decade, nearly 20 years maybe? I kind of think an anniversary should reflect a continual thing. I suppose that even  in the interim when it wasn't on tv, there were novels and when the internet geared up properly, there would have been a strong presence there. It doesn't really matter. I know they're bringing David Tennant back for the anniversary so I'm interested to see how they'll have two Doctors on the go. DT could be playing that one from the alternate universe who isn't a true Time Lord or the Doctor could cross his own timeline. I expect River Song will be in it as well.

lots more 2013 books )
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I"ve had a quiet day today. Laundry and mucking about mainly. And watching Season 1 of Dexter. I borrowed that from a coworker. I only got into Dexter in Season 3 so it's kind of neat to start from the beginning. I've actually read the early Dexter books and Season one is based fairly well on the first book though i've heard they veer off after that.

I watched the final Doctor Who. I think i'm going to have to watch it again. I found it a bit confusing. Far too timey wimey! I knew it would have to work out ultimately the way it did as there's another season next year sometime.
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Apparently, October is the 50th anniversary of the release of the Audrey Hepburn movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's. BaT is a wonderful movie and Hepburn is absolute gold in it. I must find my dvd and rewatch. She was an amazing actress and really did light up the screen when she was on it.

I don't mind watching subtitled movies and i've seen all three Swedish versions that match the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books. They were very good. There is going to be a Hollywood version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Not a "remake" but just their own version of it. I greeted the news with a lot of doubt. But... I saw the latest trailer over the weekend and I have to say, i'm a bit impressed. The casting looks pretty decent, with Rooney Mara playing Lizbeth and she's got a good look for it. Daniel Craig plays Blomqvist and he looks the part as well. Christopher Plummer plays the man that hires Craig's character to find out what happened to his niece 40 years ago. It sound like most of the actors are putting on a bit of a Swedish accent for their parts but it doesn't sound heavy handed. The movie was filmed in Sweden and uses quite a few Swedish actors for other parts. You almost want to ask why they're bothering really but i'm also glad they didn't change the location and make it happen in New York or Chicago with the remote location some little town in Maine or somewhere. It will be interesting to see how they handle the rape scene and Lizbeth's revenge. They were fairly graphic in the swedish movie but necessary to the plot. We'll see if the American version downplays it at all.

In other upcoming tv alerts, the sixth season of Dexter starts this weekend just as Doctor Who is finishing. I'll be having a catch up with a fellow Whofan this afternoon over coffee in preparation for this weekend's finale. Graham has overall been disappointed with the Moffat era but mostly i haven't. This season was better than last season overall I thought and this season's storyline arc with the "death of The Doctor" has me very curious as to how they'll get around it. They will, of course, because there's going to be another series next year. It'll all tie in with that "question" that needs asking and answering, i'm guessing. G. also has been unimpressed with Rory's character but i quite like him. He's kind of like the Greek chorus. Or Roman, seeing as it's Rory. :)

Also related, I was never a Torchwood fan though i did like Children of the Earth. I watched that but not the other series and it was quite good so i decided to watch this recent one, Miracle Day. Utter, utter toss. Really awful. I kept waiting for stuff to happen, and it was very dragged out and irrelevant much of the time and annoying when they relied on events that were important that happened off screen. It could so easily have been much better if it had been half as many episodes and WTF was that Blessing thing? It made no sense. And btw, Jack Harkness is immortal because Rose brought him back to life in Doctor Who during that Dalek war using the time core of the TARDIS. He does NOT have immortal blood or dna or anything like that. Therefore the whole premise of his blood causing the Miracle day, the reversal of such and the transfusion into the other bloke giving him apparent immortality is just ridiculous!
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Hitler had little to do with it.
Read more... )

Yesterday I got my eReader replaced. The raised touchpad that you use for navigating had cracked away from the side of the machine. I didn't think i was pressing it to hard but i guess it was defective. My sister has read at least as many books as me on hers and hers is fine. Anyway Kobo said the store would exchange it rather than me having to ship it back and that's what they did... with a touch screen version! I got it all set up last night. It took a bit of messing but i got it running and loaded and started using it. The touch screen is sensitive which is better than having to beat on the screen to make it turn the page at least.

