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I wish i could say i'm glad it's the weekend but as i have to work tomorrow night, it's going to take a chunk out of it. I also have to get up early tomorrow because someone is picking up some stuff from me for the Corrie ping on Sunday. I thought i have to go in again Sunday morning to work so made arrangements but it is possible i may not have to now. I would be quite pleased if it works out that way. It would only be for about 2 hours at the very most and it turns out the official reports don't have to be presented until Tuesday anyway so what the burning need to have them first thing Sunday morning has been in the past, I don't know.

The electronic advance voting went very well by all accounts. 22.5% of the eligible voters cast an electronic vote either on the internet or by phone. In the last election 4 years ago, the total voter turnout was about 37% and I think that even if some of those advance voters are people that would have voted anyway on the day, it is almost certainly that we gained more voters because of the convenience. Another reason is that none of the candidates for Mayor is an encumbent. The Mayor we have now has been in office since 2000 and decided not to re-offer this time. He's been embroiled in a few scandals over the past couple of years, one professional and one personal and the general consensus is that he's cutting his losses. All new candidates probably pushes up the interest in the election, too.

So i'm working tomorrow night mainly because of the application used to enter the results. I wrote it, I'm pretty much the only one left that can fix it if something happens. I'm there "just in case". In past elections there have been some questions but for the most part, all has been quiet. There will be a couple others so I'll have company while we watch the results come in and I do have other stuff i can do to pass the time as well if I'm not needed.

Fired up my new work laptop today and got a couple of things set up but most of the stuff i want to do i can't because I haven't got the adminstration side set up yet. It's very frustrating. I did at least transfer a lot of my documents both personal (photos etc) and work and got the email up and working. I expect next week will be more fussing.

Two weeks from tonight! I have most of the odds and ends I am going to take with me. Gotta wrap Christmas and birthday pressies, get some cards written up and ready to send. I'm bringing my Xmas cards for my UK friends with me and stamping them over there. It cost nearly 2 dollars per international stamp these days from Canada. It's half that to send them in-country.
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Oh well, i might as well weigh in on the buzz. And buzz it is. That's what everyone is talking about isn't it? GOBAMA! :) I stayed up until he took Ohio and at that point he'd doubled the electoral votes over McCain though hadn't reached the magic number yet. It seemed pretty safe to Peter Mansbridge who said that if all else being equal to the last election, taking Ohio would give him the gold. I haven't looked at the coverage in the paper yet but the screaming headlines on the front page 'YES, HE DID' and Obama's picture with a raised victory fist says it all. He blew them away and got the Congress and Senate backing too. That's awesome! I hope he'll turn out to be a good 'un and not just another scuzzy politician. Time will tell but there's a lot more optimism this time around. Huge turnouts, too, i hear which is a good thing.

Only worries are for his security. I would imagine the Secret Service will be doubled and more vigilant. Sadly, there are a lot of racists and extremists out there that won't be happy about it. I also hear McCain gave a very gracious concession speech. I never thought the man himself was a horrible person, he just represented the wrong party. I'm sure he is a highly intelligent man but his party let him down with the running mate. She really got him shot down in flames, i think. All that mockery, mud slinging and bad publicity hurt him. She'll be slinking back to the wilds of Alaska where she can become a grandmother in peace. I wonder if you'll see her daughter marry the father of the baby after all? No matter.

Anyway, everyone here for the most part seems pleased at the outcome. I must go read the paper before heading out to the United Way kickoff.
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The heating and air conditioning system in the building where i work ... isn't ... working, that is. Our floor is very warm. We were all falling asleep/nauseous/sweating/suffering yesterday and, expecting more of the same, i wore a sleeveless top today. Glad i did. Apparently they are working on the water cooling system and ran into complications on the weekend. THey're still trying to fix it. One floor up? Freezing. Typical. Neither one is very condusive to working.

One election down. One to go. TheReform Rednecks Conservatives were reelected, still a minority but with more seats so in effect they really pretty much have a majority. It will take all three opposing parties ganging together to bring the government down and if they didn't do it over the last few years when it would have been easier, they aren't going to do it now. Sheee-it.
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There. I've exercised my right to vote. I didn't expect to, i was much later getting out of the salon than i thought i'd be and by the time i got home, missing my bus my mere feet and thus taking a taxi, i had decided i wouldn't have time to get to the polls by 7. But then! i realized later that the polls didn't close until 8:30 so there was no excuse not to put my shoes back on and go out and catch the bus. I didn't vote the way i expected to, actually but i still went ABC (Anything But Conservative). Very early returns already coming in from Newfoundland and Atlantic Canada and the Conservatives are not doing well. But then that's been typical down here for the last 10 or 15 years. We don't have enough seats to really turn the tide nationally but it's nice to see the eastern voters thumb their collective noses at the current government. What really annoys me is that the media starts forecasting winners before even half of the polls are counted in any particular riding. Unless it's really clear that there's just no way anyone can catch the guy in front.
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Evoting went well over the weekend, we hit about 10% which is quite a bit more than the numbers that usually vote in advance polls. We still have the normal advance polls to come on Saturday and Tuesday, too. Though i don't expect many will advance vote on Tuesday as it's the Federal Election voting day as well. Quite pleased at the electronic voting turnout.
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My vote has been cast. There, that's my civic duty done and dusted for another election. All that remains is to see how early they are going to predict the winner tonight. I understand trends and all that but how they can predict a winner with less than half of the country's polls closed and half of them counted, i don't know. Takes all the suspense out of it. It'll probably be a Conservative government, who will sell us out to the US and take away all our equal rights and stuff. They make all these promises, all this spending they're going to do ... uh and how are you going to fund it? oh yes, by cutting the GST tax. That's going to work yes indeedy.


I bought a new bed today!!! As my Nan would say "Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh BOY!!!" It's being delivered on Wednesday, Yay! Gallery 1 has a promotion, that ended today actually, where you can make payments for three years with no interest. It's through a finance company but as long as it's interest free, what the hell. I can set up an online payment for it, $38 a month and i can always pay it off early if i want to.

Now i just need new sheets! Well, at least a fitted sheet anyway. I can make do with the top sheet unless i see a nice set that isn't too expensive. Sheets really are pricey, aren't they?
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Well, the Liberal government of Canada has just fallen to a non-confidence vote in parliament. There has been scandal almost non-stop for a year and they would have gone down over the budget in the spring but one independent MP who was ill and undergoing cancer treatment went to the vote for the government side and another woman crossed the floor from the Conservatives. A real nail biter. The opposition has been wetting themselves to get a whiff of power but everyone at work feels that the Liberals will get back in again. Now we have to put up with an election campaign over Christmas!!! Sheesh. That annoyance alone will make everyone punish the opposition lol! What's even worse... they didn't show Coronation Street tonight because of the coverage! Bastards!

Let the mud slinging begin!

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