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Feb. 23rd, 2007 07:56 am
tvordlj: (Doctor Who Specs)
It's finally Friday! After thinking the next day was Friday all day on what turned out to be Wednesday, it seemed a long time coming this week.

Flaming windows is driving me mad just at the moment. It's doing windows updates and the window i'm typing in keeps losing focus and when it does, the machine bleeps balefully at me when i'm trying to type at that moment. Stupid thing. It says you can keep on working while it installs but that's not strictly true since it's hugely annoying me. And it will interrupt me to reboot most likely. See, i've only just installed Service Pack 2 yesterday here on the work PC. We weren't supposed to install it for quite some time as it interfererd with some of the network applications but when the prod to install it came down through MS yesterday, i asked and apparently it's ok to go. This morning there's a bucket load of updates to install for it. It's done now and yes, it wants me to reboot but it will just have to wait until i'm good and ready.

After all that, i forgot what else i was going to say.
Oh yes
I did two auctions this week, won one and lost the other, gazumped at the very last with 30 seconds left. Though, i wouldn't have gone much higher anyway since the shipping to Canada was a bit pricey. It was the one i really wanted, 10 Corrie magazines that Granada put out in the early 90's including the last one they published. Would have been some good interviews and pics in them. I'd have perused them, scanned stuff and then passed them on to the ping for raffling off. The other thing i did win was a Corrie trivia game. No i don't plan on playing the game, i plan to glean it for trivia questions for quizzes and then pass it on for ping raffling as well. I'll get my money back for it as well if i do that.

Gotta say i was impressed by the customer service at KodakGallery.com. If you will remember, i ordered some prints of my digital photos and hadn't received them yet. I emailed them through their online form last night with the order number. They tell you to allow up to 14 business days for delivery to Canada and it's been nearly 20. Anyway within a half hour i got an email back asking me to confirm my mailing address and they are going to refill the order and send it again, no charge. You know what will happen now don't you? i'll probably get the original order as well! I'm sure some people might want the extra copies of some of the prints. There's some of the work Christmas party that i could put into the photo album we keep here in the office for events and there are some Christmas family ones and some from LJ meets that i can pass around. If i do in fact get the double set.

I've used KodakGallery for quite awhile for most of my photo albums though i do have photos scattered around a number of other photo sites as well, Fotopic, webshots, LJ's photos, and Flickr which seems to be one of the more popular ones these days. All have free memberships with limitations. the Kodak one does want you to place some sort of order once a year and ordering a few prints is all you need to do. The cost with shipping and the US to CAD exchange worked out this time to about 22 cents a print but it's less if i order a larger quantity obviously because the shipping rate is a flat $2.99 US. One of the cheapest places here is .19 per print but you add on 14% tax on that so it worked out about the same this time. The only inconvenience is that you have to wait a few weeks to get delivery whereas locally of course you don't. I've had photo calendars done there as well and have been very pleased, more than the ones i've had done at Shopper's Drug mart. Price worked out about the same in the end there too but i liked the finished product from KodakGallery better. If i ever do pay for a pro account at some place, like Flickr, i doubt i'll move all my photos over there as it's just too much fiddling around. It's a good place to store photos for posting on my website though, saves space rather than having them on my limited webspace through my isp.

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