I finished a number of books over the last couple of weeks. I wanted to finish the ones i had open before i exchanged the device. So books 53 - 57 are as follows:

The Secret Garden, Kate Morton (paper book) A granddaughter tries to unravel her grandmother's past via a little cottage in Cornwall. We flip back and forth between their lives and the life of her great grandmother. The grandmother as a child was left on a ship heading to Australia and was brought up there by a ship harbour master and his wife because she seemed to have been abandoned. We have to go back into the past to find out why.

Dancing in the Shadows of Love - Judy Croome a bit of an allegory, too much of a religious tone for me. About three women all damaged, all trying to find who they are and discover what love it. They have to find a way to love themselves (and believe in the Spirit King apparently) before they can discover how to love properly.

Sho-Gun - James Clavell An older book about the Japanese Samurai around the turn of the 17th century. Mini series with Richard Chamberlain was filmed in the 70s or 80s.

The Bishop's Man - Linden MacIntyre About a priest who has been the problem "wise guy" for the Bishop in Nova Scotia, dealing with church scandal, mostly priests who mess up. In this day and age of abuse in the church, it's more relevant, isn't it to see how things probably work from the inside. The story takes place in a small village in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia mainly. Pretty good book really. It's not about abuse, it's about the priest and his past and the people around him.

Sister: A Novel - Rosamund Lipton A story that is told from the point of view of one sister as a sort of letter to her younger sister who has been murdered. She tells her sister how she felt and how she went about trying to find the murderer. There are clues through the book to the ending's twist but i didn't really get it. I'm crap at that unless i'm hit over the head with it though i can often figure out who the murderer is. I had suspicions about this one but wasn't sure.
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Doctor Who has started a new season and we're getting in Canada straight away. That's a first! The Space channel in Canada is carrying it and aired the first episode of Season 6 last night at 9 local time (8 EST) which is the same day it aired in the UK. Unheard of! But excellent. I watched it on Space but am downloading the episode anyway to keep.

spoilers )
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Booked our Doctor Who Experience tickets for the afternoon we arrive in London. That'll be all done and then we'll have the weekend free, without any carved-in-stone times to be somewhere. The DWE is timed entry, not a general admission type of things. We arrive in London on Friday about lunchtime, can check into the hotel and get over to Hammersmith road, find a place for lunch and have enough time so we won't be late. Hope to meet up with some of you Londoners when we're there over the weekend. We're staying in a hotel by the Great Portland St. station at Regent's Park. Got a pretty good price on a hotel that's normally quite a bit more. We thought we might check out the National Gallery and possibly a walking tour somewhere. I'm gonna look and see what's on at the theatres too, we might find something we fancy, maybe Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

2011 books

20. Northlight - Debra Wheeler
It's written from two points of view - In the first person via Kardith, a female Ranger, a sort of militaristic warrior and in the third person, via Terricel who is lately a student who's mother is a city Protector. He is her de facto heir because his older sister, Aviyya, left years ago, having fallen out with their mother. Kardith has a troubled past that she's locked away, unable to face it and was Aviyya's lover until she disappeared. Kardith has come to Laurea City to deliver some messages and to talk to Avi's mother, Esmelda to get help to find Avi.

On the planet Harth, Laurea has engaged often in wars with a Northern nation. They don't really say the name of it, but the people are always referred to as Norther. That may be the name of the nation, it's not clear. the Northers are portrayed to Laureans as little more than violent savages. Laureans are a civilized society, fairly sophisticated though not technologically advanced by our standards but well educated.

