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I was a few minutes late getting out the door this morning. I looked at the time on the puter and realized this and jumped up quickly.... bus pass, check. purse...check. Keys... check. I stepped through the door and realized.... no shoes! LOL! Naturally, I went back in and put my shoes on.

It occurred to me later that i have had recurring dreams where I am not wearing my shoes while out and about, i could be on the bus or shopping or walking along the street and i am in sock feet wondering if anyone has noticed. I nearly had that dream come true this morning!

I dreamed about finding a dime the other day.

I used to have dreams that featured my teeth becoming loose or falling out. I don't have them anymore, since I could afford to go to the dentist regularly and had all the work done and kept up to date. I used to have dreams that featured nuclear war. They stopped when the Berlin Wall came down. Aren't dreams funny things?

Weekend was fine. Caught up on house stuff on Saturday, went to my sister's for a birthday bbq for my niece on Sunday. This coming weekend is a holiday weekend, Monday is Canada Day. There will be events going on all weekend, i must go see what's happening on the waterfront. The weekend after that,  Mom and I are visiting a cousin in the Valley and it's my sister's birthday on the Sunday. I've volunteered to make I've booked off the first Friday in August to make that another long weekend as we have a civic holiday on the Monday. Think I'll rent a car and go visit my friend in Moncton, NB for an overnighter.  on another weekend, the Rush concert is yet another weekend in July. I love summer!
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Inspired by a post elsewhere, Have you had recurring dreams? or recurring themes?

I used to have two that stopped. One was about nuclear war, knowing that Halifax is a major Canadian naval base, i always figured we'd be one of the first ones to go in a nuclear strike (never mind that it's Canada and why would anyone come after us but we *are* right next door to the US after all!) Oddly though, after the Berlin Wall came down and the cold war was effectively over, i stopped dreaming about it.

I used to dream about my teeth falling out. When i got married, we didn't have access to a dentist. Well, he did, being in the military, and it was free but i didn't as they didn't have a dependents' plan then. No extra money for dentists, we were just scraping by really. When that was done and dusted and i came home, finally got a good job. Ok, got money. Still didn't go. We got a dental plan at work, still didn't at first though i signed up for it. Then i was just working up my nerve to go by then, figuring a cleaning after x years would be more than i could stomach. But .. i started to have trouble with two teeth so i bit the bullet and went. Two root canals and a somewhat brutal cleaning, i'm back to regular checkups and cleanings etc. No more dreams about teeth falling out. Someone said those kinds of dreams can be related to money worries and while i did have money worries before finally returning to the dentist, i also had them for some years after so i don't think it's related to that. Sometimes it just is what it is.

I do however sometimes have dreams about being outside without shoes on. Usually just in sock feet but sometimes in bare feet. I have forgotten my shoes or can't find them. I wonder if anyone is going to notice. They don't. I wake up.

Oh and sometimes, just before i wake up, i dream that i have to use the toilet. I go, but then i still have to. When i wake up, yep, i have to pee. My body is telling me in my dreams to wake up and go! lol!

So anyone want to relate any recurring dreams or themes?

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