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Melted butter dripped off my toast onto my top this morning. Luckily i was still home and could change.

Embarassing moment:
Go and pick up a carton of milk and a carton of Orange juice. Ask for a bran muffin. It's just under $5.00. Look in (new) wallet. No fiver in the usual place. Ok. Look in wallet proper for a larger bill. Nothing.
I could have sworn i had cash.
Forget that for the moment, i had to pay with my debit card.
I hate doing that for under 5 dollars.
Needs must.
Walk out of the shop, but i have to look again in that (new) wallet.
Realize there is now a zipped change section on the outside of the (new) wallet so i look in there and see.... a five dollar bill and a couple of two dollar coins. Ah.
Look in the wallet again and realize the bill section is divided into two sections. And yep, in the back section is the cash, $50. Phew!
New wallet, yes, just bought it on Saturday.
Obviously still not used to where i have to put things in it in relation to where i used to.

My Personal Fitness Dragon is on holiday this week but i promised i would not slack off. Thus i am going after work today as usual and then am meeting a friend from out of town for dinner. I've met her face to face before though she's mostly an internet pal. When i went to Toronto a couple of years ago for a photo seminar, she offered to pick me up at the airport and then drove me to Niagra Falls for lunch. What a star! she and her husband are in Halifax this week for the Men's Curling championship tournament, the Tim Horton's Brier. I don't know if her husband is coming to dinner or not, she didn't know if he could tear himself away from the rink or not :)

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