Terricel decides to help Kardith look for Aviyya in spite of having no experience on horseback or with any sort of combat training which could come in handy since the area they are searching could be rife with random Norther raiders. It turns into a journey of discovery, both self- and a discovery of another culture. The story has political intrigue and adventure. The plot moves along well and is interesting. The characters, too, are good and you feel involved with them and their lives. It's billed as science fiction but it's more like fantasy really. I did like it, it kept me interested though it took a little getting used to the switching points of view.
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2011 tea tasting
This one's called "Read My Lips" and it's a combination of mint, chocolate, vanilla, red peppercorn and it's got wee little candy red lips too, that dissolve of course. It smells wonderful! You only smell the mint in the background and your mouth is kind of fresh with the mint as the aftertaste but it doesn't taste like mint tea or even a strong mint chocolate. The base is black tea which i like better than an entirely herbal tea. The description doesn't say that it doesn't have caffeine so i assume it does. There's quite a few black teas on their site that i might like to try. This is one i might get again sometime.

Am getting up a little earlier so i can catch an earlier bus. I can't trust my usual one at 7 anymore as it only seems to come half the week. I wish they'd get their shit together. Very frustrating.

Oooh and...... I booked my plane ticket today! Yay! The price had gone down but it looked like it was inching back up again and the flight i wanted also looked to be filling up already so i thought i better book. It looks like we'll be in London the weekend of May 20-22 and i'll leave from Heathrow from there on the Monday rather than fly down from Manchester and change like i usually do. We want to go to the Doctor Who experience thingy at the Olympic exhibition centre but barring that, it's all open so far. I suppose we'll get down to London in the afternoon of the Friday. Not sure yet where we're staying. Have a few possibilities. We're going to rent a car for the whole two weeks this time instead of flying out somewhere and we'll drive down through Cornwall plus do some day trips out of Manchester somewhere.
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There's a new Doctor Who interactive exhibit opening in London in February called the Doctor Who Experience. It all looks very exciting and might be worth a look if it's on when i'm over next and we can get to London. It doesn't seem to say how long the exhibition will run but Ticketmaster seems to be selling them at least through to May though the HMV ticket site is only a few weeks. They're pricey, too for a 30 minute "experience". But anway... I had to laugh, though, at one part of the website, that last bit of this this warning made me smile:

While there is no formal age restriction, we advise that due to floor movement and special effects during the adventure, we do not recommend that parents carry babies in their arms. Parents should also be aware that the special effects, loud noises and excitement involved in the Doctor Who Experience may be unsuitable for very small children, and there are no sofas to hide behind - accordingly parental discretion is advised.

I think they should have had a sofa or two just for the fun of it! Missed the ball, there, i think! It's at the Olympia on Hammersmith Road. I've not been to that part of London yet. There's quite a few parts i still haven't really seen including Notting Hill. Part of me would love to go to the big market there but the other part shies away from the crowds and i think the Brick Lane and Petticoat Lane markets would actually be more interesting. Even so, i'm sure Notting Hill has some interesting shops and streets. The closest i got to the east end markets was Spitalfields and once we'd done that, we were too cold to continue as it was a miserably chilly and damp day.

Our plan for my UK trip next year is to hire a car for the whole two weeks and take 4 or 5 days to drive down to and around Cornwall. We may stop overnight on the way down and back as it's quite a long road trip from Manchester. Possible stopover locations include Ludlow and Wells but nothing has been decided. I've been to Bath a couple of times and there's a lot to see there so i don't really think a quick stopover there would do. I'd rather stop over somewhere where there might be a little to see, like the Wells cathedral and a walk around a city centre to see some of the historic buildings. There's lots of possibilities anyway, so we'll see how it goes. It may mean that London again is not on the radar but maybe we can do some rejigging and do an overnight in London at the end of my trip and i can just fly out of there directly.  
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Aside from a few little adventures in the getting from there to here, the journey wasn't any longer or worse than usual. I managed to go about 30 hours or so before i had to hit the pillow for a couple of hours. Probably dozed on the plane but not a real sleep. Got my phone simcard reactivated and topped up, got hold of Graham when i realized the info i sent him about Manchester arrival was wrong and i'd be in earlier than i thought, but i did get to the gate on time. Then stood waiting an extra half hour at the bottom of a stairwell because the plane was still refueling. It was one of the smaller jets that you have to walk over to and go up a few steps to get into.

We watched Doctor Who last night, the second part of a two parter. I liked it though was a bit surprised at Amy's turnabout attitude towards the Doctor. I hope that doesn't continue. I'm sick and tired of seeing companions (aside from Donna) make googly eyes at him. Unrequited or not, i don't want it in my Doctor Who thank you very much. Next week's adventure looks quite good. Ashes to Ashes is on the final countdown so we'll have to tape that too while we are off looking for Vikings.

Low key day today, just hanging out, having his friend Mal over tonight for a meal. Probably do a bit of shopping tomorrow.
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Ok... jelly bean coloured Daleks?
Spitfires in space?
spoilers, too )

I saw The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo today. I did like it quite a lot. Also liked that they got the first 300 pages of the book sorted in 5 minutes! Usually i don't like that but there was a lot of excessive wordiness in that book (still is) that really didn't add to it for me. Get straight to it. Did it spoil the rest of the book for me? (Some spoilers )

That and a visit to the gym has been my Saturday.
Oh and downtown along Barrington Street, one of the storefronts to an empty shop has blue paper lining the windows and these posters on them. Love it!

In 'n' Out
Dave's Vacuums
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It's been a full day. I did drag myself to the gym but the whole workout was a struggle this time around. I don't know why but i did finish.
Got my hair highlighted and coloured and cut and it feels so much nicer.
Went and picked up some groceries and i still need to put them away but i had to download the new Doctor Who first and watch it.

And speaking of which...
New Who )
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It certainly had it's good moments but it also had some pretty bad ones too. cut for spoilers )
Apparently Space channel in Canada is running all of this year's specials tomorrow I think, including the finale.

I was going to go out today, having stayed in all day yesterday but it was snowing all morning and now i can hear freezing rain hitting the window so i am undecorating and doing some chores around here instead. Will be out tomorrow with a friend which is good because i'm getting shack wacky. If it isn't too slippery out later, maybe i will go for a little walk in the snow but I've a feeling it will probably be treacherous if it keeps up much longer and doesn't turn to rain properly.
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First day back at work. I forgot my security access card. Not a good start lol The rest of the day was ok, though i seem to have developed a sore eyelid, that thing where it gets red and sore. I'll bathe it when i go to bed and put polysporin cream on it. I took the Slayer/Megadeth tickets back and they refunded me no questions though did say that the concert had been reschedued for February. But then, [ profile] gramie_dee isn't going to be here then to see it and i wouldn't go to it.

The latest Doctor Who special was shown in the UK on Saturday night. A few plot holes but overall i thought it was very good. plot hole spoilers )

Anyway, Looking forward to the Christmas episode for Doctor Who. The trailer was very intriguing!
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You all know the first New Year's baby in your area gets publicity. How many twins are born on different months, days and years? Apparently, in Michigan, a set of twin boys were born, one just before midnight on Dec. 31, 2008 and one not long after, on Jan. 1, 2009. I have cousins, a single with twin sisters who are all three of them the same age for a few days in December. The twins turned 50 this year on Dec. 18 and their older sister turned 51 on Christmas Eve. Then there's an interracial couple in the UK who has had two sets of twins. Each set of twins has one that looks very fair with blue eyes like the mother and the other has darker skin and eyes like their father who is black. THey are, of course, fraternal twins. It's quite rare, though, to have two twins look so racially different and even more for the second set of twins in the same family to have the same look. I don't know a lot about genetics but i do find it so interesting to see how features come out in the children. A mix of both parents or predominantly one or the other and even gestures too, though perhaps that's just picked up by osmosis. Still, children not raised by a biological parent have been known to use the same gestures or laugh the same way. It's fascinating, really.

wittering about what i've been doing )
So the new Doctor Who is going to be a 26 year old actor. I don't think i like the look of him, though in some ways he reminds me of David Tennant or maybe that's just the publicity photo they're using. He's similar in build though and he looks soooo young. I don't know his work so i don't know what he's going to be like. It's going to be jarring to get used to. I've got used to DT and he was quite good though i still prefer Ecclestone. I hope the new one will have a personality very different from DT's manic Doctor. We have a long time to wonder. Won't see his face on screen until the Christmas special.

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